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Day 44 Weigh Day Number Three Finds A Smaller Me

Day 44

Weigh Day Number Three Finds A Smaller Me

Today I felt a little nervous about weighing. I knew I had remained true to my calories and I even went through a self-imposed calorie reduction during the four days I was in bed getting my leg back in health. I also knew that because of my leg situation I'd missed five workouts over the last two weeks. After a nice nine pound loss the previous weigh day, I just wasn't real sure of what the scales would report this time. Prior to the last weigh day, I didn't miss a workout, and I never went over my fifteen hundred calories. So I was really guessing five to eight pounds for this weigh day. Like I said yesterday, I know I've lost, the question was how much? I remember Irene suggesting two weeks ago that she thought I may have been retaining fluid and well, how do I say this without sounding gross...Uh, she thought I was also full of crap. Literally full of...Anyway...Without getting too specific here, I have become much more normal over the past couple of weeks. I'm not a doctor, but it seems completely logical to me because my body was use to larger amounts of food, and I disrupted that pattern. It's bound to cause a temporary change in regularity. Whatever, everything is fine. Enough of this topic.

When I climbed on the scales today I was prepared for whatever it said. At least I thought I was. It registered 455. Another 20 pounds lost and a grand total of exactly 50 pounds in 44 days. Twenty pounds? Really? How in the world? I didn't believe it for one second. I even stepped off and reset the scale, waited for it to go to zero, then climbed back on and watched as it went all the way to 455 again. I stood there motionless for about 30 seconds, just waiting for it to jump up five or ten pounds, but it didn't. It stayed right there at 455.0 –That's right .0---exactly 455. There is no way I believe that I lost 20 pounds of fat. Maybe ten pounds fat-ten pounds water? That's fine...A big man like me can retain a bunch of fluid...Whatever the case...I'm celebrating! Because the bottom line is this: 44 Days ago I weighed 505lbs on the same scale that weighed me 455 today. I'm thrilled with this news. And I fully understand that after a while it's going to get slower and harder to lose, But I also know that'll I'll be able to work out much faster and harder when I get off the first 100 to 150.

Irene was unable to weigh today because of her schedule, but she'll weigh tomorrow. Courtney weighed today and has lost another six pounds! I'm so proud of her! Courtney is my youngest, and she has always been a very sensitive young woman. She will not like it that I've mentioned her here...and I'm sure she'll see to it that her friends never read this blog posting. She's a wonderful fifteen year old! During my years of eating whatever-whenever, she would often times confide in her mom that she was scared for her daddy's life. I had no idea how much me sitting on the couch with a giant bowl of ice cream broke her heart. She knew I needed to make serious life or death decisions long before I would admit and accept it. When Irene or Amber would tell me of her concern, I would say something like... “sweety, Dad's going to get busy, I'll do it girl! Don't you worry, OK? We'll all do it together!” Her tears would dry and after a couple of days I'd be right back to my old self. I know that my three angles have sat around the table without me and discussed my deadly weight. It scares them. I've had calls in the wee hours of the morning from my mom asking me... “Son, are you really going to get serious?” Like most addictions, food addiction is a selfish one. I cringe to think of all of the years of worry and tears I've created, while I acted oblivious to their concern. I have so much fun writing this blog every evening, and I much prefer the humorous ones, but I have to occasionally remind myself of the seriousness of this mission. Remembering things like these are some of the most powerful motivating thoughts I keep fresh in mind.

I had macaroni and cheese and a big grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I told you yesterday, the Food Network really got to me. I need to block that channel! I wonder how the cable company would respond if I called to have them block the Food Network? That could be funny. Me: “I want that filthy-dirty-tempting-sinful channel off my service!” Cable Company: “No problem sir, we can take the adult pay per view choices away, we're very sorry you were offended.” Me: “No, you don't understand, the Food Network is my vice.” I bet they've never had a call and request like that! I should do it just for fun. By the way, my mac and cheese dinner with a grilled cheese sandwich weighed in at a very appealing 530 calories. It was wonderful and well within my calorie budget for the day. I even enjoyed a Blue Bell Dream Bar after our incredibly intense workout. That's the thing that some people have the hardest time understanding. How can you eat Dream Bars? And mac and cheese? And mashed potatoes with gravy? And pizza? And fried mushrooms? And Snickers Ice Cream Bars? And Lasagna? And fried catfish? And so many other non-diet sounding things and still lose weight? Well, I'm also eating more vegetables than I ever have before, and I'm really appreciating well balanced meals, and I'm learning what a portion is suppose to be. I'm counting calories and budgeting those calories to last all day long. I'm giving my metabolism something to chew on several times a day and into the evening. I'm drinking a lot of water and water based zero calorie drinks. And I'm getting the heart rate up with a cardio event like walking and racquetball play. So it's not all Dream Bars and pizzas...But it's the beauty of this plan that I can enjoy them anytime I want...if my daily calorie budget allows, of course! Good night and...

Good Choices,


  1. Reading about your progress and determination is very inspiring. I'm trying to develop the mindset to start this journey myself and start making better choices...consistently. Unfortunately I still undermine my own efforts and end up with false starts. I did feel inspired enough today to go for a walk in spite of the cold temperature.

  2. Mr. Anderson your daughter was good friends with my sister in college at SWOSU. she actually came and stayed with you guys a few times, her name is Nicole lol. anyways im getting off subject I absolutely love these blogs and this one made my day with the whole food network thing haha. anyways I have been on a low carb diet for a year and lost 120lbs but now since your daughter amber showed me this link I decided to try this low calorie and its not as hard as I thought I just need a little motivation, if you could give me some advice that would be amazing! I have a twitter and the username is brittany3665. anyways thank you for this!!!!!!!


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