Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 481 Let's Not Get Too Excited and Smiling Through The Soreness

Day 481

Let's Not Get Too Excited and Smiling Through The Soreness

The more I look at these “top secret—soon to be released” photos and the more I gaze into the mirror with a critical eye, the more I'm realizing Melissa is right. We need to re-calculate that body fat percentage. 14.7% was nice to think about and believe for a second, but it's got to be higher than that. We'll find out before the weekend is over. It doesn't matter to me what the number turns out to be, it's all good, and I'm headed even lower than where I am---and I guarantee, whatever it is--- it's dramatically lower than the 54% I remember from so long ago. But yeah, I really wish I would have held off on announcing that number until we were confident with the accuracy. The caliper pinch in the upper body and leg wasn't the issue, it was the caliper pinch right of my belly button amid a considerable amount of loose skin that may have given the inaccurate reading. Melissa was the first to question the number. Right in the middle of my happy dance—it was hey, not so fast! Like winning the big lottery and then lottery officials telling you the extra zero on that check was a mistake—that kind of makes a difference huh?. Oh well, I still win! And besides---this isn't luck, no-this is a choice made. I'm on this road because I've chosen change. And change is good---and change is getting me where I'm headed in a wonderful way. It will not be long before 14.7% body fat is too high for me. Yep, that day might not be today, but that day is coming.

I've been through two of these targeted workouts and I'm telling you, my soreness level is beyond what it was the day after the 10K. Walking up and down stairs is a fun reminder of my muscle wake up call. I have to smile when I'm sore because it means something special to me. It's a good sore, soreness of positive and deliberate change is the best kind.

Mom and I chose to sleep late today. Instead of 4am, we jumped up at 5am—not too late, early enough to get ready and grab a good breakfast on the way to the studio. We stopped at the McDonald's drive-thru and ordered some scrambled whole eggs and some yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. The calories in those eggs are considerably higher than if we had prepared them at home, but once in a while, in a pinch---I'll allow them. Our choices were good and breakfast was served with headphones and a microphone! Mom sounds so good on the air, she really does. When she opens up and really talks—it's pure smoothness. If I could, I'd make it “Sean and Mom in the Morning” everyday. It's a blast! Jodi, a longtime reader, asked if there was any way to listen outside our broadcast area, and unfortunately there isn't right now. Licensing for a 100% webcast of everything we air would be rather expensive.

We brought apples for a mid-morning snack and then decided on an early lunch instead. We dined at Wendy's for lunch. Wow, this really sounds horrible! We're not even to noon yet and we've already enjoyed two fast food places. Relax and ask anyone that knows---if you're going to pick a fast food place that offers great choices, Wendy's can't be beat. We both ordered a small chili for 190 calories and a grilled chicken wrap, minus the dressing—plus regular mustard. The entire lunch was 400 calories and very filling! I took mom back to the apartment before heading back to the studio for the rest of my workday. On the way home I stopped by the store and grabbed some chicken breast and green beans. I decided that tonight we were having a home cooked meal for a change! The Foreman Grill was perfect for this plan, although I do miss the flavor of my big outdoor grill. That big thing is in Irene's front yard now, no room at the apartment. I guess we could put it on the balcony, but I suspect there's a policy against grills out there. I've looked around and haven't found anyone else with a grill on their balcony. Oh well, the Foreman was good—and did exactly what we needed.

Courtney was with friends and staying at her mom's place. She'll be back home tomorrow, tonight was just dinner for two. I prepared the chicken, green beans, and even some mashed potatoes with a tablespoon of brown gravy!! The entire meal checked in at 380 calories. Now that's a great calorie value dinner!

I spent the evening visiting with mom before we traveled over to Irene's place for a little visit. Upon our return I changed into my workout clothes and hit the fitness room. I'm loving the feeling and attitude I have these days. I can clearly see where we're headed and it is a grand place. My workout was awesome! I warmed up on the treadmill for a mile then quickly got into position for the squats. Oh my goodness, these aren't so easy when you're already sore. It was tough getting to 20 reps, but with a little grunting and groaning---and primal screaming, OK---maybe not screaming, after all, we're in an apartment, I got it done---Along with two sets of each movement prescribed by Melissa. The stretching is amazing. I honestly never stretched before, not like this. It's a wonderful thing indeed!

