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Day 485 Refreshing The Mix Tape In My Head and A Timely Reminder About Time

Day 485

Refreshing The Mix Tape In My Head and A Timely Reminder About Time

I went back into the archives today and read Day 327. It's the post I've read the most out of all I've written. I've probably read that nugget of self therapy twenty times. What struck me tonight was the date. I posted that on August 7th, five months ago...and since then, I've lost an average of six pounds per month. I lost 201 pounds in ten and a half months and only 31 in the last five. That's a slow down my friend. After driving myself crazy trying to analyze what changed and why such a dramatic slowdown, I had to re-visit another post even further back in the archives to remind me that it's OK. Day 189 provided this:

Time doesn't really care what we do. Time keeps moving right along like clockwork, uh, it is clockwork. No matter what we do in the next twelve months, good or bad, it's still going to be March 22, 2010 in one year. Time is a constant, that's a pretty simple statement. But it's one I really had to wrap myself around. I had to dig deep to battle my impatient personality. I finally realized that I really needed to forget about time. Time doesn't need me to worry about it, it'll keep moving right along without any help or hindrance. Instead of focusing on how much time it's going to take, I had to focus on what I needed to do each day to succeed. And then when I do take the time to notice the time, I'm happy with the progress I've made and continue to make. It's day 189 by golly, 189! I've lost over 131 pounds! That's almost three quarters of a pound a day! You can tell that I don't really pay much attention to time because on March 15th's blog I didn't mention the fact that it was exactly the sixth month mark of this journey. It totally escaped me. Will it take a year total to reach my goal? Maybe it takes another year from now? Who cares! I'll be there when I get there, then I'll look at the clock and marvel at how far I've come in such a relatively short time. I didn't grow to over 500 pounds in a year or a year and a half, but I can get to my ideal weight in that time? I guess time really is on my side huh? We've all been in a situation where we were watching the seconds tick by on a clock conveniently positioned near our face. Maybe you were in class, or in a doctors office, or at work. When you constantly focus on the clock it can feel like forever! That's why I don't. Time will do it's thing, and I'll do mine, we'll meet up later in a triumphant celebration of accomplishment.

I've plowed right down to 16.5% body fat, no wonder it's slowed to a crawl! And really---time doesn't matter. Time can sting harshly when we look at a calendar and envision what could have been had we committed ourselves to change. Oh yes-- “calendar regret.” I remember it so well from all the failed attempts of my weight loss past. I would mark up entire calendars with goal weights---all the way through the year---and then be tortured all year long as it reminded me of where I could have been but wasn't. I don't have that regret anymore. I look at the calendar and smile. The last sixteen months have been nothing short of forever life changing. Time was always on my side---I just had to stop focusing on the time. And this time, I never took the time to write out the goal weights for the entire calendar---I was too busy losing weight and feeling great to even notice. I must always remember that attitude. It's served me well.

And what was I going back to Day 327 for anyway? Just refreshing the mix tape of my mind, that's all.

I was running late this morning and that meant a crazy breakfast. I threw a frozen chicken breast on the Foreman Grill and jumped in the shower. By the time I was dressed and ready, it was ready to eat---I didn't have time to eat yet. I packed it in a sack with an apple and away I traveled through the freezing fog into radio land. I enjoyed the unconventional breakfast during the first part of my show. It was pretty good too. We're back to some egg whites with mushrooms and peppers and perhaps some oatmeal in the morning---I'm a conventional kind of guy I guess.

I came home for lunch and enjoyed some low sodium-low calorie Progresso Light soup. Ah yes---I did accept that promotional offer from General Mills. Free soup? And Progresso no less? Sign me up! I will be sharing details with you about Progresso Light Soups and a wonderful contest they have for you in the coming days. However, I probably will not accept another of these type of offers anytime soon. With Progresso it was an easy yes because I love soup and it works very well in my calorie budget. But I certainly don't want to tarnish the integrity of this blog by commercializing my message. Maybe I should have also read Day 165 while I was digging into the archives today. Anyway—Progresso Light, especially the lower sodium varieties are tremendous soups. I highly recommend them. I really do. Please consider buying them. Ok?

The soup for lunch was wonderful and after a few more hours I enjoyed a banana and another apple. Melissa is wanting me to make sure I'm consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That's a good plan, I know it is---and really, that's not that hard to do. I can't believe how many years I didn't!

I was on my way out the door for a workout at the YMCA when my text message alert went off. It was a friend asking me if I was watching the Biggest Loser. I wasn't, so I replied that I was headed to the gym for a good workout instead. I've already invested over an hour on that show---and it's so easy to get emotionally involved—so I just don't. Instead of sitting there watching and crying right along with these wonderful people (because I can relate so well), I'd rather be doing what they're doing. Working this body into shape!

