Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 324 Rewards In Many Ways and Unstoppable Sunshine

Day 324

Rewards In Many Wonderful Ways and Unstoppable Sunshine

After last night's confession and the comments and e-mails that followed, I've decided that the most responsible, the smartest thing to do is to visit the doctor tomorrow. I was going to do it today but ran out of time. Tomorrow I will go in and get everything checked again...all the numbers that matter, and I'll get an official doctors opinion on the blood pressure meds. I'll have an update on all of this tomorrow night—and I think I'll have the numbers too. If I remember right, they're pretty quick on the turnaround with those things.

Today was frustrating in one regard and rewarding in another. I dealt with our health insurance provider today and that was incredibly frustrating. I need to be thankful that we have some form of health insurance, many don't. But it's so frustrating when you realize all of the things that they refuse to pay versus how much money they're paid monthly from our employers. I'm typically positive 98% of the time these days, but put me on the phone for 45 minutes with the insurance company---and it brings out that 2% of negativity really fast!

The rewards came in the form of wonderfully supportive comments on the blog, in my e-mail, and in person. Tonight I attended the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce 'Business After Hours' event hosted by the chamber and Team Radio. It's a tradition to make this one all about kicking off Rodeo week. The 101 Wild West Rodeo is this Thursday through Saturday in Ponca City and I'll be writing more about that and our broadcast from the event later in the week. With many of our community business leaders in attendance, I knew that I'd be seeing several people tonight that I haven't been face to face with in a very long time. And I know exactly what that means! “Wow” reaction over-load! Bring it on! This is one of the things I dreamed about early on this journey. Wherever I go, whoever I see---It just doesn't stop. Wow, wow, WOW! Mixed in with some “Look at yous” and a few “I didn't even recognize you.” If you're just starting and your journey is young...stay on this road my friend and get to this stage. The constant positive reinforcement catapults your resolve onto a whole new level. If someone asking “Have you lost weight?” thrills you, as it should, just wait until someone walks by without even knowing it was you---Just an amazing wonderful gift really. It's something I remember writing about in the early days of this blog. I was just dreaming about a time to come in the distant future, I certainly didn't think I would have this much change in such a relatively short time.

I started thinking about all the wonderful changes in my life after 324 days---it's a really long list! I'm so thankful that: I no longer have to use a C-PAP machine to breathe when I sleep. I no longer suffer from severe lymphatic swelling in my right leg that results in painful and dangerous open sores. I haven't felt the razor nipping pain of those nasty little things in so long, it's so wonderful. My blood pressure has improved dramatically. I can wear a seatbelt in any vehicle. I haven't been on a plane since losing weight, but I'm extremely confident the size of the seat would no longer be an issue. I haven't been to an amusement park with the girls yet, but I bet I could fit on whatever ride I wanted. My confidence has gone through the roof. My attitude has changed in a positive way about so many different things. I'm wearing size 42 jeans. Wow, I'll be in the 30's soon, really? That rocks! There are so many more, so many wonderful changes...But the most important changes have been within my family. To see what this journey is doing for Amber and Courtney's confidence, how it's transforming not only their bodies—but most importantly their minds...well, all I can say is---that's the greatest gift so far. No doubt, no question.

Tomorrow is weigh day. And possibly a monumental weigh day! I can't wait to hop on those scales and see if I've actually done it! 200 pounds lost is huge, it's still hard to believe really. But tomorrow may be the day. I'm so worried that I'll be one pound shy, wouldn't that be something? But no matter what, I'll be happy with the results. If it takes another weigh day to cross the 200 pounds lost marker, then alright. No big deal. If I do fall short tomorrow, then it will really be setting up the next weigh day to be a dual milestone event! 200 pounds lost and below 300 for the first time since 15 years old. I never get tired of saying that. I'm already wearing the jean size I did at 15! Isn't that crazy wonderful? You know how crazy wonderful it is? Let me explain: Like many people, we're going through some seriously tough times on many fronts. But those dark clouds are not thick enough, nor will they ever be, to hold back the sunshine that's flowing from our lives. It's unstoppable sunshine. Thanks for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Wow. 42 jeans?! that's great! I'm betting that you are in the 200's now. Can't wait to find out!

