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Day 342 My New Blog Toy and About Time

Day 342

My New Blog Toy and About Time

Thank you for the wonderful support and the comments on yesterday's post. After twenty years of marriage and now having two teenage daughters, I'm certainly no stranger to that isle at Wal-Mart. The original picture found us actually purchasing some of those things, the “in-progress” was just trying to take the picture in the same spot. It's amazing how we can be so critical of ourselves no matter the success we've achieved. In looking at the “in-progress” picture, I couldn't help but mention to Irene how “that shirt makes me look heavier, I should have put on something different for the shot.” And it is a little big on me, but I've always tried to wear things that were baggy in an effort to cover up my weight. Funny that now it actually takes away a little from my transformation. I must wear things that fit right! Some habits are harder to break than others.

I hope you have a chance to click play on the audio player today. The Dominos Pizza Chocolate Lava Cake commercial is gone, replaced with a personalized message from me. Kind of an official introduction to this wonderful addition on the blog. (Myspace readers—I didn't put an audio player on the myspace version. You'll have to come over to the “global” version at and by the way, myspace security will not let you just click that link, you'll have to type it into your browser, then bookmark it! I promise it will be worth the trouble) Like I said in the audio, I plan on using that player to interview bloggers and other special guest. The interviews will be fun, but mostly it'll be something different where I can occasionally speak on a certain subject or just be goofy. I love having it! I can't thank Gayle Williams enough for her hard work on this new feature. And thanks to Anson Williams (no relation to Gayle) for allowing me to use the studios of Team Radio to produce these audio features.

I got up early and had breakfast with Irene after she arrived home from another twelve hour shift. She's just not able to post everyday on her blog because of this crazy schedule, but she will often enough. And she's doing fantastic by the way! For breakfast I prepared another pizza. I know, I'm getting pizza crazy these days! But I just can't get over how filling and low calorie it can be! I used a different crust, this time it was Joseph's Flax Seed-Oat Bran-and Whole Wheat Pita. Each one has only 60 calories and they crisp up better than the Flat-Out flatbread I used last night. I had four egg whites, scrambled, an ounce of mozzarella, and tomato sauce plus the pita---all for only 175 calories. And I was full before it was gone. So much so, I recalculated the calories just to be sure. It sure felt like more than 175 calories worth of fullness. Irene and I had breakfast and coffee and a wonderful conversation before she retired to the bedroom, it was nice.

bbubblyb asked via a comment what kind hot dog rolls I used for those “Pizza Dogs” we prepared recently. The answer? Just your basic Wonder brand hot dog buns---110 calories each. Even the generic store brand of hot dog buns have the same calories—110. I'm happy your family loved them and I hope you found the 40 calorie hot dogs I used. I hope they're available where you live!

I enjoyed a killer workout tonight without ever leaving the house. That jump rope is turning out to be a very wise investment. I did 200 jumps. That may not sound like a bunch, but I promise you, I feel it like crazy. I was sweating heavily and my heart rate was on fire, it is a great workout. I can't do them all at one time, in one stretch—I'm not that good. But I can get through ten without messing up usually. Then I just do 20 sets. I'm also sore from the weight training yesterday. But it's a good sore, a hey this is working kind of sore.

The “Lose To Win” newsletter went out yesterday from Ponca City Medical Center. I wrote an article for this edition, so I was excited by it's release. I e-mailed some copies to those that requested and a few who didn't, and tonight I'm thinking---why not just copy and paste the text of the article here? It's a topic I've written about here on a couple of occasions:

How Long Is This Going To Take?

By Sean Anderson

We live in an instant society. Everything happens now. When something takes a little longer we get impatient. Surely there’s a way to make it go faster! When this impatient attitude is applied to weight loss, many people turn to diet pills or “miracle” products that promise quick results. I’ve done it before too! But I’ve learned along my own weight loss journey that there’s just no substitute for eating in a responsible way and exercising. Oh, you might get some temporary results with the latest fad diet, but none of us want temporary. We want fast and permanent results, a real solid change. And those come with consistent effort, a responsible diet and exercise plan, and the willingness to learn new habits. Losing weight isn’t an instant thing, it takes patience and consistency. The results may not be now, but the results will come.

