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Day 339 Slow Before Crossing--The Reflection and Realization of A Wonderful Weigh Day

Day 339

Slow Before Crossing—The Reflection and Realization of A Wonderful Weigh Day

My weight loss success over the last eleven months has thoroughly spoiled me. Up until today I had never had a two week loss come in at under five pounds. I figured that breaking into the 290's was a given today. The celebration, the congratulations, the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment was going to be immense. I confidently walked into the specialty services building today at Ponca City Medical Center ready to receive my wonderful weigh in results. Like a lottery winner clutching their ticket at lottery headquarters just waiting for the life changing validation, it was mine. This milestone was mine for the taking today. And for whatever reason, it wasn't to be just yet. Perhaps I needed to be humbled. Maybe I was getting too confident along the way. But why this weigh-in? This wasn't a normal weigh-in, this was a milestone weigh-in! It was meant to be special. Instead it left me with mixed emotions. I was disappointed and really frustrated. But then I realized, how in the world can I be disappointed?

Today I registered another loss. Three more pounds gone forever. I now weigh 301 pounds. If I could truly be even remotely disappointed in losing 204 pounds in eleven short months, then I needed some serious reality checks and maybe some therapy. It was good for me actually. I needed this today. I needed to have the thoughts and reflection that it has given me. It's a clarity that maybe I wouldn't have understood had I easily cruised into the 290's today. Maybe I needed to slow before crossing, just long enough to reflect on the road behind me, confidently look ahead at the journey in front of me, and realize all of the wonderful blessings I've been given. Yeah, today's weigh day was exactly what I needed.

I waited a full two hours before sending out the mass text message, e-mail, and Twitter of the results. I wanted to discuss it with Irene and fully understand why and how I didn't get what I thought I deserved today. Turns out, I should have sent those messages immediately. The wonderful support I received from Irene and then the flood of support from my contacts list really lifted me up to meet a higher understanding of success. Melissa Walden, fitness and life coach, replied with a text: “It will happen. You're still losing. Re-adjust if you're not comfortable with the results. You know you're healthy when you have to adjust, re-adjust, again and again. That is what healthy means! A LIFETIME OF ADJUSTMENTS! Nothing stays the same!” My dad sent me an amazing text that focused on congratulating me for incredible success in such a short time. The messages of support and understanding kept coming until my in-box was full and I had to delete some to make room. It was a wonderful gift from everyone. I felt incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful network of support. Thank you sincerely.

I received a few wonderful blog awards today and I'm honored. Thank you to those that passed them along to me. I understand that I must now pass this award on to fifteen bloggers. Only fifteen? Don't ask me to do that! How am I going to leave someone out? I had planned to announce my blog awards tonight, but after filling in for an ill announcer at a four hour broadcast this evening, I'm running short on time. I need some time. I want to put some serious thought into handing out these awards. And if I'm going to have some kind of workout tonight, write this blog, and still get a good night's sleep before the 4:50am alarm---I must wait until tomorrow night to display the award on my blog and recognize fifteen others. I'm sure you understand. Besides, if I'm able to do it like I want, then it will be worth the wait---I promise!

I received a wonderful phone call today from a friend that has been struggling in the worst way. He just wanted to touch base and let me know that he was back in the saddle, ready to head down this road one last time. He's shared a lot with me about where he is mentally—and he's breaking through with epiphanies that will completely set him free. I was seriously overjoyed about this call today. I'm very sincere when I say that my success is a very small part of my overall enjoyment of this journey. It's phone calls like this and e-mails from people I don't even know telling me how my story has changed them, these are my proudest and most dear accomplishments. My family and friends success is very important to me. We're going to do this, we're doing more time, and this time for good. We're carefully analyzing the process, we're figuring out the weaknesses of our failed attempts, we're adjusting our mind and our actions for optimum success. This time is our time.

OK---so what do I do now to grab the numbers I want at the next weigh-in and beyond? How will I adjust? My calorie budget is solid. I think I should start monitoring my sodium. I'm all about keeping things simple, but perhaps being a little more aware of my sodium consumption would be helpful. I must continue my fight against sleep deprivation through the week. I get great rest on the weekends, but through the week I'm still struggling to get enough. I've recently dropped in bed so horribly late, I'm embarrassed to admit it to you. (one night this week: 2:45am with a 4:50am alarm set--embarrassingly bad) Remember that blog where we discussed the effects of sleep deprivation on our metabolism? Maybe I should read that one again. And exercise---here we go again: I must step up my intensity. I must commit to a much more consistent weight training schedule. I mustn't allow my body to settle in and get use to what I'm doing. I must challenge myself to get the best results.

