Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 36 Marquee Conspiracy

Day 36

Marquee Conspiracy

Some days it seems like there's an elaborate conspiracy to get me to come down off the wagon. It's like all of the restaurants and convenience store delis got together and decided to tempt me all at the same time. Like my abstinence from high calorie foods is driving their business into the ground. I can just imagine all of them getting together for an emergency meeting: (insert dream sequence harp music here) The meeting is just getting started when the leader of the conspiracy—The Blue Bell Delivery guy says “All right people, let's keep it together, he's on day 36 now, and we all know that if he gets to Day 100, some of us are going to start going under”... “But what do we do?” Screams a nervous restaurant manager “He seems so determined! Just the other day he was offered a toasted 800 calorie sub for free and he turned it down!!” (Crowd Gasp)... The King from BK then chimes in with “We've got to work together, we need to know his exact driving route, then we'll put all of the high calorie foods he loves on our marquees.” Then Bill Braum stands up and ask “Do you think it will work?” Ronald McDonald tries to make a serious face to say “It may be the only chance we have to break him, now get out there kids and start putting up those signs, and if you can show him pictures, that's even better.” Hey, it's a dream sequence, and dreams get crazy! They were really giving it their best shot today. In just a few mile stretch, I drove past several different signs all just begging me to come in and forget about this little journey. The first sign read “half price ice cream and drinks 2-4pm”...No Sean, keep it together...Then-- “two corn dogs 4 a dollar” ...nice try!---then “Try a Banana Pudding Shake” Stop it!...the next sign was “Try our new oven baked sandwiches” It didn't work last Thursday, and it's not working today! ...then it was “Large Frozen Yogurt Waffle Cone $1.79”...Then a big banner with the most delicious picture of a big, gigantic, king sized Mushroom and Swiss burger, with the invite-- “Try a Mushroom and Swiss Steakhouse Burger.” No King! Leave me be! Before I could get to the safety of my garage I drove by a banner picture of a foot-long chili cheese coney...It was the size of my van! Have mercy! I can't help it, I'm a sign reader! I've always been a sign reader... I wonder what their strategy will be tomorrow? Whatever it is I know I'll survive, cause I'm determined my friend. They would have to come out into traffic and stuff the food in my mouth by force at the stoplight, and if that happens, well...we'd have to reach some kind of low calorie peace accord with these nuts. I'm done now. That was fun.

Irene asked me for a favor tonight and I was happy to do it for her. She wanted me to gas up her car while she got ready for work. Only one problem...her car is little. I'm not little. I've driven her little red Grand-Am GT before and it's not fun, and I really don't think it's safe to steer a car with your belly. But, it had been a while since I stuffed myself into her matchbox car, so I thought I'd give it a try. After all, She does so much for me how could I possibly say no? Well, I'm happy to report that I fit a little better! Noticeably better! I still looked like a circus act behind the wheel, but at least my belly wasn't touching it! I can't believe what a difference losing 30 plus pounds has made for me. I'm so excited about losing more, I mean really, if 30 plus pounds does all this, then what will 150 do? Or 250? I don't understand what has kept me from doing something so fun! This is really fun! And every day gets a little easier. It's just an automatic thing at this point. Oh, by the way...I gassed up her car at 2.19 a gallon. I never thought we would see it that low again.

We've discovered something at the YMCA. When we first started going, we'd get into the court together and take turns hitting the bouncy blue ball. Then it hit us! Not the ball, an idea! As much as we enjoy playing “run after the ball” together, we could get a much more intense workout going solo! So that's what we did tonight. Courtney in one court and me in another. When you're the only one to keep the ball moving, it gets really big and sweaty in there fast! A tremendous workout. After a solid 20 minutes I thought i would try one of the bicycles, and NO. I'm not quite ready for the bicycles, or should I say the seats aren't quite ready for me! I'll get there! Then I tried some kind of strange contraption that looks like it could really give me an amazing workout someday...just not today. So I went back into the racquetball court and worked some more until I was zapped.

Day 36 is history and 37 is waiting! Tomorrow evening I'll be faced with free wine and hors devours at a big promotion the radio station is hosting. I don't care for wine but I do love cheese! And crackers...and those little sandwiches...and cookies...and I think I'll save my calories for after that event. Irene is on a liquid diet tomorrow, as she prepares for a very invasive medical procedure on Wednesday, so maybe I'll join her as we gorge on Jello, popsicles, and broth! I'm headed for bed...Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. "This is really fun! And every day gets a little bit easier." I don't have my notebook where I like to copy my favorite sentence and freewrite. So I'm writing these on the web, so I can free write later. Can't wait to read the next post. Thanks, Sean. LR


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