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Day 348 The Importance Level and Walking With Mom

Day 348

The Importance Level and Walking With Mom

I feel so weird right now. My body feels good, my vision is sharp, my muscles feel relaxed. So this is what it feels like to get a solid nine hours of sleep? Wow, nice. I needed it and I took it. It's Saturday morning already and below you'll find the Friday August 28th edition of this blog---I was too tired to post last night. Just couldn't function properly. I had a voice-mail greet me this morning, I still don't know exactly for sure who it is, all they said was “I'd like to report that my morning edition of the Daily Diary of a Winning Loser is missing, please have someone deliver it soon, thank you!” No problem, I'll call the circulation department right now! OK—In listening to it again for that quote, I figured out who it was. It's good to have friends, huh? I never feel right just going to bed without posting. In 348 days, it's happened less than 10 times. Just couldn't help it last night. Getting rest was the only option. I needed it and I took it. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do what's right for YOU. So, I'll rewind my brain now and do my best at recalling the events, thoughts, emotions, and choices that made up a wonderful Friday, and I'll do it from the perspective of Friday night. That can be tough, because it's sooo Saturday morning right now. Once again, Day 348:

Last night I had very little sleep and I did it with the intention of grabbing a nap during an hour and a half window in my afternoon. I'm really getting tired of writing about my sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation isn't healthy, I know that. It negatively effects the metabolism, I know that. I've 'decided' several times that I no longer will sacrifice sleep in the name of a busy schedule, and still here we are. Apparently it hasn't been an “Iron-Clad” decision, more of an “elastic” decision that can be stretched to accommodate the consequences of my schedule and my poor time management skills within, completely defeating the purpose of the decision in the first place. I just had a wonderful conversation with my mom and her sister, my aunt Kelli—about giving their weight loss journey the proper importance level in their life. When we don't give what we're doing the highest level of importance, it becomes too easy to rationalize bad choices. The same idea applies to my sleep schedule. I need to check where I set that importance level, because it's obviously too low.

One of the constant struggles I've dealt with involves my morning coffee. I was never a coffee drinker before I started doing a morning radio show. Before I became hooked on the morning brew, I'd just shoot some real Coke first thing when I woke up. My addiction to Coke-a-Cola was fierce, and for mainly the same reason: caffeine. I completely stopped drinking real pop as soon as I started this journey. And I very rarely drink diet pop with the exception of a diet 7up on occasion. I drink water all day now. Many times the water is flavored with a zero calorie green tea mix that's loaded with antioxidants, whatever those are. They must fight the oxidants or something. Good deal. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. Coffee is something that I use. Way to sound like an addict Sean. This morning I limited myself to two cups with that 10 calorie a teaspoon non-dairy creamer. I still invested 60 calories in creamer. Some days are worse than others, I spent 170 calories one day just on coffee creamer. And that's my struggle. Not really that big of a deal right? Oh but wait! Did I just say “not that big of a deal” ?? That's exactly why I'll continue to enjoy my creamer calories that still seem so empty. The importance level of that struggle isn't high enough to even deserve a paragraph in these writings. Too late.

The importance level we set for things isn't something we just say. It's easy to say, “my weight loss efforts will be of utmost importance from this point forward.” It's ultimately set by our actions, not our words. If you find yourself making excuses and coming up with rationalizations that make bad choices seem alright, then maybe you need to check the importance level. Check it often, because it can deplete without you realizing. How do you check it? With complete honesty, that's your dipstick. Richard Simmons tweeted this today: “There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off. And it's by being truthful with yourself about the food...” 100% self-honesty is crucial to your success. I've written about this many times because it's something that I never did before with past failed attempts. Since day one nearly a year ago, this self-honesty policy has been firmly in place, and you know what kind of results I've had. The self-honesty component is vital to the mental changes required on this road to permanent success. Make this one of the most important things you've ever done. Give it the highest important level. Get completely honest with yourself about the habits you know are holding you back---and then get ready for an almost magically transformation of mind and body. Forget “almost,” it is magical.

