Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 357 The Secret Identity of Pottsie Webber and "Booth Freedom" Revisited

Day 357

The Secret Identity of Pottsie Webber and “Booth Freedom” Revisited

Something I think I should clarify, although it really cracks me up, is my association with “Anson Williams.” As cool as it would be to hang out with Pottsie Webber from “Happy Days” TV fame, my friend is not THAT Anson Williams. In fact, his name isn't really Anson, it's Bill. Bill owns the broadcast company I work for, he's my employer. The whole “Anson Williams” thing started because every time Bill would leave a comment on this blog, he would do it as some obscure celebrity, it's always fun. The “Anson” just stuck. So remember, whenever I refer to Anson Williams, you know now who I'm talking about. I could have just let it go and continued the mysterious fun, but when my cousin Debbie in Branson left a comment gushing over Anson's celebrity status, I thought I should clarify. ;) Love you Debbie!

We enjoyed a meal out with Amber today. We dined at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and it was wonderful! I've written about this place before and dining out in general, and seriously, when you embrace “good choices” and 100% self-honesty, dining out isn't a scary thing anymore. I ordered two chicken hard tacos ala carte and a beef taco. This particular place loads each taco with way too much cheese, and...wait a second, did I just complain about “too much cheese?” Well I guess I did. I asked for “easy on the cheese,” because I don't want to have a 100 calories worth on each taco. 30 or 40 calories worth, great...but a whole ounce? Too much. The tacos still came loaded and then I simply did what I should have done to begin with, I simply removed the excess. Another calorie saver here is ordering ala carte. The only difference? No rice and beans, or in caloric terms, no additional 700 to 800 calories. My three tacos and a few chips and salsa, comparing to calorie counts at nationally recognized places, came in at 750 calories. It did exceed my 500 calorie per meal guideline, but still, it was alright because I was within my daily budget, still having enough calories remaining for a flat-bread pizza later, and even a snack. All was good and we had a tremendous time together.

All of us were in a booth. It might not sound like something worth mentioning, that booth, but if you've lived your entire life unable to fit properly in one—avoiding them at all cost, even walking out of places that only offered them, changing plans of large groups of family and friends because of “non fat-friendly” seating at the place they picked...then you get it. You understand the “booth freedom” I speak of around here. It's the same as “chairs with arms freedom.” Every time I easily sit in one now, I remember what it was like at 500 pounds plus, then I smile for the victory. I'll never forget what that restrictive humiliation felt like. Never ever.

I spent a large part of the day catching up on sleep before play rehearsal. I often times feel bad about taking a nap here and there, but I have to get enough sleep. My sleeping habits, or lack of good sleeping habits is one bad choice that's made way too often, so really I shouldn't apologize for it! A more disciplined sleep schedule is imperative right now, well it's important all the time, but especially now that my schedule is crazy packed. After October 17th (the last performance of “Call Me Henry”) I'll be able to get back to an easier, more manageable schedule. Some people think I'm nuts for taking on so much right now, and it has effected my blogging schedule and everything else in my schedule, but it's worth the temporary sacrifice. To passionately pursue something I've always dreamed of doing, but felt I couldn't at over 500 pounds, well...that's pretty dang special. So the crazy-busy schedule will be endured with a passionate excitement that makes the long and tiring days worth the struggle. My reward is an amazing accomplishment that highlights my transformation---served with a heaping helping of self-confidence. It's a good trade, trust me.

After play rehearsal, I rushed home and prepared a late dinner. I promised Amber I would fix her a flat-bread pizza, like the one pictured on this blog not long ago. These low calorie (90) flat-bread wraps make delicious pizzas that'll make you question the calorie count over and over. It's hard to believe that something so filling, so satisfying, so yummy---could have such a low calorie content. The pizzas I prepared last night were around 300 each, the highest we've prepared yet. But they were because I loaded them with mushrooms, black olives, onions, green peppers, and even some pepperoni and Canadian bacon. Drop the meat and olives and suddenly you have a big personal pizza that checks in below 200 calories. Again, choices! Amber loved it, and we loved sharing it with her. Afterwards, Irene and I spent some time together enjoying her last night off for a while, tomorrow she's back into doing several 12 hour shifts straight.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and I plan on sleeping as late as I can! We have a cookout planned with just the four of us before Irene takes off for work and I depart for play rehearsal. My plan is to finally squeeze in some blog reading and commenting tonight before bed. This lack of reading and writing comments is killing me! I need to support my friends along this road as much as they support me, it's equally important! I've missed so many wonderful post, I know I have. I know many of you have expressed understanding lately, and I'm sincerely thankful for that. You're a good friend, and you know who you are! Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Isn't sitting in a booth great! I remember it was last summer when I could easily slide into a booth again. DH still has a ways to go, but he'll get there. Hope you have had a good sleep-in. Everyone must be incredibly busy since I am the first to post and it's already after 2 pm there. Hope you get to do some reading and commenting today--while we celebrate with you on the play--we miss you terribly! Need some Sean injections--of course I am speaking for all of your followers even though I was not elected spokeswoman or anything like that. Happy Labor Day!

  2. The difference between a man and woman who are overweight sitting in a booth? That is, if you can get in the booth? The woman's boobs sit on the table--or can touch their plate. Ask me how I know that one!

    Congrats to your family for enjoying the booth!

  3. Buddy,
    The time together was wonderful, I find I miss you and the girls more and any time we get to spend together is so precious to me...sitting in the booth all of us with plenty of room felt soooo great i love booths and have missed them so bad!!
    Yes this schedule is jammed packed,but what you are going to accomplish is wonderful and cannot wait to see it, I know you will be great and I am just so proud of you for trying new things and getting out there and feeling good about deserve this feeling baby!!
    Love you soooo very much!!!
    Happy anniversary by the way...I will never regret that first kiss and picking you up..I knew there was something about you from day one and what an awesome day one it was!!
    Love you always and forever,
    Your buddy
    Irene xoxoxo

  4. I was in a Broadway play one time... actually it was more like a one-man performance for a limited audience. Actually, it was more like a field sobriety test...

  5. Hi Sean. Glad you had a great time and are continuuing to enjoy your freedom. We're all looking for the freedom to enjoy life, so I'm glad you've found it.

    Take care of yourself during this very busy time. It's great you're making a lifelong dream come true - and who knows what it will lead to? - but your health is of greater importantance still.

    We're all rooting for you in Blogland! Can't wait to hear how it goes ...

    All the Best,
    Bearfriend xx

  6. Hey, Sean! There sure is a lot less of you than when I saw you last! Looks like you and your mother had a great time at the game, and still got to eat some yummies while staying the course. I am so shocked at your resolve! Keep at it!

  7. LMAO at Jack's comment...he kills me.

    Booth freedom....nothing like it. :)

    Glad you're enjoying life Sean...that's what it's all about. Can't wait til you can make the rounds again...miss you friend. :)

  8. And I had the worse crush on Anson Williams as a child...everyone else loved Fonzie, but my love was Potsie...I was going to ask for an introduction! Oh well, guess you can't win them all :D

    Sounds like you had a great day, and I am right there with you on the sleep habits, or in my case, lack there of :D


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