Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 352 A Turning Point and The 300's Will Be Gone Forever

Day 352

A Turning Point and The 300's Will Be Gone Forever

Our thoughts and prayers are with Irene's dad tonight. He's in the hospital suffering from congestive heart failure. The doctor is very optimistic that he'll pull through. If there ever was a wake up call for someone, this is it for him. I've written about him before. I was so happy to see him in the third row as I spoke at the “Lose To Win” kick off event back in February. I think he really learned something about me that night, and I certainly learned something about him. He took away a better understanding of the struggles my weight had put upon his daughter and our family and I discovered that this big burly macho truck driver of a man really did care about his health and was ready to do something. He and I have had differences in the past, mainly stemming from Irene and my teenage years. Over time our relationship has changed dramatically for the better. It's amazing what time can do for our differences. It was so refreshing to see him at the kick-off seminar and a few other programs. It was awesome to see him losing weight and feeling a difference. But like me in the past and so many others today, he struggled hard. He's since gained back everything he's lost this year and now this hospitalization is a major turning point for him. I pray that he has an opportunity to choose the direction he turns. We'll do whatever we can to encourage him and show him a positive example, but as you know, ultimately the choices are his to make. Judging from his desires at that “Lose To Win” kick off event, I have a feeling he has some good choices in his immediate future. I certainly hope and pray so.

I was overwhelmed with blog comments and e-mail congratulations about getting the part in the play. Thank you! It was an awesome thing. I really look forward to learning as I go, “acting as if” while I open my mind and allow the direction to tune my inexperienced rawness. I have a feeling that this is going to be a wonderful thing in my life. It feels very natural. I think my years in stand-up in front of live audiences will really come in handy. But this is different. And different is good. It really is.

Tomorrow is a big day. I'll weigh-in tomorrow afternoon and at this point I should be in the 290's. I'm fairly confident of this. The 300's will be gone forever! Several people have told me that I look much smaller already and I thank them for the compliment. All I can say is: I'm blessed to be 6'3. That has been the key to my survival over the years. It's allowed me to “carry” my weight well. Although I think telling myself that helped me rationalize bad choices my entire life. To get below 300 for the first time since fifteen is such a monumental thing for me. I'm already wearing the same size jeans I did back then, it's an amazing feeling. I'll be excited to send out that weigh day update tomorrow via e-mail, text, and Twitter. And I can't wait to write about the experience.

I interviewed Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski tonight. It certainly wasn't what I expected. Isn't it funny how we form impressions of people and then sometimes we discover we didn't have it right? I came away with an amazing understanding of his approach and philosophy. The interview will be edited for time and available Thursday evening. In the meantime, please press play on the MP3 player and listen to the promotional announcement for this interview. I'll soon have all of the blog audio accessible anytime. Looking for the Jack Sh*t interview? It'll be back soon in a different location within this blog. I'm also putting up a poll question asking who you would like to hear from in my next interview. Whichever blogger wins the poll, I'll e-mail them with an official interview request.

I'm headed to bed a little earlier tonight. Tomorrow starts a new schedule that includes afternoon workouts and late afternoon writing before play rehearsal. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. You Amaze Me Sean Anderson!!!

    Every time I log in to read your blog I am blown away by something you have written. Today I see how though your body is growning smaller you heart is getting bigger. Your honesty about your realtionship with Irene's dad is lovely. I wish him well.

    I look forward to hearing the next interview in your series,it's a brilliant concept.

    Hope you sleep well, can you do me a big favour Sean? Give that lovely wife of yours a hug from me. I think she is Absolutley Fabulous.



  2. I am sorry to read about Irene's dad - she must be very worried - send her my love too please!

    Looking forward very much to hearing Tony's interview, he is an inspiration and it will be great to hear his voice.

    Good luck at weigh-in, woo-hoo!

  3. Praying for Irene's dad...

  4. My love and thoughts are with you and your family, that is just so sad, I hope he is getting better slowly.

    Much love heading to the Anderson family all the way from Wellington NZ.

  5. Sending healing thoughts to Irene's dad. Sean, thanks for all you do. You are inspiring and helping a great many people.

  6. Hi Sean - I just became familiar with you after the Jack Sh*t interview, who I recently became familiar with after scouring the internet to update my own blogroll with inspiring writers. So, I'm just saying HI and I'm glad to get to 'know' you. And my vote for next interview (especially since we've heard from some men lately) is Former Fat Girl. Jen is in a very interesting, heartbreaking, and REAL time in her weight loss journey and is doing some really honest writing about it. I'd love to hear her voice.

    Take care - look forward to journeying with you. And break a leg (in the play). And my love to your wife - sick dads are a hard thing for daughters.

  7. I hope your father in law is doing well, and that he finds the strength to do what he needs to in order to manage CHF.