I put in another “split shift” today. After leaving work this afternoon and grabbing that quick nap, I prepared to travel South to my hometown of Stillwater. Team Radio has a sports talk station in Stillwater and my job tonight was trying to figure out a few kinks in the on-air computer system. I really didn't plan on being there too long, maybe twenty minutes. Twenty minutes quickly turned into two and a half hours. After I left the Stillwater studio, I grabbed two 160 calorie tacos from Taco Mayo and headed for grandma's house. I had a nice visit with family, and even though it was getting crazy late, my mom and I hit the neighborhood streets for a good walk.

It was so wonderful to walk with her. I'm so proud of how far she's come. From her highest weight, she's actually down over 50 pounds. Her last weigh-in gave her another 3 ½ pound loss. I can tell by her actions that she's completely with me along this road. When I left the studio I called to let everyone know I'd be coming in for a short visit right after I picked up a couple of tacos. I asked if anyone needing anything---and nobody gave me an order! My mom loves tacos. Loves them like me. And like the old me, she never needed a good reason or a feeling of hunger to enjoy tacos. Late night taco runs were always a normal thing for us Anderson's. I can't tell you how many times I've heard her say “bring me a taco!” But not tonight. Not now. Her importance level is set really high. Her calorie budget for the day was exhausted and she said “no, no I don't need anything.” And then we walked. It was a beautiful thing my friend. My mom was always the queen of complication. She has every diet book and magazine article ever written on HOW to lose weight. The different opinions and philosophies did nothing but contradict and confuse her. And now she finally realizes that a simplistic approach filled with self-honesty, a good calorie budget, exercise, and truly changing our minds and attitudes about food and exercise is all she ever needed.

Rach, a fellow weight loss blogger and long time friend (find her at )had a funny little happening today. She told me that she was in the drive thru at McDonald's getting ready to make some bad choices when suddenly my voice on a commercial came over the Oklahoma City radio station she was enjoying. She heard me and immediately changed her order to good choices. That's so cool. Way to go Rach! I don't think that was the effect the commercial intended to have on listeners (you were suppose to go spend large amounts of money at that advertiser), but seriously—that's awesome. Although I'm not sure if I want the mere sound of my voice to become the “good choices” police, but if it reminded you of the importance level of your journey, then great!

I arrived back home at 12:30am and I still had a couple of hundred calories remaining for the day. I grabbed one of those 60 calorie Joseph's flax seed, oat bran, and whole wheat pitas—some tomato sauce, low-fat part skim mozzarella, and some fresh mushrooms and “blammo” a 150 calorie pizza was on! I'm getting seriously addicted to these low calorie pizzas, I mean for real! I picked up the word “Blammo” from Jack during the interview. Thanks Jack. That's the 43rd time I've used that word since we spoke.

Speaking of that interview! It'll be available for your listening pleasure until sometime Monday evening, when it will be replaced with a promo announcement for the next exclusive Daily Diary of a Winning Loser interview. The next willing participant? Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski. Find Tony here:

At nearly 1am I found my place in front of the computer screen, opened the necessary programs, and immediately started fighting sleep. I decided to let sleep win this one. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Thank goodness Sean. I was worrying about you. I get up and read your blog first thing. I was so disappointed when it wasn't there. I use "Bloglines" so I know who's updated and I kept checking thinking maybe something was wrong with it. Anyway, after about 10 tries I decided to go grocery shopping. When I cam home there it was. Yeah! Just to let you know all the grocery shopping was "good choices". Your words are in my head all the time. I love the "calorie bank" scenario. Seems to be working for me, right now at least.

    I am so glad that I found you in "blogland". You are my hero.

  2. Good evening Sean! I can so relate to your post of today.

    Each Saturday, I attend WW meetings, and now have talked my mother into joining it too. I had been using her as my excuse not to walk with the group afterwards, but today put her on the spot in front of the "group" and said next week she needs to bring her sneaks and we'll take a stroll around the track. The "group" chimed in and encouraged her to try it.

