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Day 355 Amusement Park Planning and The "Anti-Jared" Interview

Day 355

Amusement Park Planning and The “Anti-Jared” Interview

The afternoon blogging worked perfectly yesterday. I was able to get everything done and manage to get double the sleep I normally get during the week. I sincerely appreciate your comments and support. Thank you for understanding my situation. Many showed considerable concern and it really touched me, thank you for really honestly caring, that means so much. I can't bring myself to stop blogging temporarily, even for a day. Why? Because it's been so critical to my success in understanding the complexities of this road. And that understanding, that education continues my friend. What I can do is make shorter post and set time limits for writing.

Courtney and I made a trip into the YMCA yesterday afternoon. I tried the elliptical and it absolutely killed my legs. Oh my, it was crazy burning on level 6. I was working muscles that obviously do not get the same workout with plain old walking. I did as much as I was willing to take and then I hit the weight room. I actually posted my blog before we worked out, then home for a bite to eat, a shower, and off to play rehearsal.

I arrived back to the house to a wonderful thing. All three of my special ladies were at home! Amber arrived a day early for the weekend! I was absolutely thrilled to see her. We all sat at the dining room table for a short visit before bed. We talked about several things including how wonderful it is to do things we could never do before. And that's when it hit us. We need to just pick a date and make a trip to the amusement park. So we did. September 19th we're all going to Frontier City in Oklahoma City. It'll be an amazing experience from a whole new perspective. I plan on riding everything the girls want to ride and even bungee jump! Why not? Let's live a little, right? A trip to Frontier City was always a miserable experience for me. I'd just stand there and hold stuff. Stand there and wait for everyone to have fun. It was always a bunch of walking, sitting, and watching thinner people have the time of their life. I'm going to be one of them for a change. I'm going to let my hair down so to speak and act like a kid for several hours. I'll ride 'em all, even though I really don't like rides. I say this judged on the tilt-a-whirl sickness of 1975. The carnival was in town and mom took me. I was only four years old so she rode the tilt-a-whirl with me. It didn't take that many revolutions before I started losing my lunch as we uncontrollably spun around. Every time we passed the ride operator my mom would scream “he's sick, stop the ride! Stop the ride!” After passing the guy several times and her repeating that desperate plea, he stopped the ride and brought in the water hose. No more “scary” rides for me. But the 19th will be different. I'll take some Dramamine before we arrive and I should be OK. You wouldn't believe how much I'm looking forward to this amazing day two weeks from now! I'm counting the days my friend. You can count on plenty of pictures and a few On The Go Videos on the blog day!! I guarantee...Oh it's going to be a blast. Did I just sound like a kid? Because these days I sometimes feel like one.

It was so nice waking up this morning and enjoying breakfast at a nice relaxed pace. It really started the day right. I had an egg white and cheese stuffed pita for 190 calories. It was incredibly filling and an awesome calorie value. Courtney sliced up some apples and I marinated them in lemon juice for my mid-morning snack. I love those things! I had a small chili for lunch from Wendy's for 215 calories (with two saltines) and I just enjoyed one and a half personal pita cheese pizzas. A simple cheese pita pizza comes in at a low 140 calories. So 210 for 1.5 of those tasty things---it's just an incredible calorie value. If it's filling, taste indulgent, is actually good for you, and has a really low calorie total----then that's an amazing calorie value! It always amazes me when people react with horror over the idea of only eating 1500 calories. “Only 1500? That's not a lot, is it?” Yes, it's plenty—if you budget them responsibly. I'm seriously never hungry. The only time I've felt hunger is every once in a while first thing in the morning. Then I eat something right then! Hunger be gone!!! And it is. And so is 209 pounds.

Irene and I have a “date” when I get home from play rehearsal. That's right! We're going out together for a late night stroll. It's something I'll look forward to all night!

Quick notes before I post this: The Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski interview is posted and ready for your listening pleasure. Tomorrow I've been invited to the OSU-Georgia game at Boone Pickens Stadium. It's an ABC national telecast in the United States, so look for me! I'm taking a camera and I'll bring back the pics! Can't wait to share them. I can't wait to sit comfortably in a stadium seat without crowding the people around me. That'll be nice. Very nice. I will be posting tomorrow night really late. The game will keep me from posting anything until probably early Sunday morning. I'm arriving early before the game to have lunch with mom...can't wait! We'll have to take a picture too if momma don't mind!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the new interview posted in the divShare player in the upper left hand corner of the blog. I'll have a section on the blog soon for interview archives, in case you miss one. Remember to vote for the next interview. The poll is on the left. Besides one of these, I hope to interview my girls real soon too. All three of them. I haven't decided if I'll do it individually or all together just yet, but I'll figure that out. I sincerely appreciate all the wonderful advice on slowing down. You're so right. With proper time management I think we can manage, you know? No time to waste. And when you think about this entire journey, it's been about no longer wasting time on morbid obesity. My best always friend. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. What? I wasn't done listening the last interview. Take Tony's blah-blah-blah down and put the other one back up. ;)

  2. Do not worry Jack, I will be down in a couple of days when Sean interviews the ever popular Jen a Prior Fat Girl or Mizfit!!

    Sean, you are a talent!!! It was a huge honor to be interviewed by you. You are born for media!!

