Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 328 Remarkable Numbers and Becoming The Normal Guy

Day 328

Remarkable Numbers and Becoming The Normal Guy

Our 5K power walk last night was just wonderful. Now that I can keep pace with the best of 'em, I've actually enjoyed talking while walking. I never did before, and don't get me wrong---I still love my music while working out. It was just nice to talk with Irene last night as we walked. We were so deep in conversation, we didn't even realize how hard we were working out there, and before we knew it a 5K was in the books. Actually slightly more than a 5K. Now that we know a 5K is 3.75 times around the trail—it just makes sense to go four times.

My fast started at midnight last night in preparation for blood work this morning. I didn't get to sleep until after 3am, so my morning wasn't until slightly after 11am. I've never been more excited to go to the doctor. Before, a doctors visit meant something unpleasant and of course I was no doubt going to get the “you've just got to lose weight” speech. But I don't get that speech anymore. Always the opposite these days. I had a fantastic conversation with the doctor about my weight loss and the wonderful changes I've experienced. It was a new doctor I hadn't met before and he was very interested in my approach and success. He determined that I no longer needed the blood pressure medication, but still I should monitor it often enough to notice any changes. My blood pressure was 125/87---and both the nurse and the doctor said “perfect.” I even questioned that lower number “isn't that one a little high?” The reply was simply, “it's fine.” And so it's official now! No more blood pressure pills. How wonderful is that? It was fitting that this consultation took place in the exact same room as my visit on June 10th of last year. I weighed 505 back then and my blood pressure was raging to deadly heights. The doctor brought me to tears that day while describing my dire circumstances. I still didn't do anything about it until September, but the important thing is...I did do something about it, and in the nick of time!

The blood work kept me anxiously awaiting the results phone call this afternoon. When it finally came, it wasn't the nurse like I expected. It was the doctor. I was slightly concerned. Oh no, it's something bad...why would he be calling me? I thought. He didn't keep me waiting too long, good thing---I was about to panic. What he said next and how he said it was the most joyous thing. I wish I would have written down his exact words, but I'll do my best to remember them: “Sean, your blood work is remarkable, just amazing considering everything, I wish I had numbers like this.” OK—maybe not an exact quote, but if not, very close. The numbers impressed him to the point of saying “I'll call him.” That was so cool of him to do. What a wonderful doctor. He then started giving me numbers on things I didn't really understand---but he was very impressed with where they stood---and that's good enough for me. Then he got to the numbers I understand. Blood Sugar: 84 Total Cholesterol: 170 LDL (the bad kind) was 117, well below where they like it. And the HDL (the great kind) was 36. He did say that number was a little low—but still wonderful. He said 40 would have been better and with a little more intense exercise, plus working some walnuts into my “calorie bank,” it would easily get there. Yes, he referenced my “Calorie Bank and Trust,” that was cool of him. My VLDL was 17, just fine. And my triglycerides stood firm at 87, just perfect. I'm a very lucky man. He also checked out this blog and asked if I had ever considered converting it into a book. That's one compliment I never get tired of hearing. I certainly hope to someday. This phone call could not have been any better, it was just amazing. It completely made my day.

I had a broadcast this evening at the Rodeo. I must have been the only one in attendance not wearing boots. I don't own a pair of boots. Now I don't know if I'll ever become a boot wearer, but I do know that I'd like to try riding a horse one of these days. I thought about that tonight as the rodeo contestants and rodeo queen contestants came riding into the arena. Riding a horse is something that I could never do at 505, unless it was a Clydesdale. I watched as some riding were maybe heavier than me now. So I'm pretty sure a good sturdy horse could handle the new me. Isn't it exciting to think about doing all of the wonderful things that seemed so impossible before this journey? Another one: An amusement park. I don't even know if I have the stomach for rides like that, but I know I could fit on them now. We must go to one soon. I'll no longer be the “fat miserable guy” watching everyone else have fun. I'll be the normal guy enjoying the amusements with his family...I've never been able to do that. I really think that I must start putting myself into situations like that to fully convince my brain that I'm not the 505 pound guy of old. I'm a brand new man these days and somehow it just gets better from here.

Irene just walked through the door from work, so I'll wrap this up. We've got to workout and spend some time with Amber before we retire for the night. Amber is leaving us tomorrow, headed back to college as a sophomore. We're so proud of her! It'll be hard to see her go, it always is, wish she was going to a college a little closer. I guess some kids travel hundreds, even thousands of miles away for school, but still---even three hours away is too far for us! Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. WOW! That is great. I can't wait to have numbers like those. Mine are all normal, but stay on the high end of normal (but that in itself was a great success for me). What a great compliment from the doctor. You should write a book! So proud of you! Praying for your continued success. Blessings--Bonnie

  2. It must be awesome to never have the dreaded "weight loss" talk with the doctor anymore. Now when you talk about it, it's a thing of pride. That's very inspirational and I can't wait to be there too :)

    Good luck on that horse! Personally, I'm scared to death of them because my dad had the meanest ones known to man when I was a kid. Sometimes those childhood traumas just don't go away!

  3. Sean, simply amazing. Wow. I am just soooo happy for you!

    To me, seeing numbers drop on the scale is great, but the blood work--when that changes, it's the real deal. Great body, great fitness and great blood work = HEALTH!!!

  4. Wonderful news Sean! Pleasant doctors visits are nice aren't they? And how kind of the doctor to call personally. If you wrote a book, I'd buy it.