    It must be very exciting to be on the cusp of a weight century that you haven't seen since you were 15. I'm currently at a weight that I haven't seen since my early 20s.

    Kim Ayers (Losing a Hundredweight) said it was like travelling back in time, going back to these 'younger' weights. Since we also start to look younger as we lose weight, I'm inclined to agree with him.

  8. I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow's weigh in. It will be so exciting to see that 29?, won't it? You deserve it Sean. You deserve everything that is coming your way.

    I hope your father in law is doing well.

  9. I hope everything goes well with your FIL I'm praying for him. I can't wait to hear the interview with Tony. Why edit it for time I bet we all would love to hear you both ramble on as long as you want *smile*.

    As for next interview I would love to hear from Irene, I think that would be a super amazing interview.

    I can't wait to hear about you being in the 200's, I'm so excited for you.

  10. I'll be waiting on pins and needles!

    Yes, sometimes I wish I was closer to 6'3"!

    I am only 5'6" and was carrying 370, and 293 isn't all that pretty on me, either! But, we'll get there, won't we? ; )

  11. First, congratulations. I think I speak for many when I say that we'd all love to be there on opening night!

    I hope Irene's father gets better soon and that he can start losing the weight again, though probably slowly would be best.

    The blogger interview I'd like to hear would be with Diane, Fit to the Finish. I think it's time for a woman's perspective!

  12. Man, I just know you are going to break the 300 lbs barrier tomorrow! Congrats on getting the leading role...that is really awesome! I will keep Irene's dad in my prayers...I wish him well.

  13. Irene told us you have to shave for the play - boo on that! I certainly hope this play thing won't interfere with the blog as well. Sorry, but this is all about me needing to read your posts. Forget sleep - forget food - forget work! But, you must blog, 'kay? Oh, and I'm as excited as can be for your weigh in.

  14. My prayers are with Irene's dad and your family. And I vote for a triple-play interview with Irene and your girls.

  15. Get Well wishes to Irene's dad. I hope he comes out of this stronger and more determined to become healthy.

    I agree with NewMe..Diane would be wonderful. As would Pasta Queen or Prior Fat Girl. Since you did two boys, time for two girls!

    Best wishes for tomorrow's weigh in.

  16. Prayers for Irene's dad..and all of you. Sean, I love your blog, your outlook... your kindness and amazing heart just shine through.

    Congrats on the play! Can't wait to hear about it... and i am SOOOOO excited for you and this WI. I just got below 300 myself a few weeks ago, and it was quite the rush. :)

    You've had an amazing journey these last 352 days.. less than 2 weeks til your one year anniversary!! (are you celebrating???)

  17. My prayers are with you and Irene that her dad will be just fine.

    I've just started reading your blog and I'm glad I did. You are a real inspiration.

    Can't wait to hear more interviews. It is so fun to hear some of my fav peeps!

  18. Sending Irene's dad best wishes! He is in my prayers for sure.

  19. Sean - I just got your e-mail and I am so proud of you! Sean, you are my inspiration. I wish you could bottle up what you have for me. If it can't be me, I am soooo glad it's you!

    I hope Irene's dad recovers soon.

  20. I am thinking of you and your family during Irene's dad's illness. Let's hope it puts him on the right path.

    Not sure I commented, but GREAT work on the play! That will be hard work, but much fun too!

    Let's see some 290s!

  21. I was about to ask you how tall you are, 6'3", because as I pointed out before you don't look overweight in your recent pictures. I'm sorry about dad-in-law. Also, enjoyed your last interview so am looking forward to this one.

  22. I hope that Irene's dad is doing better now. It is very stressful having a loved one so ill.

  23. My thoughts and prayers for Irene's dad.
    Congrats on the play! You'll be great in it!
    And I'm very excited for you on saying good-bye to the 300s!! Hurrah!!

  24. Still praying for Irene's dad
    I will be waiting for your post on how much you lost
    Can't wait

  25. Consider doing an interview with "Fat Daddy Rants"

  26. I know what you mean about learning to 'carry it well'. Even though I am only 5'3, I carried my weight well. People just thought I was 'sturdy'. I also learned how to w ear clothing that camoflouged my fat. What I couldn't camo was my increasing inability to breath, my discomfort while trying to sleep, a racing and stuttering heart beat, and my growing isolation. I have only lost about about 36 lbs, but it's a world of difference from where I was, mentally and physically, keep up the good work. I will pray for your father in law.

  27. Congrats on the acting gig--your world is really opening up!

    I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    I'm anxiously awaiting your weigh-in.

  28. I'm so happy about your weigh in!
    I'm so proud of you Daddy!
    I love you so much!
    300's GONE FOREVER!


  29. I will be fervently praying for Irene's dad to make it through this hospital stay, and to make the decision to turn his health around for good. It IS possible...we have to believe that he will make the right choice.


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