Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 354 Time Is So Precious and Strategic Maneuvering of This Crazy Wonderful Life

Day 354

Time Is So Precious and Strategic Maneuvering of This Crazy Wonderful Life

It feels very strange sitting down to the computer to write in the middle of the afternoon. I much prefer writing at the end of the day and recounting that day and evenings thoughts, emotions, triumphs, struggles and happenings. It'll be hard to get use to this way, but certainly workable. And it's not like I'll be missing anything. It's simply a shift in my frame of reference. I imagine many of my afternoon written blogs will start with “Last night as we...” And that's cool. It's a must considering my schedule now. My schedule was already booked pretty tight before accepting the responsibility and commitment of a stage production. Some close family and friends think I'm crazy, but hear me out: Maybe what I needed to really learn valuable time management skills was this amped up schedule. Like 1500 calories forcing me to make better “calorie value” choices throughout a day, this schedule forces me to make wise “time value” decisions. The great thing about this schedule is, it's not going to be this way forever. After the final curtain on this play, I'll come away having accomplished something I've always dreamed of, and I'll have learned valuable lessons in time management.

Yesterday did not go as planned. First off, let me mention that I'm sick. Yes, the typical head and chest congestion, sluggish, yuk-yuk kind of stuff. I've been drinking Theraflu like an addict, using hand sanitizer like crazy, and amping up my water consumption. I didn't mention the sick thing last night because I didn't want to focus on that. It'll pass. It certainly isn't holding me back.

We were short one person at the studio, they were out for a funeral. So my schedule required that I stay late. Probably would have had to anyway because of the production requirements of the day. I left the studio by 4:30pm and quickly set out to do some errands. I ran into the house long enough to visit for ten minutes with Irene before she left for work, then I was out the door for the bank and another errand that couldn't wait another day. I arrived back to our driveway just as Irene was pulling out into the street. I still had dinner and some kind of a workout to consider before rehearsal at 7pm. And rehearsal takes place in a town fifteen minutes away, so that means leaving by at least 6:35 or so to ensure I'm not late. Keep in mind I had less than four hours of sleep the night before and no nap. I decided to refresh myself with a shower and a change of clothes and it didn't take long to realize that dinner would have to wait---as well as the workout. I was simply running out of time. I did fix a pita cheese pizza for 145 calories, just enough to hold me over until after rehearsal.

I left rehearsal not too long after 9pm and all the way home thought about my plan of attack. I knew that I promised Courtney I'd help her with a big school project as soon as I returned. I also needed dinner. Courtney had already had her dinner, so it was just me. I don't even remember what I fixed. I'm sure it was good. After eating, I reported to the dining room table to help Courtney with the project. The time was after 10pm already and I had even started writing my blog. At around 10:30, Amber called from school requesting some help on an essay. She wanted to e-mail me the essay and have me suggest changes and corrections then give it an overall evaluation and “Dad, it's due in the morning!” OK! This is getting interesting my friends. I finished the project with Courtney (she did all of the work, I just kind of supervised) then it was off to open this e-mailed essay from Amber. It was a really good, rather lengthy essay on her first experience in the 'game of love.' The entire essay was wonderfully written with comparisons to modern games we all know and enjoy, it was clever indeed. I studied the essay, made some changes, offered some suggestions, then e-mailed it back to her. Before I knew it we were facing midnight without one word of my blog written.

I really wanted it to be as monumental a blog last night as the weigh-in that inspired it. It became what it was, and it was fine, but not what I had hoped for. Maybe I'm too critical of myself. Oh, and did you notice? No workout-and as sick as I felt, and as late as it was---It just wasn't happening. I knew the alarm was set for 5am and another busy day was bucking to be released. I had to get as much sleep as possible, knowing that it wasn't going to be enough, and knowing that it isn't good for my metabolism and horrible for my immune system fighting this crud that's made itself at home inside me.