I opted for the YMCA tonight instead of the fitness room downstairs. I wanted to hit that weight room good and hard---and I did. I'm going to be so sore in the morning. Most of the movements Melissa is having me do rely solely on my own body weight for resistance, which is wonderful, but I wanted access to the free weights as well. It was nice. I might have looked silly occasionally---down there doing exercises without using any weights or machines, but I don't care. I was there...and I'm going to someday own every weight in that place. Not literally “own” it, but own it---you know what I mean. After the weight room I headed up to the fitness center for some cardio. The weights and exercises already had my metabolism and heart pumping and the cardio offered a real efficient burn afterward. I did a mile on the treadmill and then jumped into the racquetball court for some one on one with the wall. I was flying high my friend. It was sweet.

Thank you for reading! I just talked with Amber and she told me she's doing wonderful and plans on updating her blog tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day she gets weighed and her body fat calculated by her wellness professor. She'll have plenty to report. She expressed to me that she just doesn't have time to blog everyday and I totally agree. Her studies and school schedule take priority. I told her to just update when she can and keep up the great work. I honestly can't remember her ever being this excited about this journey. She's pumped and it comes through in her voice. I'm so proud of her. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I tried reading some of my earlier blog posts...part of me recognizes some of the old me vs. the new me...but it's getting harder to remember that person.
    It's like the difference between 18 and 36.
    Except it happened in 7 months.
    Good job. You are losing slower cause you have less to lose.
    It's the way of weight loss.
    However, now 1 lb is alot more noticeable coming off than it was before.
    It all evens out.

  2. I'm always frown and shake my head when my sisters who weights 128 pounds tells me, "I've gained two pounds and I can really tell."

    Really? Just two pounds! And you can TELL!?

    The truth is you are getting to that point, just like cmoursler said, 1 lb is going to start making a difference. You just don't have the body fat to drop 10 pounds a week now. Maybe you should start getting used to it :)

    Conveniently, I scheduled my workout rest days for Tuesday to watch the biggest loser, haha. I have never watched a whole season before, so this is the first one for me. I can completely understand how you could become emotionally vested in the show, because I certainly am.

    Don't like soup, but thanks! I'm glad you had a good workout and I hope you have a great day!

  3. my first real gym work out today i am assuming i will be sore in the morning. I really enjoy the machines i am hoping to build some muscle as i lose i am hoping that the weightloss gets a bit of a jolt

  4. You are doing so well in so many other important ways. Building muscle, stopping smoking, forging a new life for yourself. And you are still losing weight, overall, even if one weigh-in wasn't the result you wanted, the bigger picture is an overall loss.

    Well done!

  5. Body weight exercises are fantastic. The good Old School push ups, pull ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, lunges, squats CANNOT be beat. You can eventually hold heavy weights while doing all of them to add challenge. There are lots of bodyweight websites with great info. One pound a week is STILL quite an accomplishment...esp with quitting smoking at the same time. Love the blog....been following for a long time while I lost 68 pounds. Thanks for the help in my journey.

  6. This blog must be therapy for you Sean..and believe it or not, it's therapy for me too. Good for you to have exercised instead of watching the B.L. show. You seem to be refocusing yourself..good for you! Take care.

  7. Sounds like you're doing just fine....glad you got in a great workout! :)

  8. I swim on the nights biggest loser airs so I watch online a week later when I have time from their website. The only issue I have with the show is the fluff, selling products etc... why not promote good workout gear for any size???? instead of gum?

  9. I exercise during Biggest Loser. Well, not during exactly. I tape it and watch it the next morning while running on the treadmill. By fastforwarding through the fluff, I got a 53 minute run in today. I have to admit, whenever they talk to the 527 lb. guy I think of you and how you must have felt like him way back when.

    Pop by my blog if you have a chance, there's an award for you.

  10. Sean, I totally feel the same way at the gym, where all the muscle-bound guys are lifting a gazillion pounds, that I'm there doing body weight exercise (lunges, squats, pushups, etc.). But you know what? I'm not doing this for anyone else, so I don't really care if I look silly! Keep up the great work - your blog is so encouraging!

  11. I never really watched biggest loser until this season, and when I do watch it, if I haven't already worked out then I exercise as I watch it, but I usually am done with my work out and winding down for the night by then.

  12. I love the biggest loser - I find it motivating; like reading this blog. I skipped back in time to read your Day 1 and Day 2 posts. Good choices, indeed!


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