Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 21 Friends, Family, and a Lawnmower

Day 21

Friends, Family, And A Lawnmower

Today was a real workout! I mowed the lawn and let me tell you, I'm sore all over. Very tired and very sore. There are some little slopes on this property that are a real killer to handle with a push mower. I remember mowing the lawn at our previous home on one hot summer day, must have been early evening and it was a big lawn. I was over 500 pounds then too, and I must have looked half dead out there pushing that mower. As traffic drove down the block they could see that I was having a real tough time, pretty soon a guy I didn't know drove by and waived, then just minutes later he comes riding up on a mower and tells me to take a break. I protested a tiny bit, but there was no stopping him, he was mowing my lawn. I felt weird just standing there so I went inside to get him a glass of iced tea. After he finished the entire lawn he enjoyed the rest of his tea while I kept thanking him over and over. I offered him some cash, and he wouldn't hear of it, then he rode away. I never saw that guy around the neighborhood again...ever. Where did he come from? Who was he? He really didn't say. I wonder if he didn't save me from collapsing that day. Perhaps my guardian angel. I must not have looked that bad mowing today, because a bunch of cars drove by and not one was compelled to stop and mow a strangers yard. It did feel good to do it and not be completely zapped. I mean, I'm sore, but not completely zapped. It was a real good workout and we walked our mile tonight too, making this the most active day so far!

Today was the big day we were meeting Rach, Neil, and their kids at the Hideaway Pizza. I have never behaved myself at the Hideaway until tonight. The fried mushrooms and pizza there are legendary. And my plan was to have both. Before the food arrived a group sat down behind us and that's when I discovered that most of the tables at The Hideaway are in a fixed position, and yes we were at one. I was seriously crowding the people behind us, so we all played musical chairs and we found the right seating arrangement for all to be comfortable. It's little situations like that I will certainly not miss! I really planned ahead for this one. After looking unsuccessfully for Hideaway nutrition facts on the Internet, I called the manager on Friday to get some idea of a calorie count for their pizza and mushrooms. He told me that they had a nutritional analysis complete on the pizzas, but not on the mushrooms. After careful consideration the manager and I agreed that a piece of veggie pizza would run 250 and the mushrooms would be about 30 each. I only had 420 for the day going in and I planned on having only two slices and eight mushrooms for 740 calories, But I could afford it calorie wise, I went ahead and had a third slice and three extra mushrooms for a total of 1050, 30 calories shy of my allotted 1500. That was totally perfect for me. In all my previous visits to the Hideaway, I bet I never consumed less than 2400 calories, but this time I stayed within my limits and left feeling real good about the trip. I know I've said this many times, but this is the beauty of counting calories. You don't have to sacrifice the things you really love to enjoy. I limited my intake to only the calories I had remaining and that was it. I was completely satisfied and I'm still completely satisfied. It was a nice visit with good company and really good food.

I am really starting to see a difference when I look in the mirror. I'm absolutely thrilled about this! When I would look straight ahead at the mirror at 500+ pounds, I could never see my ears. They were hiding somewhere behind my fat cheeks, but now I can see ears! My face is really showing the loss and so is my mid-section. I'm judging the mid section reduction on the fact that I often find myself continuously pulling up my pants. It's a good problem to have. I'll keep losing weight and I'll keep seeing and feeling the changes and the less I feel and see the more I'm motivated to keep going. This is a weight loss snowball effect. Often times people (including me too many times to mention) don't last long enough to see the results. Seeing and feeling the results are much better proof than just looking at a number on a scale. When the weight loss starts translating into new smaller clothes and a better image in the mirror, then it gets even easier to stay focused and on track.

Before we returned home we stopped and visited with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Sig. They're down from Michigan visiting. For many years they could only come down once a year, but now they have more time thanks to retirement. Every summer I would tell Uncle Sig the same thing...”next time you see me I'll have the weight off”...Then they would go back to Michigan, and I would go back to eating! By the time the next summer would roll around I was usually bigger than before. I don't know if Uncle Sig believes me this time, but I certainly wouldn't blame him if he didn't. I really look forward to surprising him when I get down to 230! They both were looking really nice—and before they go back home, we're going to have them up here for another family cookout!

I heard another song the other day that really gets me going. The lyrics don't completely fit, but I love the chorus...”aint nothin' gonna break-a my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no! I've got to keep on moving!” Mathew Wilder was a one hit wonder with that song and I've loved it since it was originally released back in the late seventies or early eighties. It's funny that I've never let it inspire me until now. I think it's kind of like me discovering new flavors in food lately. Counting calories and exercising also makes me appreciate and find added motivation in songs. Day 21 is gone. Three full weeks and going strong! We're doin' this now my friend and “aint nothin' gonna break-a our stride”.

Good Choices,

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  1. It was a wonderful day!!!! Had so much fun...loved seeing my rach and neal and the kids it was a blast sitting there at the hideaway, it just reminds me how much I miss them!!! We have sooo many wonderful memories with them both!! And you did so good on the calories there I am very proud of you, it would have been soooo easy for you to indulge more on those mushrooms!!! And seein aunt Jean and uncle sig and the rest of the fam. It was just a great day all in all, and walking right before the rain, it felt soooo good...and running with courtney was soooo fun....

    good job on the lawn looks good!!! sorry about your sore muscels but a very good day of activity and visiting with friends and family!!!!!!

    loved it loved it loved it!!!!

    love you
    ur buddy


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