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Day 680 Not The Same Guy and This Isn't A Plan, It's Living

Day 680

Not The Same Guy and This Isn't A Plan, It's Living

A friend of mine brought it to my attention that someone leaving a comment on the AOL article suggested that the story was a fake. I'll be honest, I haven't read all of those comments. Why? I guess I need a little thicker skin. After reading the comment from some guy who was trying to calculate the calories I must have consumed to reach 505, I decided that it was best not to continue reading. I can't help it sometimes, I'm sensitive. That's just me. But this yahoo who was arguing the authenticity of the before and current pictures, saying that you can tell that it isn't the same person if you look at the eyes...this guy, wow...I guess I shouldn't be offended, because in a way it was a compliment, and in another way...he's right.

I'm not the same person as 505 pound Sean and you can see a difference in my eyes, absolutely, that's called joy my friend...pure joy. But seriously, how crazy funny is that? Someone arguing the authenticity of my transformation. Well, I've lived it every single day. It's real--that's me--and there are many like me with equally dramatic transformations. Some people just have to be must be a very miserable existence in their world. Poor guy...

I started the day with my normal routine of non-weighted strength training exercises. I just couldn't bare another day without these very simple, yet effective exercises--all of them, not just the squats. And perhaps they do just as much good for me mentally as they do physically. I enjoyed my coffee and a scrambled egg pita wrap with mushrooms. I really love this breakfast. I think I was getting burned out on omelets. I'll fix omelets again next week!

I received two different emails today, both talking about my "plan," and both mentioning the Atkins Diet. For one, my "plan" is simply called living, eating, and moving like a normal healthy person. It reminded me of a day early on this journey---and it took a little while to find the exact day, but I did. The following excerpt is from Day 54:

A listener of my morning radio show came up to me today at the store and congratulated me on my weight loss. Then came the question. “So, how are you doing it?” I told him “1500 calories a day and exercise.” Then he asked me “What plan is it?” I told him “oh, it's my plan”, This really confused him. “So like Atkins?” This guy wouldn't quit. “No, it's just 1500 calories a day and exercise—no special pills or plans or crazy strict food list.” He then suggested I try the Atkins diet, because “who can live on 1500 calories?” I was very polite and thanked him for the suggestion then I told him that 1500 calories was working just fine for me. He then proceeded to tell me how he lost 30 pounds on the Atkins plan. He was a very nice man and a loyal listener. And I appreciate that! But man, he was convinced that I had to be doing some kind of special plan or book or service or pills or something!

He's not alone, many people are convinced that you need to buy the solution. The multi-billion dollar weight loss product industry thrives because of this way of thinking. So many people struggle with obesity and have for so many years, all the while waiting for that perfect plan or drug to save them. Many of the “plans” will help you lose the weight, but do they really teach you how to eat after the plan?

That's my biggest problem with the Atkins diet. I actually gave it a try back in 1995, but the grocery bill was just too much! And I quickly realized how fast you remember how much you love bread and other carbohydrates when you're filling up on meat, eggs, cheese, and more meat. But my love for carbs isn't the reason I will not do the Atkins plan. It wasn't teaching me anything about portion control. I wasn't learning anything except the science of why it works. That came in real handy when I would explain why I could eat two pounds of hamburger meat, a half pound of bacon, and a block of cheese and still lose weight.

I'm in this for the life change, the long haul, the permanent results. I'm learning how to handle food in every day life and enjoy real portions, instead of monster size portions. And because I can eat whatever I want within my calorie budget, there isn't a situation or special circumstance that can trip me up.

Remember the crazy boiled eggs/bananas/hot dog diet? I think that was the “special” combination. One day you ate just boiled eggs, the next bananas, and the third day hot dogs. Then on day 4 you started over with the boiled eggs. Oh, it works! Sure it works! But I'll tell ya, I don't plan on eating those three things exclusively for the rest of my life! Maybe it wasn't bananas...I'm pretty sure about the boiled eggs and hot dogs, but that third item may have been something else. Anyway, it doesn't matter, that's nuts! And really it's just another form of calorie counting, the only difference is you don't have the choices. The unlimited choices are what makes calorie counting so great!