    I think she was worried she would hold us back because she has a problem with her foot. My mom only needs to lose about 20-30lbs tops, but she wants to lose them. I wish that is all I had to lose, lol. Anyway, I remember a physician sharing with me once upon a time, "It is not how fast you go, but how far." So it begs the question, "How far will we take it, Sean?" I think we need to go all the way in our challenge to improve our health. I am encouraged that my mom is finally getting with the program too. I know how you feel, when a family member not only supports you but is helping themselves along the way too. It is a great feeling! I feel pretty blessed today.

  3. You know, you make me happy that I never became a DJ, you work some crazy hours!

    Going for a walk with your mom = one of the best things you can imagine. Even better than eating tacos together!

    Get some rest :)

  4. I get the coffee "struggle," even though you downplay it at the end :)

    I switched from coffee and creamer to a nice big mug of hot Chai tea with a half cup of skim milk and 2 teaspoons of agave nectar mixed in. It's sooo delicious, has caffeine, is sweet but doesn't spike the blood sugar. About 85 calories.

    Just in case you wanna try something new :)

  5. Coffee: Fat Free Half and Half. 2 tbls = 20 calories. I can't drink coffee without creamer, and so I measure it out into a little restaurant style creamer and use that freely through the day. It's good. I actually like it better than powdered creamers. Just a little goes a long way--I drink decaf all day long and sometimes at night, and I usually just measure 4 tbls for the day. Try it! (Even though it's not that high on your list. lol)

    I just listened to the interview with JackSh*t. That was so cool--fun to hear him, fun to listen to you as well. While I was listening, I was stalking JackSh*t's blog, the beginning, and I'm happy to say I was one of the first five commenters there. lol Dang, though, I couldn't flip it over to see his photo! I flipped my computer and nothing was there. tee hee

    Richard Simmons tweets? I'm a member of his clubhouse, I didn't know that...but I'm really behind, I don't tweet.

    I loved the story about Rach hearing you at the drive-through! It's funny, but I do take bloggers with me when I shop or am out and about. I never hear their voices, though, only their words echoing in my mind.

    I love pizzas, too. I had English Muffin pizza for supper tonight. MMMM

    Sean, without being too corny, I just want to say I love your blog, I love that your family is blogging--you guys give me so much inspiration!

  6. You have a ton of good stuff in this post. I think I'm going to have to read it again tomorrow to make sure I absorb it all.

  7. How do you do it? Every post you write is exactly what I need when I read it.

  8. lol - you are amazing. I love your site. Congrats to your mom too!

  9. I have to admit when you missed a post I guess paart of me was concerned, part confused, and a little frustrated looking for my daily dose of Sean!

    I'm so with you on the coffee. I'm trying to wean off the sugar and cream... but many times I just go easy on them and actually walk across town to the store to get one. The walk clears my head and makes a little room in the caloric budget for it.

    After all walking a mile for a cup of coffee is just the Foolsfitness way!- Alan

  10. You do work some crazy hours :)
    Nice post! And tell your mom i say she's doing great!!

  11. Pizza-YuuuuUMMM :)

    Glad you got some zzzz's!! I don't know how you do body just won't do it. I would be showing up to work looking raggedy! LOL

    Late night walks with your mom sound so amazing :) What an awesome moment!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  12. Sometimes you just HAVE to take that break and rest up! Glad you enjoyed time with mum. Nothing beats spending time with those you love.

    Keep up the great inspirations buddy...I still have a ways to go!

  13. I love that you walked with your mum and she is doing so great with her weight:0)

    I love your pizza recipe, need to try that.

    You are Amazing my boy, now get some sleep!!!



  14. Sean,
    Couple questions for you. Just found your blog in the last week or so. Have read most of it, but wondered if you'd clarify your particular eating plan a little. I know you keep calories @ 1500 and don't deny yourself a treat here and there if it fits the numbers. But do you subscribe to the "eat 3-4 small meals and couple snacks every 2-3 hours" theory ? Or have you stayed more closely with the traditional 3 meals a day ?
    I am 325# and just starting. Sixty years old, really bad knee, no energy. This is it. I am ready. Even started a blog just so I could be accountable and honest with myself and those who love me.
    Thanks for any add'l info ( and the amazing blog encouragement ) you give me !


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