Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 344 Not A Perfect Eater and Personal Pizza Crazy

Day 344

Not A Perfect Eater and Personal Pizza Crazy

There must be a kitchen utensil that makes separating eggs easier. This morning when my first attempt ended with the yolk splashing down into the pan, I simply gave in and tossed another on top. I could have had eight egg whites for the amount of calories in two whole large eggs. And I would have stopped at four egg whites and that would have been easier on my calorie budget. It really wasn't that big of a deal. I scrambled them up and rolled them in a Flat Out whole wheat flat bread with a quarter ounce of mozzarella. It was a good breakfast, even if it wasn't the healthiest. We must purchase some more steel cut oats tomorrow. I'm a huge believer in the weight loss and health benefits of steel cut oats, apparently not big enough to keep them in the cupboard and invest the time it takes to cook them, but a believer none the less. I've certainly never pretended to be a perfect eater. I eat what I like and never what I don't. My entire weight loss journey has proven that there isn't a set list of foods you must eat to lose weight. The list of foods I've enjoyed in the last 344 days is long and dirty, no need to re-visit the list right now, trust me-they're all delicious. Many of my good choices go completely against the grain of conventional weight loss wisdom. Like I've said before, it's not about the food, it's the portions. Had I forced myself from the start to eat a bunch of foods I hated or otherwise wouldn't enjoy, just for the sake of losing weight, I wouldn't be sitting here over 200 pounds lighter and on Day 344. It would have ended quickly in a blaze of double cheeseburgers and ice cream.

Today was a busy day at the studio. After my regular responsibilities were handled, I produced a promotional announcement for my upcoming interview with weight loss blogger Jack Sh*t. The promo is currently loaded into the player on the upper left hand side of this page. I urge you to give it a listen and then get ready, because Tuesday night at 10pm central, 8pm in the west, 11pm on the east coast, 5pm Wednesday in New Zealand, 4am Wednesday morning in the UK, and 3pm Wednesday in Sydney, Australia---it shall be released to the world! (insert pretend evil laugh here) Don't miss your opportunity to hear from the man known as Jack Sh*t. You just might be surprised at some of the things you'll learn! I said you might be, yeah, I'm not guaranteeing anything. But I guarantee it will be interesting. I'll be sure to leave it up for a little while so everyone that desires gets a chance to listen.

We have officially flipped over these “Joseph's” brand flax seed-oat bran-and stone ground whole wheat pitas. I've had probably five personal pizzas in the last three days. OK, six actually. We just love them! And when you realize what a fantastic calorie value they are, they're completely irresistible. A big hot melty cheese pizza for 150 calories? A breakfast pizza for 175? A veggie pizza for 170? For dinner we used 93/7 lean ground beef, grilled mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and of course low-fat part skim mozzarella. 220 calories for an extremely filling, delicious, and satisfying meal is just amazing.

I talked with Amber tonight. She's doing fantastic and wanted me to let you know that she'll be posting again real soon. She's been really busy with the start of school and through it all she's been doing excellent on her calorie budget! I'm proud of her. She was just finishing up getting everything out of the boxes and decorating her dorm room. I also chatted with my mom tonight. She's doing fantastic, reporting that she just finished another mile and a third walk. I just love it that so many of my loved ones are taking charge and really making major breakthroughs along this road. It's the best.

Thank you for reading and your support. Don't forget to give the Jack Sh*t promo an ear! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Yes you can get a kitchen utensil which separates the yolk from the white. Believe it or not, it's called an egg separator! Check this out:

    You can also get a revolting one which is shaped like a little ceramic head and the egg white drips out it's nose. Charming!

    BTW I totally agree with you about food choices. I still have most of the things I enjoy, but in smaller portions and less often. I think it helps me to see this as a lifestyle thing, not a period of deprivation which will end and then I'll go back to the things I really like to eat in the quantities I used to eat them in!

  2. I haven't gone down the egg white route yet as I don't really eat all that many eggs, but they do sound quite economical, calorie-wise, so I must give them a go some time. Yep egg white separators do exist - don't like the sound of the revolting one Lelly mentions, lol.

    Looking forward to the Jack interview - can hardly wait!

  3. A funnel. Works like a charm to separate eggs. Crack the egg in, the whites run out and the yolk stays in the funnel.

    Can't wait to hear Jack Sh*t :D

  4. I couldn't do it with foods I didn't like either. There's no way I'd stick with it.
    Those pitas aren't available where I live :(
    Pita pizza anything is so good ...
    My almost 78 year old Mom joined the gym and started lifting weights!
    It is nice to see loved ones take charge of their health, you're right about that.
    It'll be fun to hear the man behind the blog. Looking forward to it.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  5. Hi Sean, still laughing at the promo. Great! I hope I can catch the radio show tonight, it sounds interesting.

