Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 43 Food Show Watchin' and Calorie Botchin'

Day 43

Food Show Watchin' and Calorie Botchin'

Usually watching the Food Network doesn't tempt me. Most of the time they're using ingredients that I wouldn't want anywhere near my food. Unless it's that one show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”, Now that show can really get your mouth to water. Today I got stuck on “Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals”. And I learned how to make homemade cheese dip! Flour and butter, then milk...then two cups of shredded cheddar...low heat, melty goodness, then enjoy! Add some salsa to give it a little spicy kick and then really enjoy! I wanted to make some so bad after watching that show. It looked so good and so creamy and soooo fattening! I mean loaded! Come on, flour and butter? Milk? Then cheese? The added salsa is the lowest calorie thing in it...I'd be much better off just eating the salsa. But with what? I would need chips! But chips are loaded too. At this point I had to change the channel...I can only handle so much. I'll enjoy chips and hot melty cheese again someday, maybe soon, just not today. I didn't have the calories. I did a horrible job of managing my calories today. At only 1000, it doesn't take long to get top heavy. By the time dinner rolled around I only had 400 left. I haven't gone over at all, I just can't have another anything, unless it's a pickle. And I have to be in the mood for a pickle, you know what I mean? Ya know what did it? A ham and cream cheese english muffin. It was only 250, but when you're only doing 1000 that's a quarter of 'em in one small little english muffin. So-so choice. Not a bad choice, just something I wouldn't ordinarily eat, especially on a restricted calorie limit of 1000. Now I've sacrificed my nightly snack. I would have much rather enjoyed a Blue Bell Dream Bar (I could have had 3 ½ Dream Bars for the calories in that stupid cream cheese and ham muffin), or some kettle style popcorn, or some pudding...But no, I just had to allow myself to be seduced by an english muffin earlier in the day. I've talked about it before, calorie management is extremely important. Just like money, you have to think ahead, then decide if you can really afford it. And just because you have enough calories for it at the moment, doesn't mean you can afford it. You have to think about what you'll be sacrificing 70 calorie Blue Bell Dream Bars and sweet and salty kettle style popcorn. If I really would have thought about it, I would have never chosen that stupid muffin, with it's creamy cream cheese and deli thin ham...stupid muffin. Hey, I never said I was an expert. I'm still learning too!

My right leg is nearly healed. I'd say about 80 to 85%. We've made a bunch of progress since Thursday night, but we're still not quite there. I feel like I can get back into the daily routine, and with a few minor adjustments, we can get it to 100% within a week or so. I can't say for sure that one more day off of it would get me there. So the best plan is to wrap well, medicate well, get back to work and try to not be so hard on it. I'm still working out though! I miss that racquetball court at the Y. We'll monitor it every day and make sure we aren't going backwards, and if we are, I'll have to cease the workouts until it's 100%. I really don't want to have to do that. I don't think I'll have to either.

Tomorrow is weigh day, and I have to tell you, I don't know what to expect. It'll be alright no matter what. I know I've lost. The question is how much? Will it be a little or a lot? How will my inactivity over the last four days effect the numbers? I even thought about skipping this weigh day and just doing it in two weeks for one really big weigh day, but no...that's not the plan. I'm sticking with the plan.

Speaking of the plan...The plan was for me to make these really short over this four day period. This is way too long, I need to get back down and get the leg back up! Thank you for reading and your continued support on this daily journey. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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