Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 336 On The Road: Enjoying Food Tremendously--Not Excessively

(Technical computer issues kept this from being posted until Monday afternoon. We're actually at Amber's University Library. Computers can be so frustrating!)

Day 336

On The Road: Enjoying Food Tremendously--Not Excessively

Tonight’s blog comes from the tiny town of Thomas Oklahoma. It’s the home of the Eakins, the parents of Amber’s boyfriend KL. We’re here tonight to help Amber finish the move in process at her dorm and to handle other business around campus. Before we left home for the three hour trip, Amber called to tell us that KL’s mom was cooking dinner and was a little concerned about the ingredients to be used. She was being very thoughtful about our calorie budgets. I told Amber to tell her that it doesn’t matter what she prepares, it will be good and we’ll enjoy it tremendously--not excessively! That’s the wonderful freedom of simply eating responsibly. I can eat anything. How much I eat will be determined by what it is exactly. I’ll consider the ingredients and a responsible portion---then I’ll make an educated guess on the calories.

It turned out to be fairly simple. KL’s mom made the most amazing tostadas. The flat round corn tortilla was topped with ground beef, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and a homemade tomato sauce that was simply incredible. We were able to control the amount of ingredients on each, so it wasn’t too hard to calculate 300 calories worth. I had one regular 300 calorie version and a smaller 200 calorie version with very little meat and cheese, mostly veggies and tomato sauce. It was filling and well within the calorie budget. More importantly we had a wonderful visit with KL’s parents, we always do, they’re good people.

It isn’t the food, it’s the portions. I’ve lost over 200 pounds eating anything and everything, but I’ve done it with responsible portions. Portion control is key. This “anything and everything” philosophy is simply called living. I eat what I would normally eat. I eat what everyone else is eating. If my friends are wanting me to go to a restaurant with them, I’ll go. It’s not the food, it’s the portions. And that’s where good choices come into play. My choices are made after considering my calorie budget for the day. After I reach my optimum weight, my choices will be based on honest and responsible portion control. You see, calorie counting is simply a measuring stick right now. It’s a learning tool, teaching me what eating responsible portions looks like. It’s an education and one that will be with me forever.

I’m so impressed with the mental breakthroughs Amber has allowed to happen over the last couple of weeks. She’s lost a bunch of weight, but it’s been a struggle for her every step of the way. I have a feeling her struggle will be less now. She’s super determined to succeed and I have no doubt, she will!

I just finished writing an article for Ponca City Medical Center’s “Lose To Win” Newsletter. It should be released soon. For anyone that is a part of that program, you’ll receive yours real soon. But if you’re a regular reader from outside of this area, I’ll be happy to e-mail you a copy of the newsletter. Just drop me an e-mail to with your request.

I’m cutting tonight’s blog a little short because I don’t want to tie up their computer too long. I sincerely appreciate your support! I’m so looking forward to Wednesday’s weigh-in. I may cry happy tears when that scale reads below 300, I’m serious. Being “two hundred-something” will be so amazing and really hard to believe. But it’s coming, it’s really happening! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Look forward to it and i hope you guys are having a nice visit!

  2. Sean,

    I wanted to thank you very much for the comment on my blog. When I wrote that I wasn’t sure that everyone would see what I was trying to say. My wife and my very close friends got it, but most that saw it, missed the point and congratulated me on my progress. And you being someone that I have never met but share a similar story, understood it 100%, and I appreciate that very much so.
    I did read day 327 and have re-read it probably 5 times since and you are right on the money with everything you say. In fact it was an inspiration to me when I wrote my Scared? blog. I am very early in my progression and will someday break through and truly realize what I am capable of. I have seemingly conquered the physical aspect of weight loss, but many questions remain unanswered for me on the mental and emotional side. Reading your blog has helped me answer some of those questions and I agree that writing has a therapeutic quality. I intend to write much more often and with much more emotion than I ever have. It did really help.
    I look forward to reading everyday, and I also share the sadness that comes with being a Royals fan nowadays. If you are ever up this way and want to check out the new K, look me up.

    Thanks again,

  3. Isn't that an amazingly free way to be when you can eat what you want, just no excessively. That is the key! This was an excellent post. I hope you have the weigh-in you want this week. I would love to be in the 200's. Its been about 15 years for me.

  4. Sounds good to me, better than eating sand

  5. Glad you had a safe trip and are seeing your precious little girl....
    sounds like a lovely time

  6. Hey Sean,

    Love this post and the "anything and everything" philosophy! You're right portion control and just CONTROL in general is the key!! Keep it up!! Way to go Amber! :)

  7. Portion control was one of the toughest things for me to learn, and I still struggle with it from time to time. It's come almost as a shock to me how well I function on so much less food. In many ways, it's very counter-intuitive thinking...

  8. Portion control completely necessary. And it DOES give you the freedom to eat anything and everything, which is a big help when you're out with friends or family and have birthdays, celebrations, family reunions, etc to deal with. :)

  9. It really is about portion control. For me, some foods I just can't eat though because they just trigger me to eat more of it but most things I do fine with.

    Glad you got a nice visit in with KL's parents and Amber.


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