I loaded up an omelet tonight with whole eggs, mushrooms, and mozzarella. I was trying to hit the 1800 calorie limit. With a banana on the side, I was successful. I've been doing 1500 calories for so long, and it's served me so well, it's taking some mental adjustments to accept this change. I know it's what my body needs me to do, so I do it.

My new no smoking policy is getting easier and easier to handle. I have my moments of crazy craving, and then it passes. After I eat and while I'm driving are a little tough, I certainly see what a routine it had become. It was a habit and a routine---I'd made it part of my natural day to day. I feel like my nicotine dependency isn't the issue now, it's the routine breaking that provides the challenge. I'm winning the fight and it feels so good!

This is definitely a new chapter in our development. Thank you for reading. Many more wonderful chapters ahead my friend! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Hey Sean, please think about giving up McDonald's all together. There is nothing there that is any good. All crap, garbage, yuck.

    If you're interested I would be pleased to tell you what is really in their food, and then I guarantee you wont go back.

    Looking good my friend. Looking good :)


  2. Sean ... I'm definitely no expert on this weight loss thing, since I'm struggling to get my weight off, however, one thing I do know is fast food is bad, whether if falls into your "calorie bank" or not. There is so much sodium in that stuff. That in itself makes your body hold onto too much water. Maybe you need to work on your time management. You could pack up everything for a few days at a time if need be so that when you run out of the house early in the morning you don't need to make those stops at McD's. You seem to justify those stops but as you are aware it's getting harder and harder to get those pounds off. You are doing a fabulous job and looking absolutely handsome. By the way, I'm so proud of the non smoker in you. Keep it up.

  3. Have you tried those Kashi blackberry graham bars? Soooo good, easy, on-the-go food...breakfast, snack, dessert, etc. Only 110 calories, and if I remember correctly there's no HFCS in them either. On the mornings you're running late, you can grab one of those and a piece of fruit for breakfast. Easy, fast and healthy. :)

  4. Oh Sean, people do love you, and want you to be healthy. :-)
    But, that is one of the reasons I don't post my menu... I am not a "perfectly" healthy eater yet. I must keep it simple still. I AM working on making better, healthier nutritional choices, but I'm not there yet. I go thru phases, I guess.

    I totally get it when you talk about your calorie bank, and keeping it in line. And I remember your past post explaining that you are aware you need to work on the nutritional aspects of your choices, but just can't do it all at the same time YET. That's me, too, so I understand. You will get there. I will get there.

    In the meantime, it must be a cozy feeling to know so many people are rooting for you and wanting to offer kind suggestions to get you all healthi-fied. Progress, not perfection.
    And you are making amazing progress!

  5. I'm going out on a dangerous limb here and will suggest that it is normal and even wise to be able to slowly integrate fast food offerings into your meal choices. We all know that they are generally not healthy, but they are a part of American life. It is unlikely we will eliminate them from our choices forever. Good for you to be able to choose wisely when you have few other meal choices.

  6. You are such an inspiration! I don't care if you are eating at McDonald's or where--you are being self disciplined. Life is not perfect and sometimes we have to eat fastfood to feel like "normal." Believe I tried the healthy eating--no sugar, breads or red meat for a year. Everything I put in my mouth was healthy. I went to the extreme, lost weight only to gain it back. I thought I had it under control, but it is all about balance. Now, I am trying to lose weight, but I am trying to be realistic about it. You are on the right path, and I pray that God will continue to use you to inspire the rest of us on this journey.

  7. I most certainly WILL eliminate all fast food from my life forever. If you knew what I know you wouldnt eat it either.

  8. Congratulations on another day without smoking, and on meeting all the rest of your goals, too. It must be wonderful to have your mom with you like that! You're right that the nicotine addition isn't you biggest challenge anymore. Cigarettes are habitually more addictive than almost any other drug, legal or otherwise. Hang in there, you can definitely do it! You broke the hold morbid obesity had over you, can definitely take on a few measly cigarettes.

  9. I just discovered your blog and I really am inspired by it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. LOL... when I quit smoking I had such a hard time with reaching for the cigarettes. I'd be reaching into my purse, searching, and not even realize what I was looking, then I'd realize I was looking for cigarette! Such a habit!

    I took up crochet and kept my hands busy all the time, it helped. Of course you might not find that too appealing... lol

    You'll get over the habit in time.

  11. You are doing great on the no smoking and I think you need to do what works for you!You seem to be on a roll!!! So keep doing it!

  12. Giving up smoking was a great choice I reckon!


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