Again, how long are we talking? At over 500 pounds it was very easy for me to get discouraged about the answer to that question. I allowed my impatience to ruin many weight loss attempts because I wanted the results now, and if we’re not getting what we want we get frustrated, and when we’re frustrated it makes it unnecessarily difficult to stay focused. But what I’ve learned in the past eleven months has proven to me that time doesn’t matter. If you allow yourself to get discouraged about the task at hand and the time it will take to accomplish your goal, then you’re putting your focus in the wrong place. Forget about time and just start making the changes you know must be made. Before you know it you’ll have made amazing strides toward your goal in surprisingly little time. Because guess what? Time doesn’t care if you do this or not. Time will keep moving with or without you. So how long is this going to take? As long as it needs. Because this isn’t something you’re doing for a couple of months. The changes in your mind and habits are changes that will be with you the rest of your life, these kind of changes are exactly what gives permanent results.

So how do we forget about time and still get results in a timely manner? One word: Consistency.
I’ve had a couple of people tell me that losing 201 pounds in eleven months is way too fast. Really? I’m eating a solid fifteen hundred calories everyday and exercising on a regular schedule. I’m consistent. My results may seem too fast to some, but those around me know exactly why they’ve come so fast. It’s consistency. In the past I would do well three days then bad for four. Pick it up on Monday and do well until Friday, then eat like a mad man on the weekend. This inconsistency severely crippled my results and it seemed like it was taking forever to get anywhere. If you would have asked how I was doing during one of those failed attempts, I would have replied “doing great, it’s a slow process, but I’m getting there.” It wasn’t until I became completely honest about my consistency issues that I was able to realize such dramatic results in so little time.

Forget about time and be consistent in your efforts to eat responsibly, exercise, and honestly change your mind and habits with these activities and like magic, you’ll also enjoy the most amazing transformation of mind, body, and health--in hardly anytime at all.

I really look forward to speaking again at another “Lose To Win” Seminar coming real soon. I wish you could be here! The hospital has just been incredible with their support of my efforts. It was really a magical timing thing for them to introduce this program right in the middle of the biggest transformation of my life. Being a part of it has been a real blessing. I run into people all the time that were a part of the program. Some have struggled and some have continued their weight loss success with wonderful results. The program really gave me a clear vision of what I want to become in the world of motivational speaking in regards to weight loss. It is without a doubt my future and I'm excited about the prospects!

I'm dropping in for some needed rest. The workout tonight has me plum beat and that bed is going to feel real good. Thank you for your support. Be sure to listen to the audio clip above, it's nearly five minutes in length by the way. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. That pizza thing looked so yummy! We need to get creative with some meals really soon. You are joking, right, about the shirt making you look heavy?!? If I had to guess I would say you weighed about 230 lbs--not 300. You look incredible! I can't imagine how skinny you will be when you hit your goal! Blessings--Bonnie

  2. Love the clip...what a great radio voice! I totally agree with the article you wrote. Consistency has always been my weak point. If I'm not seeing results in the first few days, I am always quick to abandon ship and blame the diet.

    Denial brought me to 400 pounds so maybe this new-fangled "consistency" you speak of can help me climb my way back out. Thanks :)

  3. Loving the new addition - you have a great voice, I recommend a career in radio. Oh, you do that already, doh.

    I do remember the before picture of you being posted in an earlier entry and it was great to see the updated version in yesterday's blog.

    Love the idea of interviewing Jack Sh*t, but I seriously suspect s/he is really an old spinster librarian, living in a small town, with a lot of cats and a passion for knitting. She only puts on her "Jack" Cap since her library got internet access at the same time she stopped taking her medication. Seriously, there is a reason why no pics... (I am not sure how good her quavery voice will sound on air, either).

  4. Love the pics, you are looking great, I am going to add you to twitter. I am just getting into it.

  5. Thank you so much for including the article about Consistency! I had not heard it connected that way before to "dramatic results".
    I had resigned myself to being patient, thinking that meant to lose in fits and starts, slowly.

    But I got excited to read: "It wasn’t until I became completely honest about my consistency issues that I was able to realize such dramatic results in so little time."

    I think I will change my mind! Forgetting about time doesn't have to mean it will take forever and a day...thank you, you really have me thinking of the possibilities. :-)

  6. Thanks for the mention in your intro, you silver tongued devil you :D Great radio voice!

    Consistency...what a great concept! I may have to work on that one this month. But I'll get there.

  7. Glad you had a tough does feel good to be that kind of sore and that kind of tired. Sounds like you're having a great weekend!

    Thanks for emailing me that newsletter...I didn't know you were involved with the hospital. That's awesome! And thanks for the persona emails last're a terrific friend Sean! :)

  8. Yes yes a thousand times yes! interview Jack Beeeeep! right away! Your article touches on my weak point: consistency. I've had problems with that my whole life. But since May 19th I have been incredibly consistent. No days where I go off my 'diet'. My daughter asked me what I was going to do on Thanksgiving and Christmas, if those would be free days. And I said I don't do that anymore. I'm not on a diet. So I can't go off it! I'll take a page from your book, Sean, and give myself 1000 extra calories on those special days. And might I say how neat it is to attach a voice to your face!

