Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 333 Amber Is Dropping It and The Candy Bar In The Cabinet

Day 333

Amber Is Dropping It and The Candy Bar In The Cabinet

There's so much to talk about and very little time this evening. So I'll do my best at being brief (stop laughing!) I can be brief...I think.

Irene's blog is a wonderful thing. I really believe that blogging has dramatically changed the course of my journey. It's a vital part, a completely undeniable part of my success. So I'm thrilled that she's blogging and getting in touch with her feelings along this journey. Baby, tell it like it is! Be critical of me when I deserve it, cause you know I'm not perfect---Never claimed to be. But you don't have to be perfect to be extraordinarily successful, thank goodness huh?

My advice to new bloggers is very simple. Keep it honest and real. Write for you. This is your education about yourself if you allow it to be. It's only a wonderful form of therapy if you completely open up and examine yourself on a level you've never experienced, a level you may have avoided for years. It can set you free, I'm telling you. Your success along the way will inspire others who read in a very natural and rewarding way. It's a responsibility, treat it with respect, make it a very important part of your journey---and it will be.

I talked with Amber tonight and guess what? She too has started a wonderful blog!! This is a wonderful thing. I always talk about the important role blogging has played in my weight loss success, so it's only natural that my family log on and provide their perspective of this complete family transformation. Amber's first post had me in happy tears. I read it aloud with Amber on the phone and held it together long enough to get off the phone. Then I left her a comment and that's when I started tearing up with happiness. If I were even a little bit worried about her journey while away at college, I'm not anymore. Remember the title of the post from the other night: Amber's going to make it! Absolutely, positively—without a doubt. I hope you'll check out her blog at I know I'll be reading every single post. I'm a very proud Dad!

My entire workout today was around the house. I mowed the front and back lawn completely and with a stronger push. It's really amazing, I never thought I would look at lawn work as enjoyable. It can be when you're not seriously worried that you'll die while doing it. I did it today in the middle of an Oklahoma August afternoon. The sun was high, the shades were on (not just for the “coolness” factor, they provided much needed protection from flying debris!), the sweat was rolling, the body was pushing it hard and taking every opportunity to make it a workout by stretching, ducking under tree limbs, and more. I also did 100 jumps with the rope tonight. Irene's at work and Courtney's staying over with a friend she'll ride to school with in the morning. Deciding that I would get to bed earlier---I opted against hitting the trail solo tonight. Not necessarily a bad thing, although it is rather late even still. And from what I've done this afternoon and tonight---I'm seriously sore. A good sore. You know what I mean? It's the hey, I've really had a workout kind of sore. I love that feeling.

We enjoyed roasted chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes for dinner. The entire plate was a super low 380 calories of awesome. Irene took care of the dinner while I grabbed a normal nap. Not a three or four hour “Sean” nap, but a normal hour or so. It was really refreshing and felt great after my post lawn-work shower.

If you came into our home and opened a cabinet in the kitchen, you would discover sure signs of our transformed ways. Right now in the cabinet is nearly a half a bag of Fritos that must be several weeks old. They're probably stale and chewy. I looked in the cabinets not that long ago and was surprised at what I discovered. A candy bar. Yep, in the cabinet, a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. We determined it had been resting up there for probably about three months. Of course as you know, we could enjoy these things in moderation if we wanted. But as our choices naturally develop along this journey, we find each other making better and better choices. This is why I always tell people to start out eating what they like, anything at all, as long as it's within their calorie budget. Budgeting those calories will force better choices along the way. But even better is how the “whatever you like” starts naturally evolving to much better-more healthy choices. I have enough calories tonight for that 70 calorie peanut butter cup. I could eat it right now. But I think I'll leave it up there and see how long it last completely unopened.