I really can't complain at all about anything along this journey so far. It's been just incredible. Very successful in every way. And it will keep being successful and delivering life changing results and consequences for me, my family, and all of my friends---every step of the way. Thank you for reading and get ready for my blog award announcements tomorrow night! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Your posts are always so inspirational. As you know what you've accomplished is so much more than those two pounds you were looking for today. Not only have you accomplished an AMAZING thing by losing the weight, you've been a priceless mentor and hero (yes, you don't know me but you're one of my heroes) to countless people.

  2. My mum used to say "those who expect, never get." and throughout my life it has been proven true too many times. We set ourselves up for disappointment, especially when trying to lose weight.
    So I now try not to expect when I step on the scales, it is hard, especailly when you know you have "Been Good".
    Your attitude after this weigh in is what we your followers love about you Sean. You turn things from negative to positive in a heartbeat.

    You are a brilliant example as to what positivity and perseverance can achieve.

    Rock on..



  3. 301 is so close, but it is certain that you will crash through it next weigh-in.

    Fabulous weight loss overall - yeah, be proud and enjoy it!

  4. If it's any consolation, you're still my hero!

  5. Didnt you say yesterday you walked 10km???
    Did you think you maybe carrying some fluid and lactate acid from the big exercise in your muscles, I find if I do huge walk the day before I weigh in I never lose much.. And I am a serial weigher so I know I will pop up a wee bit before a weigh in.. Just an idea..

    It will be all as sweet in a fortnight when you get there I know this.. I really do.. cant wait !!

  6. Oh Sean, you wouldn't be human if this didn't upset you a bit--glad to know you are human. I was beginning to think you were like super human. Glad you are feeling better about this now. You should feel great!

  7. I am going to second Vic's comment. I was thinking that the two recent 10k's may have added some muscle... or as Vic said, muscles tend to retain some fluid, etc. after really being worked out.

    I see the same gain that Vic described after I work out (and I weigh daily).

    Don't worry about it too much, you're doing ALL the right things (except maybe sleeping)!

  8. You are amazing Buddy...and you will be there in two weeks!! your time, your milestone and It is coming... Im going to really try to be under the 200's by then too so we can have our milestones together...wouldnt that be awesome to celebrate that together? You will do it!!
    Very good post It shows you always have a positive spin!!

    Enjoyed our time together today so much!! Love you buddy all my heart!!

    Love always,
    Irene A.K.A. Buddycakers

  9. Hey Sean, I totally agree with the fact that you walked 10K before weigh in. I always retain extra fluid when I do big walks. You are doing so good. You know your next weigh in will be the big one. Don't be disheartened. It's right there within your grasp just waiting for you to grasp it and you will do so next weigh in.

  10. You have a wonderful attitude. And the best part is that it seems as though the change is in your mind and heart, and the weight will stay off, and the lifestyle will stay put!!

    Fabulous job!

  11. I got your text, sorry I didn't respond, it's not that I didn't want to I was very busy...Okay enough of that so I know you were disapointed but you did lose. Keep your head up and keep going, don't ever give up! Remember it is constant work...If it was easy every one would be skinny! You can do it!


  12. What a wonderful attitude you have about the weigh in! A loss is a loss, and you have been amazing. Like I said in my tweet - just look at how far down in the 290's you;ll be on the next weigh in now!

  13. I felt so bad when I got your email yesterday....I was totally feeling your disappointment...I know how much you wanted it. I started to feel sorry for you, but then I stopped. How can I feel sorry for such an incredible guy who has lost 204 lbs in under a year??? I can't!! You already know you've got this thing doesn't matter if it takes a wee bit longer to get there. Maybe the reflecting is just what you needed, like you said. I'm glad you're looking at it in a positive light. I've got a quote for you:

    "Success is sweet, the sweeter if long delayed and attained through maulfold struggles & defeats." -A. Bronson Alcott

    When you finally get there....savor the sweetness of a milestone so hard won and so well-deserving. :)

  14. Of course you know that you've already had extraordinary results in a short amount of time and no scale can take that away from you! Make your adjustments but don't be too hard on yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.

  15. I think you've done an awesome job and you've come so far already. But I think you're right... I think you needed this to kick you back into high gear. A reality checkpoint. I think I'll have to agree with Vic as well. That could have been a posibility what with the build up of lactic acid from the workout. Something to think about for next time.

    x's & o's

  16. No worries Sean. It could have been a bit stressful for you moving your daughter back to school. Stress can do crazy things to the body. Everything in due time. 204 pounds in 11 months! Freaking amazing! All you got to do is keep on keeping on.

  17. Terrific post.
    We've got to savor what we have accomplished, not just for the moment...but for as long as we need them to make us feel good about ourselves and to motivate us to go further.
    It may be a smaller loss for you, but every loss adds up & you have accomplished so much in the past 11 months. Amazing results.