I don't spend too much time explaining or defending my "plan" these days. It's all documented right here in these writings. And it's not something you can buy, it's something you live. It's real change, the kind that sticks. And when you fully embrace this change, it's a joyous experience. Are there tough days when the Steel Curtain Zone must be activated? Yes, of course. But seriously, let me tell you something...the taste of triumph, of overcoming a tough day with your resolve and calorie budget in tact, taste much better than any binge or trigger food.

I prepared a fantastic meal tonight. Chicken breast, green beans with cheese, and a serving of hash browns. It was 460 calories of incredible.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Jodi--Proud member of the PEWC--drinking the water at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Jodi writes: I drank two of these at dinner which equates to 40oz! How cool is that? Literally. LOL! We were out at Cheeseburger In Paradise where I made good choices! I had a grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with one slice of cheese with broccoli on the side instead of their fries. Also, I wound up only eating half of the roll. Too much bread. Instead of any sauces I asked for lettuce, red onion & pickles. Great choices Jodi, and thank you for the picture! Very nice!! You can check out Jodi's blog at:

Me--using the "straw-no ice" strategy for rapid water consumption!

This message was in my email:

I plan to keep drinking long after the deadline, thank you!! An avid reader--Tami

I don't have a water drinking picture of Tami, but her decision to keep drinking the 64 ounces a day long after this coming Sunday, is something I'm hearing from others too. I know I plan on continuing---and really, that was the idea of the PEWC anyway...Kind of like the challenge that never ends! The healthy benefits are simply undeniable.

A big before picture with Courtney, my youngest...

With Courtney---almost a year and nearly a hundred pounds ago--not sure when exactly--anyway, pictured with my size 64 jeans. These jeans were the biggest the big and tall store carried---and when I first bought them, they were tight!!!!!!!! Scary, to be that close to special ordering or custom sewn clothing...

Before picture with my cousin Debbie--this might have been shortly after I started along this road.

Dinner tonight!

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  1. I can not believe someone tried to say that the "new" you wasn't the same person. Crazy! Some people have nothing better to do I guess?

    I love your "plan" horrible deprivation...just learning to eat "normally".

    We are flooded by so much diet jargon that sometimes it's hard to believe simple portion control is a weight loss tool. You're living proof that it works!!

  2. So I totally dig you Sean and read your blog faithfully. I dont have weight to lose but I do subscribe to a no 'white' lifestle--no white bread, white rice or white sugar--its like poision for you really to eat that food and all the packaged garbage they have out there. Anyhow I guess Im saying I researched A LOT and found this to be a healthy way of life. And honestly a lot of Atkins/South Beach is healthy too--not just 'Meat and blocks of cheese'. Thats misunderstood. I respect your journey and know how it has worked for you. But portion size and healthy choices can and should spread forth through ALL lifestyles--including ways of life you dont really buy into. The principals of portion control should be universal. You may have 100 calories of a roll and I may choose the same calories of almonds-you know? To each their own- united in controling food and not having food control you. There are many paths to the same goal and I know you know that-I just wanted to remind you. Still think your fantastic!

  3. You are an amazing inspiration to me! And, obviously that dude didn't look too close because it's OBVIOUS (just look at those beautiful eyes!) that you're "the same person" even though you're actually like Sean 2.0--THIS is the real Sean.

    Also--I love that even in your before pictures, you share a smile. SO IMPORTANT! Thank you for sharing your smile with us!

  4. First, whoever questions your confirmation can just come here and see every single day of it. It's pretty hard to deny if you have eyes and a brain...

    Secondly, I got huffy when I read that you were burnt out on omelets, but I'm happy to know you'll be making them again next week. :)

    Third, I still love the photo of you and your mom. It's just beautiful all-around.

    See you in a bit. ;)

  5. Wow! Just read this note this morning, but honey, I'll be following you! (Ha! That sounds a little freaky now doesn't it) A very inspirational message. I'm new at this blogging thing, but I look forward to reading through your journey. All the best! :)

  6. First, thank you for the shout-out and posting the picture! Yes, I am definitely going to continue with drinking the water. You feel so much better with it.

    Secondly, I cannot even fathom how someone can say that you aren't the same guy. I don't know why people have to be so mean and try and discredit someone's outstanding accomplishment. Please don't give him a second thought because he is the one that is losing out on this great blog and your transformation victory. Some people always have to be negative. I agree with Kenz in her comment. If they actually took the time to read and see you documented EACH day??

