Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28th, 2017 Extra Order

January 28th, 2017 Extra Order

I've spoken with several who have assured me this extended tiredness is part of the flu recovery process. I slept well last night and still, a few hours after waking, couldn't keep from taking another couple hours rest. Other than that, I'm not really showing any other symptoms.

I decided to postpone visiting mom until tomorrow. The flu is still running rampant where she lives. Mom seems to be doing fine. I've talked with her several times today.

I did some production tonight and was also set to release another episode of Transformation Planet before a technical glitch prevented tonight's release of the Winifred Morris episode. I'm still new at this podcasting thing--and I'm learning as I go. I hope to have the technical difficulty resolved by tomorrow evening.

I'm keeping my grandson overnight. I took him to his favorite indoor playground, The PlayPlace at McDonald's, this evening. He wanted a Happy Meal--and really, he just wanted the toy. I ordered him one and the cashier handed me the bag with "I put an extra order of fries in there for you." Oh, well--thank you!

Yeah--those got tossed, along with most of the rest of the food Noah didn't touch. He clearly wanted the toy.  

We stopped at the grocery store, then made it home in time to prepare a good meal before lively rounds of hide and seek around this small apartment.

Noah didn't eat much. He's a picky eater. He's also the type of eater who eats when he's hungry and couldn't care less any other time. I hope he keeps that trait forever!

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained refined sugar-free. I met my daily water goal and I stayed well connected with good support. It was a fairly solid day.

It's bedtime. Noah is fast asleep in his bed. I will be soon!

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  1. Really enjoying the podcasts Sean great value

  2. I hate when waitresses try to be nice by giving you extra food. Nooooooo! Usually I'm okay with it and avoid it but it's not always easy.

  3. You can ask to just buy the toy at McD's and not the meal. I did that with the grandkids a little while back. They understand if the kids are not hungry.


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