  18. I have just started reading your posts and I have to say that you have inspired me. I started my journey to be fit not fat about 5 weeks ago and have struggled with it, gained a few pounds, but I am now on the road to being a fitter and healthier me.

    If I may make a suggestion - with your recent activity levels I would suggest making sure that you are getting in enough water. I know we all try to get at least 64ozs a day, but I find after a good workout that 24ozs of water really refreshes me.

    Keep up your amazing work and remember that you have accomplished so much and have inspired so many.

  19. Way to go Sean..your positive attitude is contagious and I thank you for it...204 pounds is incredibly amazing!! You'll have your milestones, they're coming!! Keep up the great work!! Keep smiling!

  20. Sean,

    How about some extra Vitamin C? Do you use Celtic Sea salt instead of table salt? That will also help your sodium intake as sea salt is not so processed. Extra vitamin C will help your adrenals calm down and you might actually WANT to go to sleep at an earlier hour.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.


  21. Look on the bright side... you get to savor the anticipation a little bit longer.

  22. Daddy I commented your blog last night from my phone...I left you this super long message...and it never posted because my phone wouldn't let it post. I was commenting you from bed...because I had planned on writing a blog last night...but I was so sleepy from the long first day at school that I just passed out. Woke up around Midnight...and read your blog...took a shower...thought about doing my blog then...BUT...I needed to go to sleep...and get a good nights sleep for today. :)

    I plan on doing another blog tonight...I feel bad that I can't post them everyday...or even comment everyone back. I got blog awards...two of them....I don't know how I am going to pass them along to 15...people. lol. Look for my new blog post tonight though....should be a good one if I have the time to do it!

    And I got your mass text yesterday. I know you were not happy with the 3 pound loss at first daddy...but look on the bright side...that's 3 more pounds GONE! and NEVER COMING BACK! You have done so well...and I couldn't be more proud of you daddy. And you will for sure hit the 200's next weigh in...and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It's going to be so exciting! I love you so much Daddy...and I miss you like crazy!

    Love your proud beyond proud Daughter

  23. It's only a matter of time. The promise implicit in eating healthy, exercising and generally being good to our bodies is that eventually we will get to where we want to be weight-wise.

    Inspirational stuff as always.

  24. Sean-

    Your success is so phenomenal that sometimes it's hard to keep it all in perspective. I didn't ask for a message/text from you, so I've just received the "news" here on your blog.

    Actually, I'm glad to have read about it here since you've had the time to digest the results and put them back in perspective. Once again, congratulations.

    Sometimes I find your constantly positive attitude almost scary, but you have so much to give and I deeply appreciate what you are doing for yourself and for others.

    Every day, I look forward to reading you.

  25. Hmmm....I'm thinkin maybe that Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit guy really did sneak in there and put his toe on the scale! And you have it in writing that he was thinking about it. Evidence, I say! Really, though, I know you were all disappointed, but I love that you no longer even thought about burying yourself in ice cream because of it!And if this hadn't have happened, your readers wouldn't have learned about the whole "major exercise session" before weighing in being able to alter your results. Good info to know! (Wish I had known that before the Healthy Women challenge!!! I always thought the more, the better!) And it will be even sweeter next time, especially if Irene enters "onderland" at the same weigh in! We are so proud of you and your whole family! Keep on keepin on!

  26. These are the days that are killers. Thank you for being real, for not pretending its all lollipops and gum drops. You've been losing at over 4 pounds a week, thats just crazy good. Unfortunatley it has to slow down eventually. I'm 150% behind the lack of sleep theory, I suspect it accounts for more plateaus and back sliding than people realize. Keep on keeping on, you are an inspiration!

  27. You'll get there next weigh-in. It really is about looking back and seeing how far you've come. We have to remember every loss is a GREAT one. Way to go on the 3 lbs.

  28. no advice.. just this.. EVERY time I hope or plan to hit a certain milestone by a certain week.. for some reason, it ends up being just out of grasp. The last one was my 50 lb goal - I wanted to have it by a certain date, and thought I could do it.. but i was within a pound.. then the next week I stayed the same.. how frustrating!!

    I have learned i need to concentrate LESS on the numbers, and more on just doing what I know works, exercise and fueling my body as it needs.

    Best wishes.. love your blog! don't get hung up on the techy stuff.. everybody reads you no matter whether you have pics up in all the right spots or not. You are such an inspiration, Sean!


  29. Let's see. . . 201 pounds on one side of the scale. . .and 2 pounds on the other. . . .
    they just don't balance do they? YOU WIN.

    I don't think you need to readjust a d*amn thing, Sean. Just your patience. And I'd worry about getting sleep before I'd twist the key on your already awesome exercise or get caught up in sodium. . .

    As you said in your article, it's not race.

    You are amazing. Do not lose sight of that.

    Having said that, sorry you felt disappointed. {hugs}


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