    I plan on catching up this weekend and reading you from the beginning. I'm sure I will have alot of "that happened to me" moments.

    Just wanted to tell you thank you for posting this blog. You are helping alot of people. I only wish I documented my journey. I speak about it on my blog here and there, but not like what you've done. You should consider publishing this!!!

    Have a great time with Kenz and a great rest of your day my friend.

    Good choices!
    Jodi :)

  7. well people never cease to amaze me. I think that people look for lies and cheating etc so that it can reinforce their own self doubt that diets don't work so why bother. Don't worry about it dude, thin skin or not- its not for other people to judge:)

  8. People spend 680 days writing novels about things that didn't happen. They don't spend the same amount of time writing a blog about things that didn't happen. That would be somewhat insane. While you may be goofy at times - after all, you are a theatre geek! - you are most certainly NOT insane. (And before any readers jump on me for the theatre comment, I'm a middle school theatre teacher, so I LIVE theatre geek! It's a good thing!) Have a wonderful day, knowing who you are and what's important in life.


  9. I couldn't agree more. This is just a lifestyle change, not a plan that you can buy in the bookstore. It's not about cutting certain foods from your diet or denying yourself, well, anything. It's about making all-around healthier choices. I think it's a difference of wanting immediate weight loss (like a short-distance sprint to the finish line) versus wanting weight loss but with long-term healthier affects (like a long-distance race).

  10. People who have never experienced obesity don't have to count calories or keep a calorie budget. Some days they eat so-called "monster" portions just because they feel hungrier. When they eat more, their metabolism speeds up a bit. It all evens out. That's describes my husband. Me? I count calories, 1200 a day, and don't eat anything with wheat because it gives me indigestion. Also, I don't eat very many carbs because I'm insulin resistent. My point? Our bodies are all different. Some people can't lose weight eating as many carbs as you...our bodies really do work differently.

    LOL on the person who thought your transformation was a fake!!! Maybe they tried 1500 a day and it didn't work well for them. That would be so discouraging. HOWEVER, there is one blogger who has lost ALOT of weight by eating 1800 calories or more (I mean an average of 4 lbs per week for over a year), and he/she does very little exercise. Now THAT just boggles my mind. Seriously. On the other hand...Your weight loss seems very reasonable.

  11. Hi Sean,
    I just realized something. I've been drinking a lot of water daily for years now and although I haven't lost as much weight as I like I have lost 50 lbs in the last year pretty effortlessly. I'm now working on the calorie and portion control. Any mental tricks to help with that? I know portion control sucks sometimes. lol. How did you mentally accept what true portions really are and stay satisfied?
    Thank you & have a great day!

  12. Sean 2.0 !! LOL! I bet you smiled when you read that response. I remember well the night I stayed up reading your entire blog...just over two weeks ago. It started me down this road - and on Day 15, I feel incredible. As for that negative person on AOL? Of course you are not the same ... and frankly neither am I! It's all good. Have a wonderful time with your girl today!

    (your post on my blog means more than you know <3)

  13. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! It is the inspiration I need to change the way I eat. I have always only dieted for an upcoming party or a vacation or trip but never, EVER, to change my eating habits. I would love to wake up in the morning and not have all the guilt and constantly be thinking about what the next thing I can eat might be! I'm up to day 25 in catching up. Can't wait to get enough time to read all 600+ days! Thank yo again

  14. I wish I knew how to do the picture thing! (not a technology buff) I always get the first 64 oz drank before 6:00 am, I am a water drinking fool in the mornings! Then I leave for work -we have well water there and it is not a good tasting well. But that way it is in and I drink 64 oz upon arriving at home around 4:00 pm and have it drank before 7:00 pm.

  15. I think there are just some people in the world who have an incredible black and white sort of mindset that is based on a deep sense of unhappiness, and any time they come across anything that veers the slightest from the center of what they "know" to be absolute truth , and if it is successful, they lash out in anger at the one who was contrary to "the rules". Seems the folks who you encountered fall into that camp. You followed a lifestyle that is real, sustainable and based on the need to change your mindset, and that can be the most difficult change in the world . Don't let em get you down- you have done some amazing work and deserve to be proud !

