Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 362 The "Death Speech" Doctor is All Smiles Now!

Day 362

The “Death Speech” Doctor is All Smiles Now!

Irene and I stayed up until after 3am working on lines. By the time we're finished she'll have my lines and all of the others memorized! She has a real talent for memorization, couple that with the visualization technique the director shared with me, and we got this! We counted them, nearly 220 lines. Oh my, I thought it was maybe 80 to, nearly 220! It's an awesome role, I'm so excited!

This morning, oh wait...I mean this afternoon, you see---we slept until noon! Eight hours of solid sleep felt so good, I really needed that! I picked the perfect time to take a vacation day or was it a sick day? I did go to the doctor today! Technically I could call this a sick day. You reading boss?
I officially have bronchitis. The doctor prescribed a Z-pack of pills and we'll be finished with this stuff before you know it! The doctor was the same one that gave me the death speech on June 10th, 2008. It's fun to talk to her now. She's beyond impressed with my success. She greets me with a great big smile now, instead of the “what can I tell him that will scare him straight?” kind of look. She just told me the truth back then, that's all. It was the truth. I was going to die soon at 505 pounds with a blood pressure of 220/119, pure and simple. As I left she commented “I don't get to see you very often because you're healthy!” That was cool.

Irene and I had a wonderful date tonight at the playhouse. “Tuesdays With Morrie” was a wonderful production and the actors were just amazing. We got dressed up a little for this outing and it felt good, real good. Lauren (plays my characters wife) wasn't in attendance, so I couldn't introduce Irene, but I did introduce Irene to Issac, the boy that plays my son in the play, and his mom Marlys, who is actually the president of the Playhouse. It was a fantastic evening. We even attended an after party where all of the food was prepared by Jose, who plays my dad, “Gramps,” in “Call Me Henry.” He's a real chef, heavenly Mexican specialties, all homemade...a big spread. I prepared what I guesstimated to be a 400 calorie plate and enjoyed every bite. Jose encouraged me to have more, but I enjoyed a responsible portion—and I was finished---plate in the trash! The Theater community in this part of the United States is just amazing. There's certainly a bunch of talent around here, it's cool to feel apart of that, you know?

Irene is prepared to stay up late with me and work on lines again. I'm wrapping this edition a little short tonight. She's in there waiting on me!

Oh by the next official weigh day is Wednesday, but I'll also weigh on Monday Day 365, for an official one year total! It'll be good, I know it will! Look for some “lost” before pictures coming tomorrow night right here on this blog.

As always, thanks for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I bet that doctor's great big smile is absolutely priceless to you!! KUDOS.

    Feel better soon, get more rest so you can get over the bronchitis.

    Your date sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to read that book.

    Looking forward to day 365's weigh in.

    What a difference a year makes!!! Isn't it just amazing what all you have accomplished in a relatively short period of time? Bravo to you.

  2. Hope you're feeling better! 8 hours of sleep... man what does that feel like? :)

    Btw, you've done an amazing job so far! Can't wait to watch you keep on going!

  3. Hey Sean, good luck and God speed with your memorization; it just seems hard at first. Once the whole sequence is in your head, it's reinforced every time you run a scene.

    I enjoy reading your blog so much. I'm losing 200 pounds and have completed the first 30. I've lost most of these pounds before; twice! but I've experience the "click" of finality this time. Mine was also prompted by a fear of immediate so concentrates the mind. Reading your blog helps me plan to succeed. Thanks, and please don't stop writing when you reach your right weight, but keep leading us all into maintenance. Your faithful reader, Lynn

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  5. Buddy,

    Loved our night out it was fun!! loved going to the play and sitting there with you!! We will get these lines pounded out and cannot wait to see and hear you up there when it all comes together!!
    Wanted to meet your play wifey, but I guess another time, something must have come up....
    You are looking AMAZING and cannot believe it has only been a year...well a year soon, looking foward to what the next year holds!!
    love you so much baby!!
    P.S. this muscle rub stuff is working already and thank you, didnt even think of it, it feels amazing!!
    Love you always and forever,
    your buddy

  6. I remember being on business travel once upon a time and landing in the middle of a theater group that were travelling somewhere, can't even remember now. At any rate, I chatted with some of them and was amazed how technical acting is compared to what I see on TV or stage. They make it look effortless, but there is certainly a lot more to it and I applaude anyone in this profession! I couldn't remember lines much less a dinner menu, lol. Good show!

    Z-pack is heavy duty and you ate Mexican fare? I have to give you props. If that had been me, I would have been paying in other ways. Antibiotics always effect my stomach. I like to think they are pushing the bad toxins out of me, at least that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

    Hope you and yours have a blessed day and you get well quick!

  7. Day 365. Absolutely amazing. I can't wait!

  8. Sorry to hear about the bronchitis, hope the z-pack will knock it out. Have fun with the play. it sounds wonderful. Can't wait to hear your results this week. Keep fighting the good fight.

  9. Thank you Sean for always insisting on choices. It's something that I try to keep "top of the mind" as much as possible.

    Keep up the great work on all fronts (food, theatre, work, family) but make sure you get your rest too!

  10. Hope the meds kick in soon! Can't wait to see the one year post :)

  11. I'm so glad you and Irene had a nice night out together....together time is important :)

    Can't wait til Monday! :)

  12. Can't wait to hear the one year total. I need some inspiration!

  13. Tomorrow is the big day!!! (It's Sunday as I post this)
    How exciting is that eh?
    I will toast you not with toast but with a protein shake :D

  14. Not long now till one year, can't wait to read that postm
    Keep up the great work, I have no idea how u do it all.

  15. Woohoo! Looking forward to tomorrow's blog Sean. Amazing.


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