I'm really struggling with not being able to read as many blogs as I normally do, in fact none today already, and very few the last couple of days, let alone comment on any. I feel horrible about this. Completely horrible. If you've missed me around your blog lately, please understand that I miss you and as soon as I can get this schedule leveled out and into a groove, I'll be able to get back to reading and writing my always supportive blogging friends. I can't thank you enough for the outpouring of support and congratulations you've given me. But remember, you certainly do not need to feel obligated to comment me---I'm having a tough time with this situation. The circle of support that has been created around weight loss blogdom is incredible. I pride myself on being apart of that. And I still am and I will continue to be. Hang in there with me. You with me? I never forget that what I write is my therapy, this is my therapeutic mental conditioning that I would write regardless if anyone reads it or not. Encouragement and support feels so wonderful, and it's a very important part of this weight loss equation, but we mustn't allow it to become consuming. Our words of how we feel, what we're doing, and the magnificent transformation we're cultivating---this is the most important thing---these writings we all create have incredible power to help us change and understand change. Your support is always appreciated in the form of comments, but I certainly understand if you don't. I hope you'll afford me that same consideration for the time being.

Irene just arrived after a (brace yourself) after working a nearly twenty-four hour day. Well, technically she worked a twelve, but they had meetings scheduled all day today that she was required to attend and offer her input. I'm ready to cook dinner and then workout, before showering and heading off to play rehearsal. I should have a much earlier bedtime tonight, and that will be good! I desperately need the rest to get over this sickness.

Thanks to everyone that offered prayers and thoughts for Irene's dad. He was released from the hospital today and told me “I feel better than ever—they've been shooting me up with a cocktail of antibiotics and morphine---never felt better!” Very nice. He's going to make it, I just have a wonderful feeling about that.

One very important note: The interview with Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski isn't ready for “air.” I haven't had time to edit. I had planned on posting that tonight, but that would require a late night editing session---and I can't do that tonight. I look forward to holding my wife as we drift off to sleep at a responsible and reasonable hour. I miss her. We must make the most of the time we have together. I can't wait for you to hear the interview. I'm hoping to edit during my lunch hour tomorrow and then I'll preview it to Tony and release it after he has a chance to listen. Thank you for your patience. My best always. I mean those words my friend. My best always. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Please just rest. Do you take a multi-vitamin? If not--SHAME ON YOU! You should. Be sure to lots of vitamin C and zinc, echinacea helps with colds. Keep drinking and please take a day off from work if you can. Working out can wait until you are better. Long hot showers help too! You are an amazing Dad! We never truly learn about self-sacrifice and what it means to be tired until we have children. It only lasts about 20 years or so. ;-) Saying a prayer for healing and one for time for you and Irene to spend together! Blessings--Bonnie

  2. We all get into time crunches. Blogdom will wait for you. And even if they don't, then so be it, there will be a whole new crowd coming around to be inspired.

    Get some rest, take care of what you need to. We will wait :)

  3. Here's hoping you get into the swing of things easily! Don't push yourself too hard, though.

    Take care my friend!
    x's and o's

  4. If we read your blog can we catch your cold? Just wondering.

    Hey, your only human (abit a superhuman with the mutant superpower of fitness... hey were you bit by a radioactive spider?)

    I admit I was excited about the interview, but it's just something to look forward to in a day or two. Priorites right? That's another thing I appreciate about you is the dedication to all things you do including your family too.

    Hey since you posted early maybe you should post later too just to be safe. (ok, it was a cheap way to try to get a double dose of Sean!)

    I will say a prayer for you. Not to tease, you really do have a lot on your plate at times.

    And remember at foolsfitness we limit it to one plate a meal... if your hungry get bigger plates!- Alan

  5. I hope that you can take it easy and recover! I saw on the web that you hit a huge loss milestone yesterday but didn't make it over here! You have done so well. Amazing.

    Rest, and get better.

  6. Sean, you're burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. You and your family come first. I hope you get some decent rest to help you out with the bug you have.

    I worry when I can't comment on blogs...I think we all go through that. I think we're all supportive of that situation, too.

    Take care.

  7. I'll chime in with the chorus - get some rest! I know you have a hard time fitting it into your schedule, but if you don't, you could get sick enough to totally blow your schedule. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like your Mother or something!

    I do hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the rehearsals and everything else abuzz in your life.

  8. Rest my man and enjoy that time with Irene :-)

  9. Great teaser audio! I hope you archived the Jack Sh*t one. . . is there any way you can keep all the archived ones on your site?

