Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 335 Not A Typical Saturday and The Rock Show

Day 335

Not A Typical Saturday and The Rock Show

I look forward to the weekends for several reasons, for one, it's usually when I can get caught up reading my favorite blogs. Today wasn't a typical Saturday, so I've missed several. I hope to catch up tomorrow before we leave to join Amber at Southwestern.

I prepared the most amazing breakfast burrito this morning. Irene purchased some whole wheat/high fiber wraps that actually cost less than the high fiber tortillas, and they're bigger and contain more fiber, a whopping 9 grams each! I scrambled three egg whites and added a half slice of American cheese, then wrapped it all up. It was a really big and filling breakfast for a measly 171 calories.

The way I feel these days is simply incredible. It all starts with sleeping like a normal person, without being attached to a machine that makes sure I breathe. I'm actually returning the machine on Tuesday to the medical supply company, perhaps somebody else who really needs it might benefit. I'm very lucky that my sleep apnea was clearly because of my obesity. Some people who are thin also suffer from the condition, so it's certainly not exclusive to being morbidly obese. After being dependent on that blasted machine for so many years, I certainly know what it feels like to need it. And I no longer need it, haven't for three or four months now. The freedom of movement, the freedom of being able to sleep anywhere and not worry about having it is awesome. That's something I was afraid I would be attached to for the rest of my life, turns out---NO! Very nice.

Today marks the eleven month anniversary of my efforts. I didn't think of that until we were on the way home from the concert. Almost a year and over 200 pounds later, I couldn't be happier or healthier. It's really opened up so many wonderful things. It's allowing me to really live.

Tonight I took Courtney to a big rock and roll festival. I wasn't familiar with Candlebox, but they were easily our favorite. They sounded amazing. We were very close to the stage and we even took advantage of our “media” credentials and headed back stage. It was there we had a chance to meet and talk with Candlebox lead singer Kevin Martin. He was very nice. It was funny, on stage the guy looks like a real alternative rocker, but off stage he looks very normal, just one of us. I was so impressed with their character off stage. The lead guitarist was gathering trash, he had a big hefty bag full, and was taking it to the dumpster! Rock stars that handle their own trash---I like it! Just real down to earth people, and very easy to talk to. Impressive indeed.

Courtney and I couldn't help but point out how hard this trip would have been on me at 505 pounds. The walk from the parking area down to the stage would have been torture, instead it was the easiest thing. The constant standing, the walking, and then when we did find a couple of chairs---the little, very fragile folding plastic kind---all of it would have been a challenge or flat out impossible eleven months ago. Again, it's about living! We were living free from the chains of morbid obesity tonight. It was a tremendous feeling.

After the concert we were really hungry, so we stopped at a little diner not far from the concert venue and split a hamburger. It was a big 1/3 pound burger loaded with veggies and mustard. It was a good time for sure. We talked about our weight loss and the blog, and we talked about where we are headed from here. It's sometimes hard to imagine things getting better with our weight loss journey, but it most certainly is every single day.

Day 335 has certainly been a successful day. Big milestones directly ahead. Can't wait to share them with you! Thank you for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Kevin Martin-Lead Singer of Candlebox on stage

Courtney with Kevin Martin after the show

The two of us at the show


  1. What a lovley way to spend a father and daughter evening...that is what memories are made of...and you could get her you not only look you, You are a cool dad


  2. I love Candlebox. In fact when you listed the bands in your post a few days ago (or was it yesterday?), I said I wanna go!

    You were lucky...I had to sit through NSync, Brittany Spears, and Bewitched with my son. Ugghhh just shoot me :D Thank goodness he has better taste in music now :D

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast :) Love the pics as usual!

  4. I stumbled across your blog as I was blog hopping. My husband and myself have lost a total of 80 pounds each in the past 19 months- nothing like your totals, but still not too shabby. Your blog is motivational and I am checking in daily. I have struggled with my weight all of my life and at 53 decided to give weight watchers another try. While not attending meetings now, it did give me a great start on proper and controlled eating. I have had a brief back-set this summer, but in the past several weeks have gotten back on track. I keep reminding myself of how much better it feels to have these pounds gone- but sometimes my brain gets amnesia. I have been fortunate to be a very healthy obese person- low cholesterol, low blood pressure, no medications, etc. but that could have all been subject to change at any time. Keep up the good work. By the way, could you share the name of those high fiber wraps. Fiber has been our focus during the past year and a half, and it makes a tremendous difference.

  5. So happy you two enjoyed the concert (knew you would). I've never heard of candlebox but will have look them up and see what they sound like now. Glad you had such a great experience meeting them. Great pictures, Courney looks so grown up *smile*.

  6. I look forward to the day my husband can ditch his machine. You sometimes forgot how limiting life can be when you can only sleep well with the aide of a machine. Congrats!

  7. Inspiring blog, Sean ! (and also what a lovely pic of you and your daughter, the likeness very noticeable around the eyes!)

  8. Big congrats on returning the machine. That has to be so wonderful!

    I'm glad you two had a fun night out! How fun to have that special pass to get back stage! What a memory maker!

    Great photos!

  9. Oh, someday when I grow up I hope I am as beautiful as Courtney! Wow what gorgeous photos. What a great day to share. Your daughters are so blessed to have a great Dad. Studies show that great Mom's are, well, great--but great Dads make a huge difference for a kid. Your girl's are blessed. Two hundred pounds in 11 mos is amazing and makes me feel like like a snail for only managing to keep off 60 lbs (mostly) for almost 2 years. UGH! Time to get busy!

  10. Congrats on the anniversary!!!!! What an awesome Saturday :)

  11. wow Sean you and your gorgeous family have done some amazing things in the last eleven months. i have only recently came accross your blog. I too start this joureny exactly 11 months ago 15 september 2008 I have lost 36kg unsure of pounds. Keep up your great efforts. Jill

  12. Happy Anniversary Hottie!! I'm glad you and your youngin' had such a great time together!! Have fun visiting Amber!! :)

  13. 11 months and you have done so well. I was wondering about the CPAP machine, so glad someone else can use it and you don't have to any more!

    Lovely to see Courtney having such a fabulous time - lucky girl! Enjoy your visit with Amber!

  14. I think you should have a big party at the end of the year. Your success--your whole family's--is certainly not the norm, but you have done so well setting up a solid foundation for the future!

    I wonder how far OK is from Atlanta. . . probably too far to drive.

    Courtney looks like Irene to me. . . so hauntingly beautiful with their dark hair and gorgeous, model-worthy eyes. Love those apple cheeks!


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