  16. Oh, ignore the comments on pretty much all mass-appeal sites. They're the toilet of the Internet.

    It continues to impress me how universal your story is about almost anything ... and how people turn themselves into knots looking for a quick-fix shortcut when the only way out is to just buckle down and do the work. Magic pills and plans for weight loss are so similar to speed-learning courses that will have you playing the piano in six months, magic websites that will tell you how to get As without work, and "top secrets" for getting out of debt. In reality, the solution is: practice, study, and stop buying so much stuff.

    But people delude themselves, and they complicate things because of it. The desire to not face the truth is what is at the root of all of it. The truth is always simple -- but simple isn't the same thing as easy. You have sussed this out in the most personal way.

  17. I know... seems people are always looking for something to do it for them. And, preferrably, easily and quickly. I think the turning point for me was coming to the realization that *nothing* was going to make it fast and easy, and turned my attention towards it being permanent and dealing with my food issues. And as far as every diet plan on the planet-- it's all about the same thing-- you have to, in one way or another, learn to control what you eat. Whether that is giving up carbs, or a liquid diet, or eating pre-packaged frozen foods from Jenny Craig, we have to eat less overall. My new motto is "quality over quantity." Learning to eat much more slowly and really sit there and savor every bite has made me realize I don't need tons of food to be satisfied-- I just need good food I enjoy. Like you, I opted for the balanced diet where nothing is off limits but I watch my calories (1400 per day, though I often come under) and exercise. People ask me, too, what I'm doing... and seem to think I've got some secret supplement or diet plan hidden up my sleeve that I'm hogging.

  18. hi sean....i read some of your blog history plus the daily post each night before i go to bed. it has been extremely inspirational to me. i was always very skinny and just got lazy over the last 2 years and gained about 50 lbs.. i didn't even know it could happen to me! about the person that suggested you were a fake....that is someone with a real problem that can't be solved with a diet. i ran a marathon some years ago. i held a party after the race. i had my medal laying on the counter so people could see it. some of the people at the party actually followed me and waved at different points during the marathon. they met me as i crossed the finish line. some guy at the party that i had gone to high school with called me a liar and a fraud in front of everyone at the party. he became irate and and accused me of buying the medal. the people that followed me throughout the run told him that i had actually run the entire marathon and that they watched. this guy accused of of a conspiracy! unbelievable. this guy was a 5k runner and bragged about his running incessantly. i guess he was jealous. who cares, right? he was a loser then and he is still a loser. it just shows that you have to do these things for yourself. it will never be all that important to others. i started to lose weight the day i found your blog and in 17 days i have lost 12 pounds. thank you for this wonderful journey! anne

  19. Hi Sean...I've been reading for a while, but not commenting. Today I had to let you know that thanks to reading your blog and being inspired by you, I was able to resist the temptation of donuts at work today. I thought about you and how you "spend" your calories wisely and asked myself just what would I get from allowing myself to eat a donut. I wanted one, don't get me wrong. But I wanted to feed my emtions and not my hunger. Especially since the dumb donuts aren't even in flavors that I like!

    Thanks so much for sharing your story every single day. I have lots of reading to do in the archives, but even without going through them, you are truly inspirational to me.

    And I just discovered Kenz's site the other day, so I have MORE reading to do! LOL :) You guys are both fantastic!

  20. Oh Sean,

    I'm glad you didn't finish reading it. That person is obviously jealous of your transformation and is the type that knocks successful people down to try and build themselves up. He is a very insecure and unhappy person. Your eyes are the one thing that have remained the same since your transformation in my humble opinion, and your beautiful smile. But now there is a spark to your eyes where before there was sadness. Your eyes smile now, seriously, and I was heaving at the second pic of you! You crack me up!

    I was wondering when you were going to get burnt out on omelettes, for real? You told me not to eat Bran Flakes every morning, ahem. I was never a breakfast person, so I have to force myself to eat anything, although I do love eggs and bacon. Also, I don't know what it is, but Bran Flakes and bacon are so good together, I use splenda or just cut up a banana in my cereal. But really, you should try it sometime, the bacon tastes so good with it! I only eat 2 slices or 3 at the most.

    Ok...another novel...almost.

    Take Care and God Bless Friend!


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