  10. So glad to hear Irene's dad is out of the hospital. :)

    I'm proud of you for participating in the stage production....I know you're schedule is crazier than normal (still pondering how that is even possible, lol), but it will be worth it to have the experience of doing something you've waited your whole life to do. Somehow, you'll find the time to fit it all in. Being happy about all that you're doing is what counts. :)

    Always make sure you cut out some time in the schedule for your beautiful wife. It's very, very important...I'm glad you guys are getting to snuggle tonight. :)

  11. I hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe you could make up some meals ahead of time that you've measured and counted out and freeze them and have them ready for those nights that you need to run out to your play. You definitely are burning the candle at both ends. Time management, my friend, time management ....

  12. I know what you mean. So many little time. I read your blog because I enjoy hearing how you're doing. Hope things balance out for you.

  13. Well, I have a feeling once you get to your goal weight it will tend to be a bit anti climactic as well, not because it isn't a huge accomplishment, but because, just like jen from prior fat girl said, there is no confetti, no flashbulbs and what not, in the's just you and your goal reached. It really is a personal victory. People can't tell between 245, and 240 or whatever...only you will really know what you've accomplished. That's why it always needs to be about you and what you want out of life,geesh it looks like I am writing a book. I really like your blog, your attitude, you know all this. You are doing terrific. Keep up the good work.

  14. Sean Anderson,
    you need to take care of You, although most of us beleive you are super Human, the reality is you are just a mere mortal like the rest of us.

    You need to take some time out, you need some proper rest. Maybe (I am whispering this so I don't cause a riot) just maybe you could cut down on your blogging? OMG that gasp of Shock Horror has knocked me over....

    Seriously, you need to prioritise my boy. Your health comes first followed closely by family, then work. Cutting down on blogging will ease some time out. Posting twice or three times a week rather than every day.

    Just a suggestion...

    Big Hugs


  15. Rest, fluids, and self care. Hope you're feeling all the positive, healing energy we're all sending your way and better soon.

  16. Hi. Loving your blog.

    When you have a second, come by and take a peek at what I'm writing. It may just be right up your alley. -Dayne

  17. I read your list of priorities and it seems to me they were pretty much in the correct order, so no one will get offended that you are not reading or posting to their blog - at least I wouldn't, lol. It certainly sounds like the spirit is willing but right now your body is weak. Take care of it, or it will take care of you! Rest! God Bless!

  18. Please, please slow down.


  19. I hope you feel better soon. When your life gets crazy busy some things just have to give. Keep what is important and let the rest slide for a while until you can squeeze them in again. Take care of yourself.

  20. You are a busy boy these days! Don't push yourself too hard and don't worry about us! Feel better and have a great, relaxing weekend!

  21. OK, you don't want to hear this, I know. But maybe your body is telling you something. You need to slow down, quit burning the candle at both ends, and get some rest. I'm going to suggest something radical. Maybe, just maybe, just until the play is over, you can go on a "sabatical" so to speak, from blogdom. I'm serious! Think of the time you will save yourself. Well, not as much as you think because you now have the commitment of the play. But your body is screaming at you to rest! As much as everyone here would hate to see it, I know, if they are regular readers, that they care about YOU. And I know that you are a "motivator" for so many, and your kind heart will cringe at the thought. But please consider it. Consider your health. It's not forever. Or as a compromise, because I know your blogging is theraputic for you, you could "diary" for yourself!(To be posted later) But once you put it out there, we want to comment. Then you want to read the comments. Then you feel the need to comment on the comments. Never ending. So at the risk of being "black-balled" from blogdom for suggesting something so radical, there it is. In the meantime, I'm praying it's not the H1N1 that's got you down. There's alot of that around here right now. Take care, Sean.
    Blessings, Sara

  22. Sean, please don't worry about reading and commenting on everyone's blogs. As wonderful as it feels to receive a comment from you, I know none of us would ever want that to come at the expense of your rest and your health! You're in a busy patch right now, so do what you can and let go of the rest. We're not going anywhere!

  23. Someone needs some sleeeeeeep. Hahaa.... Seriously take it easy dude


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