Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 30 Weigh Day and Racquetball Play

Day 30

Weigh Day and Racquetball Play

Today was the big weigh in! The guesses were in and every single one of them were too high. The guesses were based on the first two week loss of 21 pounds, and that number was great, but it probably represented some water weight too. I lost another 9 pounds. 9 pounds! I started at 505 and now I'm 475. A 30 day total of 30 pounds! That's great! But I'll be honest, I wanted another 20, I really wanted another 20, but after much thought and consideration, I'm very happy about the 9 pounds. I know that I did everything right. I never cheated, not once, I can't! I never missed a workout, I did it straight up 100% and lost 9 pounds. And that was good! That was real good. I'm ahead of schedule for my first 100 pound goal, and I'll get there in less than four months! Irene weighed and lost 3 pounds and Courtney added 5 pounds to her total. So far the three of us have lost 58 pounds in 30 days, and when we add Amber's weight loss later this week, the family total will be more. We all lost a little less than we expected, but when you're confident in your daily choices and actions, then you have to feel good about it. What could have brought the numbers up a little? Perhaps more strenuous workouts. When we first started, a quarter mile walk was all I could possibly handle, within a week I was doing a half a mile, and just days after that I started walking a mile every night. At first the mile walk was a real good workout, but lately, while still getting the heart rate up and sweating, it's just become too easy. We can finish the walk in less than 20 minutes, and honestly I feel like I need more than a twenty minute workout. It was perfect that we chose tonight to move our workout indoors to the YMCA. It felt real good to duck into that racquetball court again. Courtney and I played against the wall for a solid half hour and within the first ten minutes we could tell that the workout was on a new level. I'm really looking forward to the weigh in on the 28th. We'll see what a racquetball court can do! As I remember back to 2004 and that 115 pound loss, I clearly remember the amazing results the good workouts at the YMCA gave us. 30 pounds in 30 days has a nice ring to it. I'm proud of myself! The plan now is to continue exactly what we've been doing calorie/food wise and the YMCA workout instead of the walking. Along with the racquetball court, I plan on adding some treadmill action, and some weight machines with low weight and high reps. This is getting fun!

When we left the Health Department scales, Amber called for an update, and we visited on the phone all the way to grandmas house. Then we were visiting with family and eating some incredible vegetable beef soup my Aunt Jean made. It was a wonderful afternoon! It feels real good to be on this journey, it's a feeling of freedom I haven't felt in a very long time. After 30 days I'm locked in real tight! And speaking of being locked in real tight...I was able to fasten my seat belt on my own! And I still had room! It wasn't cutting off my circulation or anything! I didn't get a nasty cramp in my side or anything! That's real results. My pants almost falling down, that's real results. My breathing is so much easier now, that's real results. My ears showing up from behind my fat face cheeks, that's real results! I'm completely grateful that I've been blessed with the opportunity to change before it became too late. Because I was headed there real fast.

When we arrived home Courtney was the first through the door. Before Irene and I could make it inside from the garage, Courtney was screaming the most blood curdling scream I've ever heard from her. My adrenaline immediately shot through the roof, Irene's did too, and we were pretty sure that we had an intruder in our house. I was ready to unleash a 475 pound fury on whoever we encountered. Our terror was turned into elation when we discovered the intruder was Amber and KL. They arrived 24 hours early for fall break and were waiting on us. Surprise! I think that scare qualified as a second workout.

It was a great weigh day and a really good workout at the YMCA tonight, all topped off with Amber and KL's homecoming from school. I'll start Day 31 soon, and as I bring this day to a close, I have to remind myself...One day at a time will add up to amazing results. By the way, thank you to Courtney for coming up with the title for tonights blog, very nice girl!

Good Choices,

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  1. I don't know if you read any comments retroactively, but if you do, I want to thank you again for the inspiration you've given me to tackle my weight issue. As you mentioned before, those who need to diet begin when they are ready. Your blog seemed to be my catalyst. Last week I weighed in at 228. This morning the scale topped at 220.

    I added weights and walking to the mix this past week (too bad "walking" and "wokking" are not the same; I'd have been in great shape by now). I added the physical activities before I could talk myself out of them. I read that at a 2 mph pace one can lose 192 calories in 45 minutes and that there is more value to walking for endurance rather than for speed so I’m working on walking for a longer duration than trying to race to the finish line. My typical Type A behavior would have me walk for ten miles the first day and then sit on the couch for the next nine. The real trick is to develop an exercise routine that eventually demands consistency. Miss a day and you really feel it.

    In one of your prior posts you hit on something that always bothered me too - the fine print behind diet pills that tells you the success behind the product is contingent upon one dieting and exercising regardless (it always comes down to those D and E words). To me the lure of those pills is as false as: Instant water. Just add water!

    I also take issue with all those prepared diet meals one must order at a cost equivalent to a monthly mortgage payment. I could eat through three of those meals at one sitting and then tackle another two an hour later. I could work through a month of food in six days. On the seventh day there would not be rest because I’d be working on the next month’s rations. If I had the self-control to have just one prepared meal, then I’d have the self control to make better choices on my own. Therefore, it's my self-control that needs to be addressed, not the content of the food. Fix the former and the latter addresses itself and I save money to boot. When I think about it, the only thing many of us have total control over in this volatile world is ourselves. Best we figure how to master it.

    Good luck to all. I’m on my way to scrounge up a 350 calorie breakfast.



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