Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 41 Nightmare On Buffet Street

Day 41

Nightmare On Buffet Street

The idea of being able to sleep as much as you want isn't all it's cracked up to be. It only sounds good when you can't. But I'll tell you, after several hours in bed, you really want to move around and do something! I did transfer to the couch at 2:30, put my leg up, and turned on the Cowboys and Longhorns. The Cowboys proved they could hang with the very best, but in the end we all know what happened. Still, as much as that loss depressed me, I didn't eat the entire house down. And that's a good change. Maybe there's a direct correlation between the Cowboys winning and me staying on this plan! No, no! Couldn't be! See, there's some of that crazy talk I warned you about. Being couped up at home all day and night will do that to ya!

I had a horrible nightmare a little bit ago. It seemed so real and I was so relieved that it wasn't. I was at a buffet restaurant, I really didn't recognize the place, but I was there and I was eating gigantic amounts of food. The entire time I was paranoid that someone would “catch” me. I would scan the dining room and then take a bite, scan, then eat...scan then eat. It was horrible! In the dream I remember feeling awful, feeling defeated, wondering how I would face you, the reader of this blog. I knew I had to come clean and let it be known that I destroyed a buffet. And then just in the nick of time, as I reached for another heaping helping of mac and cheese, I woke up. Wow. That was so real. Scary! I immediately asked myself “How many calories have I had today?”...900...good, very good. What does a crazy dream like that mean? I sincerely don't want to do that! Maybe I was thinking back to the story I told about Day 40—1996...When I threw it all away upon a mountain of stuffing and down a river of gravy. Yesterday being Day 40—2008, maybe I had just been thinking about what a wonderful milestone it is to break the 40 day mark. Whatever it was, it sure wasn't fun. Inside that dream was depressing kinda like the OSU loss to Texas today. I know! Let it go! But they so could have won that game! Just one or two mistakes corrected, and bam...the Cowboys upset number 1. I'm OK now. Breath...breath.

We had a fantastic meal tonight. Grilled chicken breast with loaded baked potato mashed potatoes (relax—only 110 calories per serving—I had 1 serving.) and broccoli with cheese. Irene and Courtney made me try the broccoli. It was alright, but I still didn't want a serving anywhere near my meat and potatoes. And besides, if I ate a big bite of those little trees, I bet I would get sick. I honestly don't know how I survived the little morsel I did eat. I still can't believe I did it. What were they thinking? That one nibble would somehow turn around an entire lifetime of broccoli hating? My family loves it, although I think Amber is more like me, but at least she'll eat it. But Irene and Courtney, well that's another story. They LOVE broccoli. They speak of it the way I speak of pizza and fried mushrooms. If we're not having broccoli they're disappointed. It's really crazy. Or maybe I'm the crazy one. Maybe broccoli is awesome! Maybe I just haven't given it a fair chance. Maybe I will. NOT!

Day 41 is quickly running into Day 42, I better get back down and get this leg back up! Thanks for all of your support by reading this blog. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. I like broccoli. Cooked though. I don't know how people eat it raw. But cauliflower to me is like broccoli to you. I will never like it. Blech!


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