Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12th, 2017 All Right There

January 12th, 2017 All Right There

I'm very grateful to be where I am along this road. Today would have been much more challenging without the plan and perspective I embrace each day.

My abstinence is my responsibility. And I don't need anyone else to take care of it--that's my job. Still, relentless food pushers are annoying, especially when I've politely explained my plan and why it's important a bunch of times over the last few years. I told the same person "no" three times today over the same cookies they were convinced I needed to "try just a little--they're really low in sugar."

The theatre where our studios are located, hosted a specialty donut company today at noon. Hundreds lined up for these things. It was a fundraiser--and a good one. They sold out in less than two hours. We promoted it heavy this morning because it was an important fundraiser. I interviewed the owner of the donut company on my show--and all of that doesn't bother me at all. Again, grateful.

I made it to the taping of the school system TV show I host with the superintendent--it was fine, I didn't worry about my smile--I just did the job. When I returned to the studio, the line for donuts was long--and the "Emergency Donut Vehicle" was parked in my usual parking space. No big deal-- then I made my way inside and found a very nice gift from another guest I featured this morning: A cup full of miniature candy bars. I immediately took it upstairs to the offices and found a colleague who was eager to claim this cup of chocolate.

It was an unusual day. Cookies, donuts and candy bars--all right there. And I made it out with my abstinence intact. I'm proud of this.

I texted a few support friends about these happenings--just to say, here's what's going on--I'm doing well!

I give my abstinence from refined sugar a very high importance level. I know how refined sugar affects me. And so, in order to remain stable within my food plan--I don't go there. I don't entertain going there. There's no guessing what happens if I were to somehow justify that jump. No guessing, because I know exactly what happens. It's not worth the trade. And so, I'll continue giving my abstinence from refined sugar the same level of reverence as someone in successful recovery from alcohol gives their sobriety.

I'm food sober. And grateful.

I worked late today--finally got home, was exhausted--and once again, opted for a nap. This pattern is not the best thing for me, but I keep doing it--and I keep getting what I'm getting. I'm aware.

I opted for a meal out this evening--one of my usuals, before stopping by mom's for a visit and the store to grab a few things.

Work starts a little earlier in the morning. We're getting set for an ice storm. It's not looking good. Tomorrow may be a very long work day. I've made sure I have planned what I need--and I have what I need where I need it. I'll be okay. I hope you're staying safe and warm!!

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I met my daily water goal and I stayed connected with good support contacts.

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. "no, thank you" is a complete sentence. I don't explain my plan to people anymore. I just follow it. They don't get it and I think in their effort to be kind, the food pushers go overboard. Just saying no ends it. They can keep talking about how little sugar there is or it's 'good sugar', like honey or molasses. It is much more fun to just smile, and watch them squirm.

  2. I totally get it! It's kind of funny how some people think sugar free is a little overboard... and a few years ago I probably felt the same way. I allow myself 1 piece of sugar free gum per day, (split in half)just because I also try to eat as little "fake sugar" as possible too.I didn't realize I was out of gum yesterday and someone offered me a piece of their gum, not sugarless. I declined and they so thought I was nit picking!:-)
    I never have thought I was necessarily addicted to sugar but gave it up because it is just plain bad for you. I've also noticed that my joints are loving me for the there have been a few times I have had sugar over the past year and I could tell a major difference the next day in how unwell I feel.I feel it has been one of my best decisions I have ever made!

  3. I have four siblings that are obese, two are morbidly obese. Everyday is a celebration of food. In our family it seems fresh baked bread is a drug. And my siblings are the pushers. C'mon take a bite. You'll love it. It's delicious and I know you want some. A little won't hurt. Why are you being anti social? Over the years they have become a clic. A clic of bread worshipers. I live 1200 miles away and will go visit in April. I dread the pushers.

  4. Proud of you for handling all that was in your day! A long time ago I had a nap after work habit and realized when that time of the day came, I could hardly keep my eyes open... even on the weekends. Please don't let that habit take root.


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