Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 502 Can't Help The Passion and Come Grocery Shopping With Me!

Day 502

Can't Help The Passion and Come Grocery Shopping With Me!

I have to give enormous thanks to everyone that responded to my Day 501 post. The comments, emails, facebook messages, and personal phone calls were just incredible. Thank you! It is my sincerest wish that I didn't offend anyone at the Tulsa World. I simply wanted to clarify “how I did it,” and yes, fast food has been a part of this road, but a very small part. I couldn't let the moment pass without clarifying my weight loss philosophy. I'm very passionate about what I've learned along this journey and sometimes passion can be mistaken for fanaticism. When you discover the truth, and the truth sets you free, then how can you not passionately share the details? I had to write Day 501, because that's “how I did it.” And we're not done are we? Nope, not done! I've still got fat to lose and muscle to gain, and even when this transformation is “done,” my passion in sharing what I've learned will continue. I will happily spend the rest of my life sharing my story in hopes that it might spark something inside someone feeling hopeless to change. I felt hopeless to change for way too long. Not anymore.

My Friday was far from typical. Long hours at work and lack of proper food planning resulted in a too long stretch without food. I typically eat something every three to four hours, but today included a nine hour fast that left my metabolism wondering what happened? I was in such a rush when I headed to the studio, I didn't even dress properly (workout pants), let alone grab food. Except for sleeping, that nine hour fast might be some kind of a record for me. I'm not proud of that, but seriously, I'm not sure if I've ever lasted nine hours without eating something. I'm not worried about it either. Again, atypical, no worries.

When I did find some down time today, I chose sleep over working out. I took a monumental nap that was close to being a typical night's rest for me. After my nap, it was back to the studio for work, before ushering in a much needed weekend that started with a late night grocery shopping trip.

Grocery shopping is so different for me now. It was always so fast and easy, if it looked good---throw it in the basket! These days, just running after a few items can take a little while---because I'm reading labels and calculating calories for everything. It's not a pain at all, in fact it's rather enjoyable as long as I'm not in a big hurry. The extra time and thought I put into my grocery selections are well worth the effort, believe me! I'm really disappointed that I'm not able to find Josephs flax seed, oat bran, and whole wheat pitas anymore. I was hoping they would bring them back. Those things were perfect little 60 calorie foundations for my homemade personal pizzas. I settled for the Flat Out brand of flatbread. They're 90 calories with 9 grams of fiber, which I love, and they do make a good size pizza---but the Joseph's pitas are my favorite.

I spend more time in the produce section these days. I grabbed fresh mushrooms (a staple around here), green and red bell peppers, some tomatoes, an onion, bananas, and apples. I'm still not crazy about lettuce or fresh spinach, but I may get there someday. I grabbed some eggs too (another staple). A friend of mine who reads this blog everyday and has “converted” to the low calorie sensation of the egg white omelet, told me that he bought five dozen at one time. Wow, five dozen? I buy 18 packs, but maybe I should buy the 60 pack. I use at least four every time I make an egg white omelet. If I'm making for more than just me, then you can see how they go pretty fast. Chicken breast is another thing I keep around most always. It's so easy to throw one on the Foreman, even frozen, and in minutes it's perfectly ready to enjoy. I just recently discovered the low calorie count of shrimp. I guess I could never see it before for all the breading and deep frying, but take the added calories of that away, and you have a very low calorie treat. Huh, why haven't I discovered the calorie friendly shrimp before now? I grabbed some tonight! Thank you for coming along on this grocery trip!

I was hungry and exhausted by the time I walked through my front door tonight. I prepared a Flat Out chicken pizza wrap that was fast, easy, and absolutely filling! I stayed up long enough to let it settle, then I collapsed. I'm looking forward to a much slower paced weekend!

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Buy a carton of egg whites...cheaper, no waste and easier! They are located right by the eggbeaters (which are just egg whites with yellow coloring!) :o)

  2. I bought some thin crust pizza's that are 750 calories, and is a great treat. I count calories and do 1800 a day. How has your switch to the 1800 a day now been?

    See my weight loss journey

  3. Those Joseph Pita's are excellent...sometimes if you speak to a manager they will order items for you...worth a try

  4. I was going to say the same as Tina. Buy the cartons of egg whites. Way cheaper for sure. I use one egg and then some egg whites and it turns out great. Not such a waste of eggs. Let us know if they work out for you.

  5. what is a flat out chicken pizza wrap...sounds good and I need one new recipe for the coming week.

  6. What cmoursler said.

    We love shrimp. . . buy it it in frozen bags and thaw under running water the amount we want. . .great in tacos. . great in stir fry. . .great with whole wheat pasta or spaghetti squash. . .


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