  3. Okay, I actually listened to the interview and I have to admit that it was pretty good.

    And the intro was inspired, Sean.

    Nice going, both of you.

  4. Great interview. Baby in the background WAS a wonderful touch. I especially liked the "no gimmick" approach.
    Glad you blog daily.....I've been wanting to try your lo-cal personal pizzas. (tho I'm using Whole wheat sandwich thins instead of the pitas and loads of fresh basil from the garden.)

    keep the blogs and interviews coming. They help keep me motivated.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings about doing those things that you could NOT do brought me tears. I am happy for you and your family, and it also stirred up my anticipation for the day that I can also do those things that, until the weight is off, I can only watch others do. Thank you!

  6. I could totally relate to sharing the experiences of what you never were able to do before. I have the same feelings as you shared.

    I still remember being able to ride a roller coaster without worrying I was not going to fit.

    Thanks - and congratulations on your accomplishments.

  7. Looking so foward to frontier city!! Loved the interview...the intro was very funny baby!!
    So excited about our "date" and looking so foward to just spending some time with you (TLC)I miss you soooo much!!
    We will get it all together honey, we will work it all out and we will get through this schedule!! It is all worth it in the end and so proud of you for all that you do!! You will be AMAZING in your production and I cannot wait to see it!! Just happy for you buddy and so proud of you for going after your dreams!!
    xoxo love always xoxox
    UR buddy

  8. Great interview.

    I'm excited for you to go to the amusement park! What a day that will be for you!

  9. Another great interview! I remember finding his blog in my early days and I really liked Tony's no-nonsense, gettit done approach. I have tried to adopt this attitude in my journey.

    And aw, I am so pleased about the baby!

  10. As soon as I read "tilt-o-world", it brought back a memory of my own. It was 1976 and I rode that thing at a county fair, and promptly made my way back behind farm equipment and lost my cookies and then some, lol. Never rode it again. I don't do rides unless they have water with them. Don't ask me, but roller coasters with water don't bother me, anything else .. umm no way! So even if I was down to goal weight, I think I would still be left holding the bags, lol. Have fun with the family, you all deserve it! Blessings to you and yours!

  11. First of all, Jack cracks me up. I can't help it. Once again a very nice interview. This is such a great idea Sean. Dramamine doesn't work for me on amusement rides, good luck with that!

  12. My hubby will be SO JEALOUS of you going to the game! (He was Georgia born and raised, so unfortunately, you'd be on opposite cheering sections, though)
    Looking forward to hearing how much you enjoyed Frontierland when you go, too. Its amazing how different experiences are with a whole new body!
    And, just my opinion....
    I think a triplet interview of your lovely ladies would be the ticket - they'd feed off of each other and be all that much more entertaining.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Next summer I, too, am going to World's of Fun with my entire family, all 8 kids and my husband. We have never done that because we 'didn't have enough money', but the truth of the matter was I couldn't fit in the rides. How happy I am for you! You have earned every bit of happiness you have right now my friend.

  14. An OSU fan? Oh boy. You guys derailed my Mizzou Tigers season last year. *shaking my fist at you*
    Have fun at the game. OSU- 38 Georgia-35
    Go Big 12!

  15. Glad to hear you are planning a trip to Frontier City. I think that will be awesome for you guys to enjoy the day together!

    Way to go on time managment and getting more sleep than ususal. Keep it up!

  16. Hi Sean,

    I've been enjoying reading your whole archive! I'm in the middle of losing 200 pounds (150 of it for the second time, 75 of it for the third time), and am finding your discussions of the mental aspect very helpful. Every so often there will be a sentence that just strikes me to my heart with recognition. I'm 30 pounds into my 200 pound loss, and I intend to check in with you every day. I'm doing the writing part that you recommend in lengthy e-mails to a good friend who completely understands the issues.

    Thank you for your honesty and for your humor and your indestructible commitment.

  17. Great interview! I must go revisit Tony's blog, I have read some of it, but might look at it in a different light now.

    Amusement parks are awesome! Now I am going to have to make plans for one next spring...and I thought my son and I had finally outgrown them :D

  18. A great interview Sean and I loved the intro, super cool. I liked where Tony talked about having to do things differently than the typical person losing weight because of where he was coming from, very true.

    I'm so excited for you and the family going to the amusement park. I just love the idea of you all getting to ride together.

    Yea, don't over do it with your schedule, remember what's most important to you.

  19. You live in Ok? If so, we are not far from each other! :)

  20. **bows in awe**

    I adore the antijared!!!

  21. I have fallen behind in my blog reading, specifically the ones I cherish most.

    I wish I would have read the BIG ONE when it happened= Congratulations on your superduperpooper weigh in!!!! I cannot imagine what it was like. When I get below the 200 mark it will be monumental...

    Interview a lady?? There are many who have amazing stories about getting through their own weight struggles.

  22. Fixing to run out the door and go shopping with my mom...but I'll be back later this evening to listen to Tony's interview! And I'm glad you finally set the date to visit an amusement're going to have a blast! :)

  23. Congratulations on being the biggest winner on Ang's blog.

  24. Bungee Jumping? Get ready to have perma-grin. I jumped off a crane years ago and my heart still races when I think about it or watch the video. Enjoy the rides!

  25. Where's the interview?!?!?! I can't find it.

  26. Where's the interview?!?!?! I can't find it.


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