  5. Fantastic.... so glad you don't have to take those pills
    I am glad you went and saw the dr and look it was a fantastic positive result....So happy for you

  6. i dont really know what those numbers mean, but your cholesterol is better than mine was 6 months ago. thats a ridiculously awesome number! this goes to show that a person could be *whatever* weight and doing the right things- it will make a difference in long-term health! this is actually something everyone should know, especially people who are upset by lack of loss or plateaus. eating healthy is definitely not just displayed on the scale (although you have the best of both worlds here).

    i never rode a horse! i think it would be fun! you should definitely try it out. as for the amusement park....people are different. i happen to love everything, including upside-down stuff. i just dont like fast turning stuff. hey, if you try it and get sick, you be in a long line of people that have done the same. but youll be fitting into the ride just fine and thats a ride in itself.

  7. Normal is so good! Congrats on all your good health news from the doc.

    You should get on a horse and ride like the wind. Enjoy life!

  8. Those are fantastic results! I just posted in my blog a link to a site where you can make a BP chart (I like that sort of thing) - it is great to see those numbers go down and a weight off the mind, knowing that we are doing something every day that improves our health and wellbeing.

    Bet Courtney will miss Amber too - it must have been great having her home for the summer.

    Yeah, start doing those things that you never got the chance to do, it is great fun - enjoy!

  9. That's one of the unsung benefits of weight loss - the health aspect.

    My blood pressure dropped dramatically, and the blood work was great too.

    You should be really, really proud!

  10. Way to go on the numbers! Very impressive. Now maybe your reaction won't be like mine "I don't want to go, he'll just tell me to lose weight" :D

    I love riding horses, it's something I have always done. If you are ever in my area, I have a great little "dude ranch" that I try to get to at least twice a year...and we have roller coasters too!

  11. Way to go on the numbers! Very impressive. Now maybe your reaction won't be like mine "I don't want to go, he'll just tell me to lose weight" :D

    I love riding horses, it's something I have always done. If you are ever in my area, I have a great little "dude ranch" that I try to get to at least twice a year...and we have roller coasters too!

  12. Those are some great numbers!!!
    You guys are definitely going to miss Amber, we will too :)

  13. Way to go on the great numbers!

  14. You should have known it was something good when you heard from the doc. If it was bad news, he would have had somebody else deliver it.

  15. What awesome news! Congratulations! And if you wrote a book I'd buy a copy for sure. I'd want it signed though.^_^
    As for riding a horse, you're going to love it! I haven't ridden a horse in years, and I still miss it.

  16. It's wonderful to see your numbers drop faster than stock of GM and Citibank!

    Of course at my weight increases like the U.S. Budget Deficit... Could it actually be all those Chinese Buffets? Where is my bail out!

    And remember that finding the weight you lost is just the foolsfitness way!-Alan

  17. Sean,
    your post brought me to tears... you are, you know, you feel like every one of us who has gone through it and NOW we're not alone. I don't care if you started at 600, 500, 300 or 110 pounds, being at a point where you no longer are in control of your body is horrible. Some of us never realize it until we're handed dire straits while others find support in blogs like yours.

    Your comments about being a whole different life now... it's so very true. I will never forget the day, my kids were smaller but old enough to be embarassed... I went to get on a ride with my family and the ride couldn't shut because of my huge stomach. I honest to God wanted to die right there. I heard the snickers from a couple of younger girls, all fit and trim, but I ignored it and joked about it as I walked off. To be honest, at that very second had I not turned to see 3 beautiful little faces smiling at me in excitement to enjoy the new ride, I would have disappeared forever without a second thought.

    I guess maybe because I know your pain, as many of us reading your journey do and while we've all started at different paths, we're all working towards the same highway and that's the highway to a healthy life.

    You continue to inspire me my sweet friend. I'm so proud of you and your news! I want to have a huge party for you... I say we start walking now to meet ..everyone meet in the middle of the US please... begin to walk now.. bring party hats! LOL

    Keep it going... keep inspiring and most of all keep being you and realizing how WONDERFUL you really are!

  18. BTW... do u have to be such a slacker ... 40 for your HDL?! LOL

    I didn't even remember to say GREAT JOB on the numbers... so .. GREAT JOB ON THE NUMBERS!

  19. What a brilliant post, you must be dancing on the moon!!!
    Those numbers are awesome.
    I am so very happy for you Sean.

    You get doing all those things you have missed out on and want to do. I am lookng forward to hearing about it all.

    You are my hero;0) I am telling EVERYONE about you!!



    Good Luck to Amber at collge.

  20. I came by way of your blog and am glad I stopped in! Your family is remarkable and inspiring! I am on a quest for improved health too. I wish you and yours continued success and best wishes and prayers for young Amber as she starts a new adventure! Blessings!

  21. Sean! How wonderful to hear such good news from the DR! I hope you are VERY proud of all you have done!!!!!

  22. Well look at you!!! A whole new man!! What fantastic news from the dr's visit...just incredible. I'm so excited for you!!

    Now...I think you need to make a list of things you'd like to do and were never able to do before. Then I want you to carve out some time to do at least one of those things each month...then come and tell us about what a thrilling, amazing experience it was!! You know we all want to know!!!!! :)

  23. Your numbers are such a relief! My hubby has taken himself off his meds twice w/o Dr. permission! So scary for me! I'm so glad your numbers "bailed you out" of a potentially scary situation! Please, just don't ever do that again! Too scary for us wives!
    btw, I understand how you feel about sending your daughter off to college...ours is still in TX finishing up her Sr. year! And one in TX, all grown up and married! But, just think about all those "blown away" reactions Amber will have from all the folks she hasn't seen since last spring! Wouldn't you just love to be a "fly on the wall" to see those! Tell her to have her camera ready to shoot pictures of all those folks with their "jaws dropped" in amazement of her beautiful transformation. Just like a butterfly!

  24. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  25. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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