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Day 334 Self-Inflicted Small Scale Frustrations and A Mystery Reader At The Trail

Day 334

Self-Inflicted Small Scale Frustrations and A Mystery Reader At The Trail

The subject of weighing schedules has really come up a bunch lately. Some weigh every week, most do actually. Some (like me) weigh every two weeks. And some weigh everyday. Some even weigh several times a day. There's no right or wrong here in my opinion. But, allow me to say this: If you like to “scale binge,” (a term coined a while back by a blogger friend---I can't remember which one this second---but it was brilliant) and it does anything other than motivate you in a positive way, then stop doing it. Weigh-in time should be a rewarding experience, especially when you know you're doing everything you can do to get the results you deserve. If it's frustrating you, then maybe you're doing it too often. I talked to my mom Thursday evening and she was frustrated. She had weighed three days in a row and had absolutely zero change. She stayed the same all three days despite her perfect calorie balance and exercise schedule. I explained to her how her weight can fluctuate and the possibility of added water weight causing this minor plateau. She was so frustrated, very discouraged. I think I've convinced her to continue doing what she's doing and to stay off the scale for a solid two weeks. I think she'll be thrilled with what she discovers.

Early on this road, the less you do to complicate or frustrate things the better. You really have to look at yourself honestly and decide what kind of weigher you are. If a small number or no loss or even a small gain sends you into depression, then stop it! If it quickly motivates you no matter the result, then by all means, weigh away! The results will come, why are you in such a hurry? The scale isn't going anywhere---it'll be there when your weigh day comes around. I realize now that many times in the past I had complicated things and frustrated myself to the point of failure. It's a self-sabotage issue. Keep the focus on your good choices with food and exercise. Stay zeroed in on your motivating thoughts. Keep that steel curtain zone up and tight, and the weight loss will simply and dramatically happen. All of a sudden you'll love the scale and the number it shows you.

I remember “sneaking a peak” at the scale in Stillwater early on this journey. A week had passed since I'd last stepped on, and I was on fire! Everything was spot on, every minute of every day. So with a week before my official weigh-in I took a look and found that I was exactly the same. It killed me. What? Are you serious?? What am I doing wrong? I wasn't doing anything wrong---I was doing everything right, but for whatever reason—my hard work and consistency just wasn't showing. I was scared and frustrated. This “scale rejection” made the next week a little harder than it needed to be because of my frustration. Then when I had the official weigh in a week later, it showed a 10 pound loss. I was relieved and completely thrilled. Like I said---if you can honestly handle “scale rejection,” then weigh five times a day if you wish. But if you're like me, save yourself the needless frustration by spreading out those weigh days. If not, you just might be sabotaging yourself by complicating the process. If you're doing what you know is right and good, then the results will come to you, you don't need to chase them.

I had a very good, but kind of busy Friday. My calorie budget is rock solid and I enjoyed a very nice 5K this evening. I was in a hurry because I had some plans with friends, so I pushed hard. It was nice to get out there and get it done. The coolest thing happened as I was leaving. Some walkers were getting out of their vehicle when one turned to me and said, “I really enjoy your blog.” I didn't know her at all, it was very cool. I told her thank you and she replied, “No, thank YOU!” Her and her walking companion didn't give me the time to ask “What's your name?” They were headed briskly for the trail, but you know who you are, and that really made my night, so NO—Thank YOU my blog reading friend!

I was invited along to be a designated driver for some friends tonight and I ended up playing some cards. More specifically, Texas Hold 'Em poker. I love playing, I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it before, but I haven't really made time for playing in the last 334 days. I thought about how my “poker face” has changed. The other players are not seeing the big jolly vulnerable fat guy across the table, they're seeing a very happy, confident, and goatee wearing player—a player that takes his time and makes good choices, never getting crazy, but pursues the win with confidence and consistent strategy. Then it hit me, hey---poker playing is kind of like losing weight. It's a game of patience. If you take your time, minimize your frustrations, and remain confident, consistent, and steady in your style---you'll be a winner. Don't chase your results, just like you wouldn't want to chase a draw, let them come to you. Small victories add up to major results. Don't let a little setback put you on 'tilt.' Learn from it and move forward with a confident stride. And when you know that you're in an unbeatable steel curtain zone---shove. I'm all in.

I really could've made that last paragraph better—but it's late and I'm tired, and honestly---I'd love to see what successful (has lost 60 pounds so far) weight loss blogger and all around talent Jack Sh*t could do with that idea. The guy is brilliant. He's also a very sincere supporter of many weight loss bloggers, including me. So there ya go Jack. “Ways playing poker is like losing weight,” my challenge to you my friend! Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit can be found at

By the way, thank you for all the wonderful support you've shown my daughter Amber and my wife Irene as they begin their individual blogging adventures. Amber's page is found at and Irene's can be found at I asked Courtney if she would entertain starting a blog, but she declined for right now. I completely understand, the kid is plum busy with school, working out, dramatically losing weight, spending time with friends, and being awesome 24/7! Instead, I may have to have her guest post right here occasionally! Now there's an idea! Maybe she could guest post on all three occasionally.

