Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 497 Why So Serious? And Some Much Needed Comic Relief

Day 497

Why So Serious? And Some Much Needed Comic Relief

I wasn't in the mood for breakfast this morning. What? But Sean, breakfast is something you don't ever miss right? That's right. But since it was close to lunch time when I hit the floor, I decided to eat a lunch type meal first. I grilled a chicken breast to absolute perfection on the Foreman and surrounded the thing with about four servings of green beans. I really need to go shopping. I could have fixed a rice type side dish, but I'm not big on rice or it's calories.

I decided to hit the fitness room not long after lunch. It was a workout. Not the greatest in the world, but I was moving---and to be honest, some days I just feel like that. I'll forgive myself for not giving it a “Biggest Loser” style effort today. Who am I kidding? I've never given it that kind of effort. I'm thinking of buying Jillian's Shred DVD. I have friends that were just appalled at that last sentence, and others that would applaud. Here's the deal: In the last week I've had three different people, independent of each other, tell me what an amazing workout her DVD was for them. If I do buy one, I may need to take a DVD player to the fitness room downstairs because I'm not so sure my downstairs neighbor would appreciate me jumping and Jillian yelling. Does she yell on those DVD's? Hmmm...I might need that.

In reading some of my recent blog postings, I can't help but notice the seriousness of some of the subjects. I've said many times that I don't like dramatics, and that's true. But this journey can get very serious sometimes. Maybe avoiding the seriousness in past weight loss attempts contributed to their failure. Then I thought, I've had a lot of laughs along the way too! When I think of laughing, I can't help but think of the time I was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt (it wouldn't fit around my 500 plus pound body) and I tried to convince the officer I was getting serious about losing weight. That's not funny really, but the fact that I had a couple of hot fresh steaming bags of McDonald's in the seat right below his nose, yeah...that was funny. It's time to bring that one back. Here's the excerpt from Day 25 Mentally Ready and The McSeatbelt:

A few months ago I was getting ready to head home one evening when I decided that instead of cooking, we would have McDonalds. I drove to the drive through and loaded up with nearly twenty bucks and 4500 calories worth of double cheeseburgers, Quarter Pounders with Cheese, a Filet-O-Fish with extra tarter sauce, and another bag dedicated to the fries. We were going large that night. I was nearly three blocks away from home when a motorcycle police officer pulled me over. He walked up to the passenger side window and stuck his head in right above all that food. I can't believe he didn't sneak a fry or two, they were right there in his face and the hypnotizing aroma filled the van. He told me that he was pulling me over because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I want to wear it, and I've tried to wear it, I've even given myself a charley horse in my side trying to buckle that thing, it just will not click. So I told him that I couldn't wear the seatbelt because it didn't fit...I went on to tell him that I was working on losing the weight (a lie at the time) and soon I would be able to click the seatbelt without giving myself a hernia in the attempt. He told me to wait right there, and he went back to his motorbike. I don't know what he was saying on his radio, but I can only imagine the story he told to his fellow officers about the guy who couldn't fit in the seatbelt... “then he said he was working on losing weight...the guy had 23 McDonalds bags in the front seat!”. It was real hard to keep a straight face when I told him that I was trying to lose weight while all the hot food right beside me was wafting in his face. He came back and told me that after considering the circumstances he would give me a warning this time, and that I needed to look into getting some seatbelt extenders. I guarantee he re-told that story when he got home... “you wouldn't believe the guy I pulled over today”. Before he walked away I really wanted to tell him that the food wasn't all for me. I didn't, I was too embarrassed to say anything but thank you. When I got home I told my family about the traffic stop, and despite the seriousness of not being able to fit in a seat belt, we couldn't help but laugh at that slice of comedy gold, then we ate everything in those 23 bags...actually it was only two bags. Day 26 and the beginning of another weekend is only hours away. Thank you for reading this blog, your feedback and support is sincerely appreciated.

You can laugh, go ahead. That's one hilarious situation. Sure it's sad and very serious on many levels too, but sometimes you just have to laugh. I love to laugh. I need to remind myself to do that more. Don't we all?

