Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26th, 2016 Plenty For Me

December 26th, 2016 Plenty For Me

Today was the day we gathered as one big family to celebrate Christmas. It was enjoyable in so many ways. Witnessing my grandson Noah's excitement was a constant source of joy.

I helped him get acquainted with his new tablet. He took it and immediately, intuitively, knew what to do. I suppose he helped me get acquainted with his new tablet.

Fast and Furious! He wasn't wasting a second. Clothes in one pile, toys lined up together. He's a very organized young man.

We received a special pass for mom to leave the nursing center today. It was a seven-hour window, originally-until mom's nurse called about 3:15 to inform us she needed to be back two hours early for her physical therapy session. Mom was none too thrilled. But since Medicare has very explicit rules, it was necessary to do exactly what the nurse said. Just as we were about to leave, Amber showed up unexpectedly. Amber and KL spent Christmas weekend with KL's parents--they switch back and forth every year. We didn't expect to see them today!

Irene and Allen made me a very special gift. It has my starting weight from over eight years ago and says, "Change Chosen." Yes, indeed! It was wonderful. Those two are pretty amazing to me.

Christmas dinner was fairly simple. My strategy: One plate--no rolls, no refined sugar. Everything I chose for my plate met the boundaries of my plan. Turkey breast, dressing, mashed potatoes, 2 tbsp turkey gravy, green beans and a serving of potato casserole. Dessert was different. I brought an apple, cinnamon, and some sugar-free whipped topping. I sliced and baked the apple with 7g butter and cinnamon--then topped it with 4 tbsp sugar-free whipped topping. It was an amazing 218 calorie dessert!

There was a time (during weight loss mode) when I added calories twice a year-- at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the second year I haven't used an expanded budget--and the reason is simple--my maintenance mode calorie budget is a very generous 2300 per day. That's plenty for me.

I better wrap this up! It's been a really long day.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my daily water goal. And I stayed well connected with support contacts.

Before I go--

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  1. Hi Sean! I read your blog a lot a couple years ago and went away while I lost 90 pounds of my own. I have just realized just how much I am addicted to sugar and artificial sweeteners of my own via my blog and so I'll be going through this same journey. Just wanted to say Hi and tell you I'm glad you're keeping it off. Stay strong dude! Kasia


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