Tomorrow--Courtney and I are headed for a big concert festival up the road. We have “media” passes, hey it helps to have a dad in the business, right? So we're going early to meet and greet Eve 6. They're really the only band there I care for, at least I think. Puddle of Mud, Candlebox, Saliva, and a few others that rock a little too hard for my taste will be there too. We'll take a bunch of pics I'm sure, look for them with the Day 335 post tomorrow night! I sure wish Christopher Cross, REO Speedwagon, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, and Jason Mraz were playing---that would be my kind of festival! Thanks for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Why are you beating me up about the scale Sean???!!! lol totally kidding....yes, I'm addicted to it....yes it causes me stress....and yes, I'm teaching myself to stay off of it inbetween weigh-ins. You are correct, it is self-sabotaging by creating unnecessary frustration and stress. Have a good weekend Hottie. :)

  2. Oh I do hope Courtney becomes a guest speaker :-)
    I have to agree if the scales don't motivate you do get on them daily
    Have a good night

  3. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but the only really accurate weight should be done on the same scale at about the same time of day wearing the same, or similar clothes. That is when you get the most accurate weigh days. So I was thinking about your Mom weighing every day... I'll bet whe wasn't weighing at the same time everyday, or perhaps she was wearing different clothes. I personally weigh in the morning right after my shower. (I try to dry my hair as much as possible so it doesn't tip the scale another 1/10th of a pound with water weight) (LOL) That way I know that I am wearing the same thing, a towel, and it is always in the morning, so I won't see the "through the day" fluctuations.
    BTW... I can't wait for weigh day tomorrow! This is the first time I have had an "official" weigh day and I have worked really hard to try to make it a number I want to see. I think making a weigh day is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my journey.

  4. I have to admit i weigh every morning, but no i don't let that set the mood for the day or bother me one way or another :)
    Way to go on being a celebrity and being recognized!
    You have this journey figured out and you're doing what you need to do.

  5. It's not your fault for gaining a bit of weight... hear me out.

    I have a meta-theory on:


    See food can be too close to another food and somehow gain calories. Placing a twinkie next to an apple makes the twinkie drop a few calories and the apple gain a few. I think it's the secret behind diet foods... somewhere there is 4,500 calories an ounce Lettuce left over from making diet cookies.

    Of course I haven't done actual research on this but I'm pretty sure. I need grant funding.

    After all caloric leakage is just the foolsfitness way!-Alan

  6. I weigh every two weeks. Sometimes I wish I didn't though. It always stresses me out. But it keeps me on track. When I first started I didn't think I COULD lose weight, that I had been fat for so long that somehow I was 'broken'. Yay for not being broken! Aren't our new lives wonderful?

  7. Lately I've been weighing more and I've wrote several posts on "scale power" and how I let it have such power over me. I've gotten better about it but still sometimes it does dictate my mood.

    Cool you got to meet someone that reads your blog. I'm kind of a secret blogger, I don't tell any of my friends or family about it.

    Hope you and Courtney have a great time at the concert tonight. I'm one of those music listeners that hardly have a clue what the name of the band is lol.

  8. Yeah. I used to be able to weigh on a weekly basis, and usually see my results in a rather instant way. When May hit (and I got under 300 pounds) the way my body lost weight started to change. I weigh about every 15 to 20 days, and if I step on the scale before then I may be setting myself up for a freak out.

    It is really, really hard to lay off the weighing- BUT I understand that it is not always just about numbers, and I have to work through that.

  9. When I am on track, I weigh every day. When I am not doing so well, I don't weigh at all...Don't think I will be weighing this week! I am an expert at denial :D

    I love the poker analogy...but now I want to go play!

  10. I fluctuate between weighing everyday to weighing once a week. I really want to move to weighing every two weeks at the doctor's office (their scale is better), but that will involve removing our scale from the house. Hmm....

  11. Hey Sean,

    I was the one who invented the term "scale binging". Your comments on the scale were excellent!

  12. I didn't even know I was a scale binger until today when I found myself doing exactly that. This post came to mind and I realized right away what i was doing. I don't know if I would have put 2 and 2 together if I hadn't read this post. Thanks again for your motivation.

  13. I usually weigh once a week, but am seriously considering changing to every other week. Taking your lead so far has been good for me! <3

    (I hope you've told Irene & Amber that even with their great blogs that it's HIGHLY unusual to get that number of followers so quickly! They were lucky to get your boosts!! )


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