Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 337 The University Hills and A Non-Hazardous Indulgence

Day 337

The University Hills and A Non-Hazardous Indulgence

The hills of Southwestern Oklahoma can be a brutal workout. Especially when they build an entire university campus on top of one. This time last year we were doing the exact same thing. We were moving Amber into her dorm and helping with the business of another school year. We walked all over that campus---here, there, and forget it---I'm driving over there! The difference? Last year at this time I topped the scale at over 500 pounds. What a fantastic change losing over 200 pounds makes. I honestly can't call what we did today a workout, oh it can be when you weigh over 500 pounds, but that's not me anymore. I walked up and down hills without any trouble at all today, not one complaint, not one mention of the incline. It just wasn't an issue.

Amber was very stressed today over a variety of things. We kept telling her that everything would work out and to relax. By the time all of the business and stressful situations were dealt with it was well into the afternoon. We had lunch at Taco Mayo for a couple of reasons: They're cheap in calories and price (if you make the right choices) and they're so good! I enjoyed a few beef tacos at 160 calories each, loaded with salsa and veggies, they were very filling, extremely tasty, and they brought my calorie budget up to 600 for the day. Not bad.

A little while later we decided on a low-fat vanilla soft serve cone from McDonald's. These cones are listed as 150 calories on the McDonald's website. I'm thinking, prefect...I'll be at 750 for the day, exactly half of my calorie budget used with exactly half of the day over. And then it happened: The lady making the cone was obviously trying to set a record for largest cone ever made. She handed me this giant version of a low fat vanilla cone. Was she flirting with me? Was she trying to win friends? As crazy as it might sound to most people, this is one time where I didn't want more for my money. The old Sean would have felt like he had hit the soft serve jackpot, the new Sean had to be honest about the situation. This wasn't a 150 calorie cone. I counted it as 300, ate the entire thing, and was headed home this evening with 600 remaining calories for dinner and a snack later. I could have just thrown half of the ice cream away, but hey---it was an amazing value at only a dollar, I did have the calories to handle it, and after the stress and circumstances of the day---I deserved a little non-hazardous indulgence.

I was once again prevented from posting today's blog before bed. This time it wasn't computer issues, it was lightning. The power kept flashing and re-booting the computer. I started completely over once, then hit the save button after each sentence, then decided that the computer really needed to be completely off during the storm. It's nearly 5:15am now. The storms are gone and I'm getting ready to head for the studio for my show.

There were so many other things I really wanted to share about my Day 337 experiences, but I'm out of time! Over all, it was a solid day. Some walking, lots of driving, giant ice cream cones, and saying goodbye to Amber once again, but only for a little while! She'll be back for a visit in a couple of weeks. We're pretty lucky she's so close. Thanks for reading, goodnight, or uh...good morning and...

Good Choices,


  1. Giant ice cream cones! This was great. Good for you on deciding you still wanted it, and then adjusting your later meal.

    That's what it's all about - living life in the real world! Great job!

  2. The ONLY good thing that I can think of about Neal not being on a weight loss journey is that he is there to compensate for the larger-than-normal ice cream cones. I just hand them to him to take most of it off the top and he does so gladly. "Anything for you and your success," he'll say. Actually, I think he takes calories off of most everything that I eat when he's around.

    Being able to conquer the hills without a problem, wow! I know how college campuses can be, large and tiring. The fact that you were ok with walking around and not hardly feeling it... fabulous!

  3. What a milestone that is. To notice from one year to the next what the difference in cruisng around a large campus can be like.

    And kudos on adjusting the calories for the ice-cream. I have a similar situation to Rach's comment above me. My husband will often take those few extra bites for me, allowing me to stay within my calorie range. He calls it "taking the fat bullet".

  4. I think it would have been a bit emotional remembering what it was like, this time last year.
    I am glad you could have all that icecream..yummo.

    have a good day

  5. So glad those hills weren't a problem for you...now THAT'S progress Sean! They still kill me when I go out for hikes...but the only way to get better at it is to keep on losing and keep on hiking!! I did happen to notice today, for the very first time, that I wasn't winded when I reached the top of the stairs at my 2nd floor apartment. That, too, is progress. :)

  6. Good to be able to walk anywhere and climb any hill *smile*. Glad you had a good time and even a treat. It really is about just budgeting for what we want.

  7. You most definitely deserve that cone!!!!! And one....Hope you have a great show today. See ya tomorrow at the studio.

  8. Isn't it wonderful to be able to compare one year to the next and notice how you felt the last time you were there and how good you feel this time. You are doing so well!

    Good for you being able to count the calories in that cone. How do you count the calories when dining out? I check some websites from time to time, but are they really reliable when things like portions (as in the ice cream) are different from time to time. I always struggle with this one.

    Take care and looking forward to your weigh in.

  9. At least you counted that cone - that is progress too!

    Glad you got Amber settled in OK too.

  10. I read Amber's post first, then Irene's then yours. I was thinking while I read Amber's post that moving into the dorm this year must have been a whole lot easier than last year! Congrats to all of you on that.

    I really appreciate that I'm not the only person that will hit a fast food place every now and again. I love Taco Bell (no Taco Mayos here) and I get a burrito and a taco. It's bliss for me, and a once or twice a month thing. I also indulge in a McDonald's cone every once in awhile. 3 points of heaven on a hot summer's night. I can't see never having fast food for the rest of my life. I can see limiting my fast food, and making wise choices. That's exactly what I've been doing and it works for me.

    Rock on! I love your blog, and I love that your wife and daughter are blogging now. It's a great feeling have friends on what could be a very lonely journey.

  11. Ya'll did so well. There was a lot of physical and emotional exercise yesterday. I know you are so proud of Amber. This year will be so much better for her than last year! In no small way because of what you have inspired your family to do. My mother would say---"you are blessed to be a blessing."

  12. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned Mickey D's ice cream cone. Good times.

  13. Hey, BTW--I have given you a blog award. You have to come by my blog to collect it. Hope you are having a great day!

  14. It was a great day loved spending time with you and Amber girl, I miss her already!! We did do well!! letting you take your little refresher nap then its taco pitas and a 10K baby, more talking and less rain...Cannot wait see you soon!!
    your buddy


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