Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2nd, 2017 Not A Resolution

January 2nd, 2017 Not A Resolution

When we help others, we're helping ourselves. Today was a great day of staying actively engaged in giving and receiving support, both individually and in the Monday night support group I facilitate. Today was week one of a new eight-week session. It was a fantastic start for the new year!

I spent a little time with mom this afternoon. She's doing better, especially after getting a new lift chair today!

I met one of mom's nurses today whom I hadn't. I expressed a few concerns and she immediately got me the answers and solutions mom needed. It feels great knowing that mom is in a place where her extraordinary care is made a priority around the clock!

Speaking of extraordinary care--I've had a solid day. Certain elements of my daily plan come very automatic and easily for me since I've been doing them day after day for well over two and a half years. The weighing, measuring, logging, photographing, tweeting--it sounds like a lot, but truly, it's become second nature.

The things that haven't become second nature--and things that aren't coming automatic and easily--those are the things I must focus on improving this year. It's not a resolution--because I no longer do New Years Resolutions-- it's simply realigning a focus on the elements needing my extra attention. For me, it's in the workout, sleep, and time management areas. And truly, the sleep area starts with the time management area. During weight loss mode--You couldn't keep me from getting four or five workouts in a week. Now, I've let it slide--and I suppose that workout slide has been, in a way supported by my food plan and successful weight maintenance. I'm grateful for the peace and stability within my food plan--I truly love it--and it gives me what I need--and every time I approach the scale thinking my lack of workouts may result in a significant gain, it doesn't. This seems to reinforce an approach that doesn't apply the importance level it needs and deserves.

Dr. Lerner has taught me that a good focus on exercise is one that isn't necessarily based on weight loss--a good food plan can achieve weight loss, maintenance or weight gain, if needed... a good exercise plan can also support weight loss--but it also supports many other very important things, like emotional and mental health--and overall fitness level. I must remember this as I approach a better commitment to my exercise schedule. After all, I know how good it feels post-workout. And I need to feel that more often.

I had a chance to visit with Noah, Irene and Allen a little while this afternoon. It was a fast visit--but a fun visit. Noah still had some gifts to open! He gets crazy excited!! It's fun to watch.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my daily water goal. And I stayed very well connected and engaged with great support.

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. Sean -

    It Sounds like you are going into the new year functioning with all cylinders operating.

  2. Your mom is adorable. She looks great!

  3. Well my post got deleted. That's what I get from using a tablet I don't really understand! Ok, so over the years I've learned that I can lose/maintain weight by using a calorie system. My own personal experience has shown me that exercise is great for good health,not necessarily weight, unless you exercise like crazy. What really sent this home was that someone I knew started exercising like crazy and running marathons as a means of weight control. When she sustained a major injury and couldn't do this anymore, she ballooned..because she never learned to eat for weight loss. I never forgot that. Great post!


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