Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 38 Groggy Talk and An Iron-Clad Promise

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Day 38

Groggy Talk and An Iron-Clad Promise

Today I accompanied my beautiful wife to Stillwater for a colonoscopy. It was a relief to find out that everything up in there was in perfect health! I know she's been really worried about it, and she was really worried about being drugged up and put under, it was her first time for that—And she did great! She's so cute when she's all groggy and talking out of her head! All I could do when she started doing that was say... “Ok, sweety—That's right, you're in line...very good.” We have no idea what kind of line she thought she was in, but it was very funny. I so should have made a video on my phone. After we got out of there about three hours later than we thought, it was time to EAT! Irene had to have a liquid diet yesterday in preparation for the intrusion, I mean violation, I mean procedure, so she was ready for something good! I enticed her with Subway, and she agreed...I was happy because it's so easy to count calories there! Thanks to her prep yesterday we re-discovered the wonders of Jello! What a fantastic low calorie sensation. Ok, maybe “sensation” isn't the right word, but hey---it's good stuff, and way cheap on the calorie budget! Mix some Cool Whip into it and it's STILL a low calorie treat.

I was delighted to discover that my Aunt Kelli is climbing on the wagon with us! We're only three years apart, and we were raised really close, so she's like a big sister to me. I'm very happy that she's made this life changing decision. And, since she's around my mom way more than me, she can help her stay on track too! Kelli and I have faced some of the same struggles with weight over the years, so Kelli, believe me when I say, I know exactly what you're going through! Just take it one day at a time, and before you know it, it will add up to big time results! For anyone facing Day 1, I recommend having a long and honest talk with yourself. Think about what you want, think about what you will do to get it, and think about all of the wonderful things you can do when you reach your goal...and all the new things you can do on the way to your goal. I call them “motivating thoughts”...always have them ready to go, because you never know when you might need to pull 'em out and help prevent a breakdown. Also, make an iron-clad promise to yourself not to cheat. Not ever. Every know and then when stress levels go way up and your mood gets way down, it might seem difficult maintaining focus. This is when you really have to be on guard. You have to remember your iron-clad promise you've made to be true to yourself on this mission. Get out those motivating thoughts and get through it! You can do it! I don't have to tell you how important it is, you already know that. Once you get to the point where you feel like nothing can shake you, that's when you're in the zone. The zone is a nice place to be. Get in it and stay there, and before you know it some amazing changes will start to happen! And as those changes start to make themselves known, it gets much easier to stay in the zone, because then you'll want more changes! Some people describe their favorite foods as “it's to die for”...I know they don't mean it literally, but NOT doing this will end in an early death, so in a twisted way that double fudge brownie sundae IS “to die for.” Perhaps that's the origin of that phrase. Huh, interesting. You can do this and all you have to do is decide. Decide to get healthy and live life to the fullest!

I'm facing a real obstacle this weekend. It's my right leg. If you've read all of my blog post, then you know I have lymphadema in my right leg. Lymphadema is a common problem among morbidly obese people. If left untreated it can lead to horrific swelling and extremely painful sores. Sometimes, even if you wrap everyday like I do, sores can still form. On September 14th I had a couple of small sores on the lower portion of my right leg, I really thought that a good wrap everyday and constant care would eventually heal them. And then I started really working them hard. On September 15th I started this journey, and as you know, exercising is a big part of it. The walking everyday and now racquetball running has honestly made the sores worse. There are about three small painful sores that need healed. And it will take 3 to 4 days of being immobile, on my back, legs elevated, prescription ointment and a heavy duty antibiotic to get it done. So the bad news is I will not be able to workout this Friday through Monday, the good news is, once the sores are completely healed by Monday night...I will probably never have another sore again. I say this with complete confidence because I remember what a positive effect losing 115 pounds back in 2004 had. When I got down to 385 back then, my leg was in great shape...minor swelling was about it...No sores or anything...And we weren't even wrapping everyday! The health of my leg is a big motivating thought for me. I know that losing this weight will dramatically improve the condition. During this down time, I will only get up to use the restroom and write very short blogs each evening. I also plan on reducing my calories during this four day period. It's just a minor speed bump, but a necessary one. And I'll emerge ready to hit the racquetball court and the treadmills even harder!

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday. Another year older is much easier to take when you realize that you're doing something positive everyday. Bring it on 37! I'm ready for ya! I hope you truly understand how much I sincerely appreciate your support and readership here. I try to respond to all who comment, I get behind sometimes, but I will respond! And if you're traveling this same road let us know! I'll support you 100%. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Sean, another thing we have in common. I have lymphedema too. I never knew what it was until I was hospitalized in Jan 2009 for cellulitis. I thought it was just water retention. The cellulitis kicked my butt and I was in the hospital for 11 days. Luckily through physical therapy 3x a week for almost 4 months, I got my legs down to a "normal" size for a bigger girl back then. Now, with almost 200 pounds gone, my legs are really normal size now. BUT...I still wear compression stockings during the day and nighttime garments at night just to keep them maintained. I'm not sure if I still need them, but I don't want to take the chance and not wear them and have my legs swell. But I can tell you with almost 200 pounds gone, it is like a miracle took place in my legs. My doctor said that once people get lymphedema, they have it for life, but it gets better with weight loss. -- Maybe I will read when I get further in your blog archives how you progress with it and if you still have it. I hope someday I will be "cured" I may be already but am too chicken not to wear the stockings to find out. LOL!


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