  9. Excellent article Sean and very well written.
    I think most of us have experienced impatience and inconsistency in past attempts ... it's probably our one common denominator for failure.
    It took this shift in my own thinking this time around that has made me a success so far and as I said in my post today ... it's become EASY.
    Almost effortless and struggle free. It's almost embarrassing.
    My new favorite saying is "What you focus on expands" so now I focus on the "I can's" not the "I can'ts" and guess what? The I cans list is much longer and satisfying than the I can't list ever was.

    Love the clip.
    Keep on rockin' it!

    p.s. breakfast pita pizza sounds so good and delish.

  10. Love the new addition to your blog! So nice to finally "hear" you :)
    Consistency is honestly the key to healthy living i do truly believe that.

  11. Hi Sean, thanks for the comments you have been leaving on my blog, they are really supportive and its nice to know others have been there or ar going through the same thing.

    I wanted to ask if you know of any books that contain foods and their calorie amounts? Just wondering, cant seem to find anything like that here.

    Thanks again.


  12. That Voice goes with the film star looks..

    Delicious ;0)



  13. WooooHooo I just saw you gave me an Award.


    Thanks Sean that is amazing coming from you


  14. Great article! Yes! Consistency IS key!!
    Love the audio greeting, and you do have a fabulous radio voice. That would be so cool if you ever do interview Mr. Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit!! Do keep us posted on that one.
    And thanks for reminding me about jump roping. It does make for a killer workout. I haven't used mine in a while, I think I need to dust it off now and go use it.

  15. Great post Buddy the audio of my sexy man is INCREDIBLE wonderful idea!! Love you so much wonderful blog baby and you know how I feel about that article you have inspired so many and have come so far, I am so very proud of you! After all the years of struggle, failed attempts, emotional garbage tears and fears you are leaving proof that it is never to late to grab a hold of your dreams, grab a hold of your life and overcome everything that has ever held you back. I know we have been through tough times, rocky times, scarey times and even dont know how we are ever going to do this times. Today I am just so proud of you and my heart overflows with the love it has always had for you. You are one in a million Sean and you are awesome I always see your awesomness!!!!!!!!!! In everything that you do! Wonderful husband, father, and wonderful friend...Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you baby for us!! You deserve it, GRAB it and never let it go!!!
    love you,

  16. Have you ever tried working with a trainer? They could help push you on the weight training. I'm not doing strength training now, but I used machines for a year then got a trainer--I noticed more difference in 2 months of working with a trainer than I had in a year. . .they are specialists! (Maybe you should look for an advertising spot with one so you could get free or reduced training!!!)

  17. I thought the newsletter was great. I agree whole heartedly with your take on time. I think time is a variable that should be taken out of the weight loss equation altogether. I myself have fallen into that trap, even to this day as I am working on my last 50 pounds. You have a way of putting things in a perspective that I have not seen before. Nice job.

  18. Sorry I'm behind on my reading. Thanks for the info on the hotdog roll. I did go with a 110 calorie roll, 1/2 slice pepperjack cheese (40), 2-3 tablespoons sauce (15), 2 turkey pepperoni (10), fat free hotdog (40) so it all totaled up to about 215 a piece. It was hard to stick with just eating one though lol. Not sure how to cut down further on the calories other than knock off the cheese but I felt that was what made it taste extra yummy. Anyway, I'm sure we'll be having them again.

    I haven't gotten to listen to your radio audio yet I hope you haven't changed it yet. I would hate to miss one.

    Loved your article, you write so well and have such good things to say. It is true this journey is about consistancy. I have the exercise down pretty good but I still struggle with the food. I probably should try to go more with what you do, no exceptions for going over my calories. I use to be that way but as time has went on (been doing this over 2 yrs now) I can see I've been slacking some with my rules. I really wanted to give up counting calories though but I guess if I want to get the last 27 lbs off I might need to go back to doing that.

    Glad you and Irene got to spend some quality time together, it's tough when you are working different schedules I know.

    Speaking at the seminar will be really cool. I think it's great you get to talk about all your success and get to offer hope to so many people.

    Ok moving on to your next post *smile*.

  19. Hi there, I'm a recent 'follower' of yours and I'm just astounded at the progress of you and your entire family. Thank you for writing this post about 'time' as consistency is something that I struggle with, in fact I blogged about it today (quoting you of course). Keep up the *awesome* work and good luck with your efforts.

  20. I looove pizza...I could live on it everyday!! You and the fam are doing so fantastic!!


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