Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 669 Good Choices Regardless of Schedule and I Don't Have A Menu

Day 669

Good Choices Regardless of Schedule and I Don't Have A Menu

From the second the alarm sounded at 4am, I knew--this was going to be one of those days that just refuses to stop. Today wouldn't be too forgiving for deviating from the schedule. Everything had a time and place, and my food choices today would need to weave in and around this crazy day...and night.

I started with scrambled egg whites, mushrooms, and American cheese. No pita this time, I'm conserving my supply, like I'm afraid they'll take them off the shelves or something. I tried to get some writing in this morning, but it's so easy to get sidetracked, especially now, with my inbox full and my schedule busy. Sometimes I must go to the computer, write this blog in a word doc, and then go online. It's just too easy to get off track, and on a day like today--we can't get off track.

First of all--let me say this: I'm not complaining! I've created this busy schedule. I'm very fortunate, truly blessed, and very happy...and uh, very busy. With that said, here's my day today:

I'm on the air from 6 to 9am. From 9 to 10am--Post show prep and urgent production. At 10am I needed to pick up my Tuxedo from Spray's Jewelry and Gifts--for my weekend trip. At 10:15, I was scheduled to pick up sound equipment, followed by a mad dash back to the studio for more production, and writing on my lunch hour. I was scheduled for a live broadcast from The Verizon Store from 1 to 3pm, then a quick dash for a low-fat soft serve 150 calorie ice cream cone, then home to get my weekend bag of clothes and such, followed by a 3.5 hour drive to Miami, OK (pronounced My-am-uh). Oh, we're not done just yet. A special reception and dinner at 7pm, followed by yours truly being the DD for my friends here---and they really want to go to a casino. Hmmmm, maybe a little poker will help me relax? I checked into my hotel room at nearly 1am.

I'm on this trip because I've been hired to play music and MC a wedding reception. I don't normally do weddings. I'm a broadcaster, not a mobile dj, but when the owner of the broadcasting company where you host a show, personally requests you...well, OK comes the bride and some Bon Jovi! I do, rock and roll baby! It also gives me a wonderful excuse to wear a tuxedo again. It'll be twice in a weeks time, because Thursday I'm hosting the "Lose To Win" 2010 Awards for Ponca City Medical Center--absolutely I'll be in a tux for that big night!

During a hectic day like today, it's very important to not allow the busy schedule to become an excuse for bad choices. I used to say it all the time, and I've heard it from others on several occasions over the course of my journey: "I'm just so busy right now, but as soon as things slow down, I'll start watching my calories." We say that because it excuses our behavior, makes us feel better, and everyone understands--because, hey, they're so busy, how could they possibly have the time to count calories or be mindful of their choices? I realized early on the road, that if I were still thinking that way, then I was over-complicating everything. Why did I make this so complicated for so long? Because it gave me an out. It prolonged having to deal with those issues. And now, I realize--it's not an issue at all. Learning to eat in a responsible way, making good choices, and maintaining our resolve with everyday food--in everyday situations, no matter the circumstance or schedule, that's just living. That's being normal.

Keep it simple! I've been saying that from day 1. Someone just e-mailed me requesting menus I use, just to get them started. I don't have a menu! I have some favorite foods I enjoy, but I don't have specific menus. Keep it simple. Eat what you like, and nothing you don't. Just understand what you're consuming, read the label for the calorie count and serving size--if it doesn't have a label---go to I understand where this menu request comes from, because I used to think that way too... Just show me exactly what to eat and when to eat it, and if I can lose weight like that, by golly---I'll do it! But this approach doesn't fix anything. It gives temporary results at best. I've been there. But why is it so tough? Because there isn't a substitute for real mental change concerning our food behaviors and habits. And the only way to make these real profound changes, is to deal directly with our food--the food we enjoy naturally, the food at the reception, the food in the fridge---at that dinner party. Remember, it's really not about the food--it's about you. Keep it simple. Stop stressing over the food, and just be you---and realize that losing weight doesn't have to be about deprivation--it doesn't have to be about eating only certain foods and sticking to some extreme recipe and menu schedule. It doesn't have to be complicated. And if it is? You're making it that way. How do I know? Because I always made it that way.

