Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 499 Flashbacks of Year Old Motivation and My Importance Level On Sleep

Day 499

Flashbacks of Year Old Motivation and My Importance Level On Sleep

I started the day with what is quickly becoming a favorite breakfast item (and even dinner item sometimes) for me, steel cut oats! I prepare them the night before in the crock pot and refrigerate until morning. Google the wonderful benefits of steel cut oats and you'll see exactly why I've grown to like them, many call 'em a weight loss super-food! I call them an awesome breakfast!

I've received a few messages lately about my slightly injured left arm. I'm happy to report it is getting better. First thing in the morning is sore and continued use seems to aggravate the tendons, but I'm making a conscious effort to decrease use---I'm seriously considering a sling. This arm situation is a good lesson in following directions and listening closely to a trainer about proper form in the weight room. I never want to feel this again!

I'm really excited about so many things ahead on this journey. But you know what thrills me the most? When I receive an e-mail from someone who has read this blog and been inspired, someone whom I didn't even know was a regular reader. They hardly ever comment, just read and proceed. I love that! Received another one today: “Your blog is the first one I read when I had the idea to read some weight loss blogs as a motivational tool, and wanted you to know that you have been inspirational to me in my weight loss plan.” You know something, I receive many thanks from people for sharing this daily journey, and I appreciate that immensely...But I'm the one that should be thanking you. You inspire me to set an even better example. I had no idea the impact my little blog would have on me and others. It's just so wonderfully rewarding.

I've started reading a year old post everyday. Just one, just enough to remind me of how far we've traveled along this road. I found this from Day 134 on January 26th, 2009:

This blog has made me really evaluate the differences between the failed attempt in 2004 and the present. The differences are pretty big. In 2004 I was just going through the motions I knew would work. I was still dreaming about pigging out on everything in sight. That's why I celebrated so heavily when I hit the 100 pound mark back then. I wasn't trying to learn anything about portions, and I certainly didn't try to dig deep in my brain for answers to why I became so big. I was simply counting the calories and exercising while I waited for my next big celebratory bowl of fried mushrooms and Hideaway pizza. That's what's different about this time. As I approach the 115 mark I totaled last time, I'm thinking about those differences more and more. I'm not obsessed with food like I was before. I'm more aware of my “triggers” and I refuse to let them be an excuse to eat. Before I was only concerned about getting the weight off, now I'm more concerned about developing the habits and behaviors that will keep it off as long as I live. It's been a real psychological adventure. If you've been a regular reader for some time, then you've been with me through the meltdowns, like the night I attacked cheese and crackers, even though I knew I didn't have any calories left for the day. You've read about my weakest days and my strongest days. I knew in order to do this I had to learn how to separate my emotions from my eating habits. And that's much easier to say than do. But making sure that my eating and exercise habits remain the same regardless of my mood, my stress level of any particular day, and any special plans is key to my success. And it's what makes this time a completely different journey.

I took an extended lunch today. I enjoyed some soup and the most perfectly seasoned chicken breast I've ever cooked. I had some personal business to tend, plus a short nap, and then it was back to the studio for a late afternoon production session. I've become rather addicted to glancing at my reflection in the glass double doors of our studio building. I can't help it, is that really me? I just want to hug myself with happiness every time.

I've decided that tonight I'd do things differently. I would blog, eat dinner, workout, and be in bed no later than 9:30pm. I've lost too much sleep lately, it just isn't healthy my friends---you know that already I'm sure. The lack of sleep habit must stop now! The importance level must be set on the same level I've applied to this weight loss mission. Lack of sleep is counterproductive along this road. I think a good nights sleep will make my arm feel even better. I need to heal, I must rejuvenate!

As soon as I get the release date of that Tulsa World article I'll pass it along here. I'm really excited about that story. And thank you to the many friends who have contributed. A few have told me they were contacted and that's very cool.

It's turned out to be an exciting Tuesday for various reasons. I'm feeling good about what we've accomplished and where we're headed. I sincerely appreciate your support! Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

This was once one of my least favorite photos. It's now one of my best "before" shots.

Daddy's girl! Recent "In-progress" face picture.


  1. You're gorgeous Sean! Good luck getting to bed early. You need it.

  2. Thanks for the comment that I needed (regarding running), Sean. Much appreciated.

  3. Isn't it funny how you like going back and looking...and then you catch yourself in the mirror and stop and stare.
    I did that the other day, I was doing something, looked up and said...hey, not too bad. lol.
    Honesty cuts both ways.
    I knew I looked ginormous before...now I know I look better. Congratulations on life long changes.

  4. You look so absolutely wonderful in your after picture! I hardly even recognize that it is you. I did google the benefits of steel cut oats because I eat them all the time and had no idea how good they were for you... I just like them better than regular oats. I wish I could make sleep a priority too, I see a huge difference when I am home compared to when I am at school and there are a million reasons to stay up late and get up early.

  5. You deserve the hugs and the happiness Sean. It's so nice to see you writing about loving the you who was always there.

  6. You have done such a wonderful job!! I love this blog and know that if you can do it so can I. Its all a journey for us. We decide to take it or not. Following you just helps!

  7. Hey, Sean,
    I saw a movie last night, and thought of you. Have you seen "Julie & Julia" yet? Might want to check it out at the Red Box for a buck! Meryl Streep is wonderful in it. Sam loved it, too, so don't write if off as a "chick flick." Anyway, it speaks so clearly of how writing a blog (and in this case, cooking very fattening foods) changed a young woman's life. Then, a newspaper catches wind of it...then book & tv offers! Again, Oprah, here you come! hehe!

  8. I think going back and looking over your journey is theraputic. In my blog I have decided to write one story a day about my childhood. I think it is like an open diary to figure out how I got where I am at with my weight. Its not like I got here over night. Nor will i loose it over night. I have been fat my whole life, and when I think of all the influences, I am not surprised. I really think the habbits start young.
    One thing I really notice in your pics is how much younger you look. Its amazing how the weight can age you.

    Follow my weight loss journey

  9. The transformation is amazing. Way to go! Sleep is super important but the easiest to let go! (well for me anyways) Maybe we could have a couple more hrs in the day just for sleep?

  10. ok, this is going to be competely random...but has anyone ever told you that you have great teeth? cuz you do....

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  12. I have read the article one small advantage to time difference and Congratulations. One thing that I really noticed about your before and present picture was the look in your eyes, the before picture shows a very unhappy person and your smile goes no where near your eyes they have a real downcast look about them. The picture with your lovely daughter shows the real Sean shining through happy, excited about life and ready to take on the world and a bit cheeky I smiled just looking at that picture thats the Sean we all like to see.


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