After my show tomorrow I'm headed to Tulsa for a photo shoot with the Tulsa World. I'm excited! On the way back home I'm stopping in Stillwater to talk to a gentleman about my story. The guys family hopes that my story might inspire him. It's risky, I know, and not something I would normally do...but I will do it for a really good friend who has never said no to me on anything. I can't say no to him now even though I fully understand that unless a person is ready to be inspired, ready to change, and accepting of their urgent need---they just might be offended and hurt instead of inspired and grateful. That's just a chance we'll take this time. I have the entire drive to Tulsa and back to get my carefully chosen words in order. And of course I'm not stopping in Stillwater without seeing my mom! Couldn't do it, wouldn't want to miss seeing her. She's so wonderful. I spoke with her earlier and she had just finished walking. She's a proud momma, and I'm I couldn't be more proud of her for the commitment she's made in losing weight and exercising. She's going to do this!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. the McSeatbelt is a great story...just another marker of just how far you have come. Have a great day!

  2. Good luck in Tulsa and with speaking to the gentleman about his weight. And just so you know, Jillian doesn't yell on the DVD. :)

  3. Fat Daddy has been ranting about Jillian and her Shred for a couple of weeks. I think she does yell on that DVD.

  4. Great post. My heart couldn't help but hurt a little for the old Sean in that situation. You are wonderful.

  5. I have her 30 Day Shred and it is a nice little 20 of the longest minutes of my life workout! Good luck with trying to inspire. I hope he really wants to change. It would be wonderful

  6. The McSeatbelt! Great idea, Angie! If we all keep supporting the fast food chains, they're going to have to start selling seatbelt extenders. Oh the humanity.

  7. I didn't laugh..but I am not a morning person.
    I am one of those 'in a serious mood' kicks.
    I don't know why, maybe it's january, maybe it's haiti. Most of the time I am goofy but I have had some serious thoughts lately.
    I am glad, glad, glad that right now, not only would you be wearing your seat belt, but if there was a mcdonalds bag in your car, it would contain yogurt...NOT A FRIED FISH SANDWICH WITH EXTRA TARTAR SAUCE.

  8. Funny. I have used the excuse "I am fat" on several occasions. Usually when I don't want flack for what I am doing. Its like saying those words shocks people into dumbly standing there with their mouths open. I can't help it, I am so honest, my friends call me "Frank" so when I grab two towels at the gym (because I have three classes that day)and they shout "only one!" I retort "I'm fat" and they don't chase me down the hall for the extra towel. Now I am not so fat I really need two to dry myself properly, but I am so fat I need to be in there for more than one class at a time and showering in between or drying off from the pool in between is necessary.... so see it is still because I am fat.

    Funny how we see the way we made ourselves as an excuse later to not have to follow rules huh????

  9. I think we need to laugh. They say it is healthy. Being the fat kid/adult I have always been the funny one. Maybe through masking how uncomfortable I was in a lot of situations, or maybe to have an illusion that I some how fit in even though being fat. I think it is great your going to have an intervention as you will. Just think if you changed his life. This blog helps, but that one-on-one support would be the best. In treating any addition they first have to realize there is an issue.

    Follow me on my journey
    "I Hate Green Apples"

  10. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

  11. You know... that was one of my Ah-Ha moments... got on a plane and could not get the seatbelt on. Very funny story about the cop!! Thanks for the laugh!

  12. Hi Sean. Lying to police officers ... tsk tsk.

    Enjoy your photoshoot. As for the guy your friend wants to help - I think all you can do is tell him your own story. Nothing directly at him. But your story is incredibly inspirational so it will have an impact, even if not immediately. It will show him that IT CAN BE DONE. Belief. It is essential.

    Good luck,
    Bearfriend xx

  13. Hi Sean. You can preview the DVD on I have the DVD, and I use it in my regular workout DVD rotation regularly. If you really want a challenge, try her Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD, or BFBM for short. I have that one too - it's tough! Break a leg with your photo shoot!


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