Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 359 The Best Laid Plans and Breakfast With My Daughters

Day 359

The Best Laid Plans and Breakfast With My Daughters

Sometimes the best laid out plan just doesn't go to the letter. I was completely exhausted when I picked Courtney up from school, so I chose to re-arrange the schedule to allow for a nap. Wow. Didn't take long for that to happen huh? I couldn't imagine making it through the night without catching a few winks, it would have been dangerous with the driving. It's hard to argue with that rationalization. Told you I'm good! If you're going to rationalize changes to your workout routine or schedule, just make them really solid—and they'll seem really OK! Geez. Anyway, what does this mean? It means after play rehearsal I need to get myself out on that trail for a 5K jog/walk. Nothing will stop me from doing this. And as long as that's all I need to do later tonight, then my reward will be coming home and dropping in bed before midnight. If I don't write about a 5K from tonight on tomorrow night's blog, then you call me out on that alright? I mean it. Accountability. “Mr. Good Choices” isn't above having his rear kicked every now and then!

Everything was going great this morning until I realized something very alarming about our personal business and then, “blammo”---high stress city. One of my proudest accomplishments along this road has been changing the way I react to stress in its many forms. In the past, I always turned to food, but not at first. First my resolve would completely crumble under the gun and then, then that's when I would turn to food. I wish there was a simple technique to share with you on how to completely separate your emotions from your eating habits. It isn't one or two techniques, it's a combination of many things along this road. I will tell you this: The foundation of this monumental change was and is built by setting a dramatically high importance and self-honesty level. Without those two variables there's no way to have this kind of change.

I got up at 4:50am, no snooze alarm for me today. I had to get up and cook breakfast for my daughters. Amber and I each enjoyed a 200 calorie egg white, mushroom, and mozzarella burrito made with one of those 90 calorie Flat-Out Whole Wheat/High Fiber flat breads. It was amazing. Courtney opted for a bacon, egg white, and cheese sandwich for a slightly higher calorie count, but that's what she budgeted---we were all satisfied. We all enjoyed coffee too. It's strange sitting at the table enjoying coffee with my babies. They're still just kids right? I'm so proud of them, they're incredible girls.

Amber headed back to school this morning. It's always tough to see her go. But she's a confident young woman with a plan for her future, and that doesn't involve hanging out at home all the time, although that would be cool too! She'll start student teaching soon, like in a few weeks! Amber, my little Ambeee, being referred to as “Ms. Anderson” by school kids. That is so strange to me. Again, couldn't be more proud.

I'm starting to feel the pressure of this role in the play. I have until Sunday night to have every single line memorized. Where was that in my tight little schedule? Memorizing my lines and cues...oh my, that must be done right away! I made this exciting schedule didn't I? Yes, yes I did. And it's going to be alright, I gaurantee.

There are just a few hours left to vote for who I'll request an interview from next. Diane, Fit To The Finish is in the lead right now, pulling ahead of Jen from Prior Fat Girl. It's safe to say the next interview will be from a female perspective! The list of people I'd like to interview isn't just the ones listed for vote. It's a super long list. And eventually we'll do 'em all! Time, all in time. I just think that after investing a lot of time in reading and following someone, it's the coolest thing to hear them speak. Please vote before the voting time runs out! I'm pretty sure that when it does, the final results will automatically show. After that, I'll immediately fire off an e-mail requesting the interview. What if they decline? Could happen you know, oh well, we'll see.

Irene is off to work and I'm into the bathroom for a shower and preparations for play rehearsal. Last night was rather physical. Not too bad, but I was definitely “worked out” when it was all over. Tonight should be another good rehearsal.

I can't thank you enough for the support and understanding extended to me during this extremely busy time on my journey. Good friends are such wonderful things. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. So if you only have till Sunday to memorize, when is opening night? Must be soon. Take all this rehearsing, etc. out of your schedule and you'll feel like you're on vacation when it's all over.Alright, I'll be looking for the 5K info tomorrow... but you do need sleep and food and personal time too, you know?

  2. I don't know why you are apologizing for taking a nap. Sounds like you are burning the candle at both ends. And it IS dangerous VERY dangerous to drive sleepy so that was a wise move. At your rate you better read your lines into a tape machine and sleep with it playing. . . hoping for some osmosis!

  3. Your body will definitely let you know when you need a nap :)
    Sounds like a wonderful breakfast!
    Can't wait to hear what happens on opening night.

  4. Wow Sean, you are one busy man. Glad to see that you are still on the right track even in light of your hectic life right now.

    You are such an awesome inspiration to so many.


  5. If I stand outside your kitchen window and look really, really pathetic--can I have an egg white, mushroom & mozzarella breakfast burrito too?

    Glad I stopped by to read, I'll be back!

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  7. Well I enjoyed the nap time:-) Really baby it was nice and you needed it...Love you...Hope rehearsals went well and you guys are having a great night!!
    Miss Ambee girl already!!!
    Love you always and forever,
    Your buddy

  8. Doesn't it sound great to say "I handled my stress without using food"?! I know that feeling sweetie! It's AMAZING! Sometimes it takes weeks for your hands to heal from the boxing incidents but you're still feeling in control (LOL re: my anger management blog on "boxing" in the gym instead of drinking or binge eating).

    Keep up the good work.

    You are looking fabulous! I'm so amazed by you AND your wonderful family!

  9. Crazy, crazy schedule hottie....should I start calling you Superman? ;)

  10. I was thinking that I need to make time to "make" breakfast and how long does it take to make a burrito?

    Hope you manage your time to a place where you are healthy in all ways, I know it is a juggling act and a nap is a requirement at times. Sounded like a wise decision on your part. Hang in there, and take time for you.

  11. Wow, and i thought my life was busy. I normally leave the house at 9am and get home about 9pm which in itself is tiring enough but you seem to be putting in all the hours god gives. Well done you :)

  12. You need some beauty sleep too, you know. With your increased committments for now, you probably can afford to ease up a tad on yourself. Just do what you can, when you can and when you do workout, make sure that you workout brilliantly!

    It is great not turning to food at times of stress, isn't it. Part of me wonders what would have happened if a stressor had hit me at the fragile early stages of the diet, whether I would have been able to withstand it as well as I can now. Who knows, eh?

  13. Hi Sean. Recording your lines and then listening while driving, showering, cooking, eating ...etc might help save some time.

    Both stress and tiredness are things which set me off eating uncontrollably so take care on both these levels.

    Really sounds like you need 30 hours in a day!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  14. I agree with the others
    Tape the lines and then listen to them all the time
    Esp as you are drifting off to sleep

    Glad you are enjoying it ....Amazing what a different turn our life takes when we lose weight....
    Can you imagine having a schedule this busy when you were 500 pounds?

  15. I'm not sure how you're fitting it all in but I'm so happy you're still getting in time with the family. I'm sure you'll get your lines memorized perfectly by deadline *smile*. Hang in there and make sure you get some rest.

  16. sean, you are good at multitasking. maybe while at the gym you can run lines and memorization with someone?


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