    It is funny you talked about oatmeal, because a fellow blogger just provided a simple way to cook them over night in a crock pot, so they are ready to eat in the morning. If you care to take a peek, we call him "Dad" and he is one of the oldest bloggers online today. He is a wonderful person, and I think you will enjoy a read of his journal. Go to: http://tomatogardeningwithdad.blogspot.com/2009/08/entry-eighteen-hundred-twenty-three.html

    I am going to have to try your pizza ideas. Those do sound good!

    Glad to hear your daughter is doing well at college and getting settled. I know it is an exciting but missing you time where she is concerned. I already went thru that once with my eldest. She went away for a couple semesters but opted to come home and go to the local community college.

    Best wishes,

  6. This is my favorite egg separator because it hangs on the edge of the bowl!


  7. Ooops I hit return and somehow it posted. After you separate the eggs with this then you can use it to whisk the egg whites.

  8. I have a separator that is a man's face--the whites come out his nose and the kids think it's hysterical. As a Mom I disapprove as a matter of form. But still. Can't wait to hear what tree Jack wants to be!!!!! Dang I think I love you Sean.

  9. For some reason I can't listen to your audio thing. I've got the volume all the way up on my laptop and nothing comes out. I'm sure I'm missing a very simple step here, just don't know what it is. I'm disappointed. :(

  10. Awesome promo! I can't wait to hear the interview...I am sure it will be very good.

  11. Can't wait to hear your interview!! Love the promo.
    Can't wait to hear an update from Amber! And your mom getting fit? Awesome :)

  12. http://www.amazon.com/McCANNS-Steel-Oatmeal-Quick-16-Ounce/dp/B001E5E3SU/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&s=grocery&qid=1251207308&sr=8-15
    That's the link to the steel cut oats I use, they are quick ones but still very whole grain. But they only take 3-5 mins in the microwave. You do have to watch them closely though or they will overflow so use a BIG bowl.

    I will have to look for the flat bread, sounds great.

    Can't wait to hear the interview with Jack.

  13. Are you sure you covered ALL the time zones?! lol So here is my first question... What do you do when you feel a binge coming on?

  14. Love the promo, and I am eagerly awaiting the interview!!
    The pizzas do sound yummy!
    And I totally agree on the steel cut oats.

  15. Holy cow, that promo is HIL-AR-I-OUS! Can't wait for the interview.

    Hmm...maybe I need to finally break down and invest in some steel cut oats....
    I need to try the pita pizzas - I have made them on the flatouts - they are yummy, too, if you like thin crust!

    I was going to tell you about the egg separator, but I see I was beat to it ; )

  16. Hmm... I separate my eggs into a bowl. That way, I can fish out any egg yolk if I have to. *shrugs* It wprks pretty well.

    I really want to try some of those flat breads. I will have to go to Wal-mart and pick some up, along with some more veggies and lean ground beef. Yummo.

  17. Pita pizzas are my go to dinner when I don't feel like "cooking" or when I'm by myself.

    Cool things:
    Everyone gets what they want
    Very little clean up
    Very little prep

  18. I love Joseph's Pitas. Here in MN they have them in small and large and they also have tortillas and rectangular things. I sometimes eat a small pita toasted just as if it were regular toast. Mmmm, it's crispy and tasty.

    I HAVE to have the foods I love, couldn't stay on a program more than a week otherwise. I'm not so good yet at allowing actual sweets like Red Vines or Hershey's Kisses. When I'm not on a plan, I have been known to actually make a special trip to the store to buy something if I've only been able to eat a small amount of it at some event. Not ready to take that test yet!

  19. Ok, you gotta promise not to eew me but I've seen the chefs on the food network do this tons of times. Works like a charm.

    Step 1...wash your hands really well.
    Step 2...crack the egg into your open cupped hand and let the whites fall down into a bowl or pan between your fingers. Pitch the yoke..ok throw the yolk away.
    Step 4...Wash your hands really well.

    Sean, you are a terrific inspiration. I read your blog like a book from the beginning. The Autobiography of a Winning Loser.

    Looking forward to hearing you and Jack.

  20. Ok...step 4 should be step 3..long day sorry. Step 4 will be repeat or enjoy eggs.

  21. I just listened to the interview with you and Jack, REALLY FUNNY and insightful. Thank you for sharing!

  22. I'm going to listen to the interview daddy, then I am off to do my blog...then I need to get some homework done!


    I'm wanting some of that pizza when I come home. Deal?


  23. egg separating...my brother, a chef at a 5 star hotel showed me this one...make sure your hands are as clean as you like...I suggest freshly washed but hey...anyway...crack the egg into your hand then let the egg whites slip out...the yoke stays in your hand to do with as you like...:-)


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