You'll run into people that will criticize my approach all day long, but they don't understand what I've discovered, and my approach---How it's freed me from a lifetime of food addiction and morbid obesity. They get so caught up in food selection and what's bad and what's good, that they fail to see what I now understand. Our good choices must be our choices, and they'll naturally and completely evolve into better choices as we progress down this amazing road. And as the weight drops, thanks to this simplistic approach, the numbers get really good--much better. Soon, we're off that medication that helped keep us alive before, because the doctor says it's no longer needed. And when you reach that point along your journey, I imagine you'll really cement this in your I did in mine: The food and exercise part is 20% or less--The mental gymnastics--80% plus...The end result: Good health, yep, better than ever.

I must get moving! Thank you for reading and by the way---I rocked 104 ounces of water today. It was easily a personal one day record. I hope everything is going well for you on the PE WC! The water is absolutely having positive effects on me! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Sean and Kenz Water
I'm making a strange face---Kenz and Me drinking our water at dinner--from my Bayou trip last month.

Known as Onewhocares from the UK--Getting enough H2O!! Find her today at She's rocking the PEWC!

Drinking from this bottle didn't last too long, before I realized it had a tiny hole on the bottom. At first I thought, wow--I'm really drinking this water fast, then I realized I had a spill happening.


  1. You rock. I began my journey 4 days ago, and like you, I number the days on my blog. I hope that is ok.
    I was wondering if you minded if I quote you and add a link to your blog on mine? Thanks!

  2. I got tired just reading about your busy day, lol. You're right about excuses like "when life slows down" or "when this drama is over." I've learned life never slows down and drama is just a part of life. You are such a great example of no nonsense weight loss and life-management. "Life-management", I like that phrase. Btw...Bon Jovi rocks!

  3. I am so proud of your water consumption baby! You so many ways...! =)

  4. yahoo....absolutley right about the choices. They are yours and no one else''s your journeyand you have to enjoyit.
    Doing great as usual.

  5. Great blog Sean. It is true that so many of us make this more complicated than it needs to be.

  6. Great post, SO true, after losing about 60 pounds I am constantly asked what is the 'secret' and wait to see their face fall as I say I count calories and I exercise! They want a magic fix.

  7. Wow, that was a shock seeing my photo on your blog!!!! Thanks for the mention! I am really enjoying this water challenge - feeling so much better already. I realise that for so long I have been less than fully hydrated - and now I'm making up for it. Yesterday I took in 75oz. And my concentration was better, and I felt less tired. You're right about working foods out for yourself. I am just learning that I have to make my own choices, not someone else's, and I have to navigate those special occasions and stressful situations, because they are not going to go away!

  8. A Joseph's pita with a serving of ff/sf chocolate pudding spooned across it lengthwise, then rolled, sprinkled with a dusting of confectioner's sugar makes an awesome dessert for 120 calories! Just sayin'...

  9. You and Kenz are drinking water at Chilis!

    I am going to write about you today.

  10. I am NOT getting behind on your blogs again...this is ridiculous.

    Sean said..."You'll run into people that will criticize my approach all day long, but they don't understand what I've discovered, and my approach---How it's freed me from a lifetime of food addiction and morbid obesity."

    I understand your approach perfectly. And I finally realized after you saying it several times... "don't deprive yourself," that I was doing just that. I was only eating what I saw to be low in carbs and sugar when I didn't have to.

    It's all about calorie counting, portion, exercise, and mindset. Thank you Sean for finally getting that through my head. I am enjoying the foods I always loved, just healthier portions now.

    How could anyone argue your approach? All they have to do is look at your before and after pics and follow your Daily Diary of a Winning all makes sense!

    Take Care and God Bless!


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