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Day 493 Readjusting My Calorie Pace and Weigh Day Results

Day 493

Readjusting My Calorie Pace and Weigh Day Results

Today was one of those days. It was really good. Usually when I start with “today was one of those days,” it's bad, but no—today was nice. I want to thank some of my blogger friends for awarding me some fantastic blogger awards. Helen, Rach at Onewhocares, and Ann H are the latest in the blogging community to honor me with such a thing. It feels really good to be recognized, it does. You know me---I'm not good with award rules. I'm already an open book in my daily writings, so I can't imagine mentioning anything that a regular reader (especially one who's read 'em all) doesn't already know. And the passing the award on part---well, the last time I did this, it just killed me leaving some people out. I have too many blogging friends to pick just ten, or even twenty---I want to include them all! I hope you don't think I'm being a poor sport or an ungracious recipient. I sincerely thank you for the support!

I increased my breakfast today. I enjoyed an egg white omelet with green bell pepper chunks and American cheese and a serving of steel cut oats. It was very nice! This is part of my effort to readjust my “calorie pace” for consuming 1800 calories, instead of 1500 like I've done for so long. I'd rather eat more earlier than try to load up late in the evening just for the sake of hitting 1800. I know it irritates some when I talk about “having trouble” getting all of my calories consumed. Trust me---it's a problem that's completely foreign to me too. I'm so comfortable with my calorie pace and every three to four hour eating routine, but unfortunately---so is my body. I haven't thrown it a curve ball in a very long time. My body has adjusted to this, has for some time, and I know it's contributed to my significant weight loss slow down the last several months. I had to smile when I read 45+ and aspiring's comment on yesterday's post: Sean, I have to say that I find it stunning (and I love ya buddy, but also a bit annoying) that you can have so many calories at the end of the day. I just can't imagine not getting hungry or at least being in situations and times where others are eating--that "time to eat" thing. I understand and appreciate your perspective my friend! Adding more calories throughout the day and starting with breakfast will certainly help me avoid this 'calorie pace' issue.

Today was weigh day. I've added calories and I've stepped up my workouts with strength training exercises. I've almost cut out eating out the last two weeks too. If ever I thought I would see a five pound loss again---it was today. But instead, I grabbed a three pound loss. That's good, that's awesome really—no complaints here. It's still going down. But, I know as I progress in the weight training arena---I'm going to have to reinvent my measuring stick. I honestly feel like I can go down further before this re-shaping and building starts effecting me with “good” weight gain. This loss brings my total pounds lost mark to 234. My current weight: 271. That's really cool. I love it!

The interview with the Tulsa World newspaper reporter was good. It'll be interesting to read how he fashions the story from our conversation and the archives of this blog. When the story is released, I'll be sure to provide a link to their site. I'll still pick up some hard copies at the news stand, but I'm sure it will also be a part of their online content.

My left arm is really hurting. It's effecting my workout tremendously. I've talked with friends who know all about this kind of stuff, and I consulted with Melissa Walden too. Everyone agrees ice and letting it rest is the best move right now. If the pain persist, I may need to see the doctor. I must pay close attention when I'm being taught about proper form. This elbow injury is minor, I'm sure, but also completely avoidable with proper form. I was just in a hurry and tried to do too much while training alone. That'll teach me! I need to pay closer attention!

I prepared some beef fajitas tonight---using a whole wheat wrap to roll it up. I added some onions and green pepper too. It was fabulous! Courtney is with mom tonight, so I'm solo again. I'm starting to adjust to this part of my journey. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends for helping me in this regard.

I usually grab a nap in the late afternoon-early evening. A friend of mine suggested working out instead and then going to bed at a decent hour. I still dropped onto the pillow later than I should have—but I didn't nap. I know this will be a vital element in getting my sleep schedule in proper order.

Thank you for reading and offering your support. I'm so grateful for friends along this road. This transformation stuff is sometimes complicated mentally and physically, but it's worth every bit of effort. It's so worth the effort. Thank you again. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. good solid weight loss :) well done Sean...

  2. Excellent progress. I think the elbow injury officially makes you an athlete ;-)

    I agree with 45+ - very rarely could I go a whole day and have so many calories left over. In fact, I think if I did it would almost have to be a planned fast!

    Congrats on keeping the scale moving downward. 3 lbs. in two weeks is probably right where you should be at this point.

  3. Good for you Sean, keep up the fabulous work

  4. Woohoo! A 3 pound loss!! That is awesome. I'll admit I was scared to look at your weigh in results, I was worried that due to the strength training you may have gained a lot of muscle. But it appears that you've gained muscle and lost fat, and dude, that is awesome! You are so close to being under 270! How exciting!!

    Okay, lol, I obviously live my life vicariously through others sometimes.

    I can completely see how eating more than 1500 calories could be a challenge. Right now, for me, it wouldn't be...but hopefully someday I will get there. What a wonderful problem to have, right? And I think it is a good thing you are trying to eat earlier in the day.

    Have a great day Sean! My weigh in is tomorrow. Cross your fingers, I might be below 190!! :)

    Here's hoping,

  5. That's another great week over! Congrats

  6. Yeah, you killed me when you said you had only eaten 575 cals by jaw hit the floor, lol. I can eat that many by 11am. :)

    I'm proud of your loss and for the effort you're putting forth with raising the calories and starting the strength training. You're going to lose the results that this change will produce. Getting stronger and firmer is an awesome feeling. :)

  7. Hi Sean. That's wonderful! You're obviously doing all the right things to get your weight going down again.

    It's so great that you didn't let one gain throw you off track at all. It's a lesson to us all. Your attitude throughout this has been phenomenal!

    Bearfriend xx

  8. I think the emotional and the logical when it comes to weight loss are two very different animals and you are learning how to take care of both. grats on your 3 pounds too!

  9. I agree that the injury makes you an athlete :) And I can eat 575 calories in ONE meal! :)

    Keep up the great work.

  10. I've never been much of a napper, but I do try to get plenty of sleep. I go too hard not to...

    Way to get the losing train moving along the tracks again. That's how we do things up in here...

  11. Sean, congratulations on another great weigh in! I think getting enough sleep will be another key for you going forward. Hang in there with your injury!

  12. Glad you appreciated mmy comment. . was concerned I might have irked you with the other advice.

    Are you taking an anti-inflammtory too for your elbow injury? You should take ibuprofen (advil) or naproxen sodium (aleve)--take the max dose a day for a few days, it will help.

  13. wow, 3 lbs. That is fascinating.
    hmmm...and before you were struggling to lose at 1500. looks like the increased intake and increased exercise really made a difference...something to keep in mind.

  14. Well done Sean. And I am really pleased you have taken the step of increasing calories to shift the weight. So many people refuse to see that option!
    You truly are inspiring.

  15. (PS In case you are unaware of how global your blog is.. I am from Melbourne, Australia)


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