Thanks for reading everyday. The wonderful comments for Courtney's experience was such a cool thing for her. It really made her proud and she wanted me to tell each and every reader thank you for the support. And thank you sincerely for checking out Irene and Amber's blogs when you have a chance, if you haven't already. Courtney? Are you ready to blog too? The Anderson Family weight loss experience from every perspective! I love it. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. sounds like a very productive day and a great workout ...well done... I would leave a longer comment but off to read your girls blogs

  2. I love the effect you are having on your family. Truly awesome!!!

  3. The Anderson family is taking over the interweb!

    So pleased you are all doing so well - love that you support each other too.

    Mowing the lawn used to really wear me out and my lawn is about 14' x 14'! I used to have to stop half-way through and lie down a bit in order to gather strength for the second half. Nowadays, I get back from a run or the gym, do the lawn, then get out and do a brisk walk. How times change!

    I remember your story of the mystery man on the sit on mower - did you ever find out who he was?

  4. Man--now I want a Reese's cup. We can't even get those things here. You had a great day. You must be so proud of your family. I love Amber's blog! I was reminded tonight watching Extreme Home Makeover that great parents make great kids--your girls are awesome! It might have taken longer than you would have liked, but you are setting the right example now! And , more importantly, your daughter's are following. Good job Dad!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day. Isn't it great that you are changing not only in your body but in your mind?

  6. Wow another Anderson family blog :D I think it will help a lot, I know it does me...

    Looks like another great day!

  7. Can't wait to start reading Amber's blog. I think it will be great for her, especially since she is away. It will give her more support than she knew existed!

    Another successful day in the books for you. Great job!

  8. I can tell that you are very proud of your family(you should be)! I am now following your wife and daughter's blogs. I am inspired by them as well and enjoy their perspective on things. Congrats on your weight loss success but more importantly, congrats on having an amazing are blessed!

  9. If you ever had doubt about your success as a dad, you shouldn't. You've obviously set a great example for your girls, that they've decided to follow. Does it ever get better than that?

  10. Great to see how you've inspired others in your family, as well as advice for new bloggers! Thank you Sean - inspirational.

  11. That is great. I am so happy for your entire family.

  12. I just found your blog, and I'm anxious to read Ambers - but I just wanted to say how heart warming it is to see your whole family embracing the healthy lifestyle. We struggle often to get our boys to eat well (our youngest daughter eats even better than us!) but we are determined they learn better than we did! Good job Dad!

  13. I think it is so awesome that Amber is blogging too! I've begun noticing how "junk food" that would normally have been gone in a single sitting sits around our house, too. Just one more thing to make you smile.
    Hope you and your lovely ladies all have a great weekend : )

  14. I enjoyed reading Amber's blog today. As for Irene's, I feel like I've known her for years after just 2 posts lol. We have lost almost the same amount of weight too and running neck and neck so I look forward to seeing us both travel down the scale together. I've but both Amber and Irene on my blog list to read daily. I just love your whole family's determination and spunk.

  15. No you are not perfect buddy and there will be plenty of time to talk about your didnt want to come right out bashing

    what is it that you really think I can honestly bash you about anyway...your a great husband hard worker, compassionate and loving a great father devoted and wonderful...none of us are perfect and the things you have to work on, dont belong here...i love you and you are perfect to me, because perfection baby to me is trying to be,and that comes with realizing that your not but doing the best you can do everyday to improve those while you may not be perfect....the fact that you are what you are, I have nothing to complain about at this could change cause after all I am still a woman...but You are awesome and My best friend in this whole world!!!

    love you always
    your buddy

  16. Daddy your comment brought tears to my eyes. I love you daddy! Thank you for all you do. You and Mom are the best parents in the whole wide world! You both motivate me in ways I can't any fully express. Thank you. I will do this. I will succeed. Don't worry about me daddy, You have really inspired me, and I needed it.

    I love you.
    You, mom, and sissy have saved me.

    I can't wait to see you guys on Sunday.

  17. Now I'm waiting on Courtney's blog!!!! :)

  18. Your family is amazing. I love the 2 new blogs. You all warm my heart.


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