  2. good luck on weigh in..

  3. Feeling so proud of you and so jealous at the same time! You are doing so well. Glad you will get the doctor's opinion on the blood pressure meds, but I bet you don't need them anymore. Can't wait to hear the results of weigh day! Blessings--Bonnie

  4. Your posts are always so inspiring and uplifting! I'm glad you're going to the doctor--better to be on the safe side.

    When do you weigh? In the morning? I certainly hope you'll post as soon as you find out! We're all waiting on bated breath!

  5. Can't wait for the weigh-in!!! Your incredible results will continue, because of your incredible dedication and determination. You rock my sox man!!!!

  6. What a great post, I am glad you are going to see the doctor for an official check on your blood pressure. I am sure it will be normal, but don't take chances when you are doing so well on this fantastic journey of yours.

    I am so glad I live in the UK and we have the National Health Service, it has it's problems but we do get free health care.

    I love that you are in 42 jeans!!
    I love that you are so postive!!
    I love that you are so supportive!!

    I look forward to tomorrows weigh in.

    You really do Rock Mr Anderson!!!

    Big Hugs


  7. hey, man, even if youre not into the 200s tomorrow, it certainly wont be a defeat. what you have done so far is so positive and so healthy that it really doesnt matter. the number is so arbitrary. think of what youve done for you and your family!!! however, if you have dipped down, its only down from here and i really cheer you along every step of the way.

  8. Yeah, dealing with the problems that life throws at us is hard enough, but dealing with them while feeling fat, tired and worthless is even harder. Somehow I have more energy to face them head on nowadays.

    Good luck for your weigh-in, we are all holding our breath!

  9. Can't wait to see your post tomorrow.
    Your postivity is so wonderful

  10. Oh i'm sending losing vibes your way :)
    Love your attitude, you rock!!

  11. Here's to a great day with the hope for even greater numbers to show for it!

  12. Glad you're being sensible and visiting the doc Sean ;-)

    And it's not the weigh day that's crazy wonderful, it's you and your attitude and determination to succeed.

  13. Sean, that was a great encouragement to me today as I prepare to return to school in a few weeks hoping there is at least a little difference from how I looked in June when school ended. I'm getting to the age where I'm starting to feel (realistically, I think) that I'm getting a little different treatment from some people because I am 'older' and 'overweight'. At school this seems to be the new, young employees, not the ones I've worked with for 12 plus years. Hoping things change in that regard! Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. Hey there hottie!! You better come post that weight as soon as possible tonight!! I'm DYING here!!! :)

  15. Size 42 jeans is quite an accomplishment as will be 200 lbs lost, be it today or next time. I am betting it will be today.

    Unstoppable sunshine...what a concept. I may need to borrow that one :D

  16. good luck on the weighing. I do mine every other Friday. Everything you are experiencing is what I want but it seems so far away. Your success helps me keep plugging away. I can't wait to hear about your night.

  17. Yea, insurance stinks these days.

    Wow, size 42 jeans that's terrific. I think you need to post a picture of your old jeans compared to your new ones *smile*.

    I can't wait to hear about your weigh-in I'm so excited for you.

  18. Sean, what a great post. There's nothing specific I have to comment on today, other than saying good luck at your WI tomorrow. I just want to thank you in general for writing such an honest, authentic blog. It's a real encouragement to read your posts each day.

  19. You are doing splendidly, my friend! It's amazing to hear how much your life has changed in less than a year! I'm proud of you and I feel really honored to witness your tranformation.

  20. "Bonnie" sent me on over to check out your blog.

    May I say that you really are an inspiration. I truely love your no nonsense approach to this, without the trick diets and gimmicks.

    As I said commenting on someone elses blog...

    Maybe I won't give in to that fried dough next time... it sounds like success tastes pretty good too huh?

    Eating tasty things in large volumes is the Foolsfitness way!- Alan


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