Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 39 Birthday Living and Necessary Healing

Day 39

Birthday Living and Necessary Healing

As I write this tonight I'm preparing for four straight days of being in bed and healing. It's going to drive me crazy to be down so long, but it's absolutely necessary to my continued success. And right before a big weigh day! That's Ok! Like many have said to me, this isn't a race, it's a marathon. I'm cutting my calories down to 1000 for the next four days because I can't exercise 100%. Deb did give me some tips on exercising while being immobile and I plan to do them! I will still write a blog post the next few nights, but like tonight it will be an abbreviated version. The only time I plan on being up is to use the bathroom and write the blog. I'm curious to what I'll write about after hours of down time, infomercials, and TV Land marathons. It just might be interesting! Or reallllyyyy boring. Let me just apologize in advance in case I start describing imagined images in the ceiling crusties. I plan to read a book while I'm down and I plan to do some household paperwork too. I picked up my prescriptions today. Augmentin XR is an amazing drug. It speeds healing like nothing I've ever tried. I can't wait to get back into the groove at the Y come Tuesday! I'll be able to go at it much harder!

I talked to Amber tonight. When she answered the phone she was out of breath. I asked if she was at the University Wellness Center, and she said no, but she had been there and worked out earlier. She was out of breath because she was doing additional exercises in her dorm room! That's focus and dedication my friend! When I finish a workout I'm usually done 'till the next day, but Amber---You baby have set the bar higher! Very nice job! I'm a very proud father, can you tell? She has a very bright and successful future ahead of her...a future that will find her in her best shape and wellness! People tell Irene and me what a wonderful job we've done in raising our girls, but I have to say--#1. Their mom deserves a lions share of the credit...and #2. They have made it extremely easy on us, because they listen and learn. They never have had the typical “I know everything” teen attitude. They seek council, they appreciate guidance, they understand the far reaching meaning of the word “consequences”, understanding that every decision has one, good or bad, and they heed good advice at every turn. They have their heads on straight! And that makes it so easy to parent. We're very blessed.

As I get ready to go to bed for four days, I have to give some big thanks. Thanks Bill for giving me the time off to get healed...once more. At least this time I'm moving in the direction of never having to take time off to do this again! And a big thanks to Gayle for filling in on my morning show. Have fun with it Gayle! And to Ryan and Gayle both for picking up the extra production work in my absence. Thank you to all that wished me a happy birthday today. And of course I would be totally out of line if I didn't thank Irene and Courtney for taking care of me over the next four days. I'll try not to be a too over-demanding pain in the butt. Speaking of, my tea here is getting kind of low. I'm kidding! I kid because I love!

Thank you for all of your comments and messages! I sincerely appreciate your support. I better get horizontal. I missed seeing so many loved ones today. I don't think I've ever missed seeing my mom or Amber or a lot of people on my birthday...But it's OK! We're actually celebrating on November 2nd instead! Good Night and...

Good Choices,

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