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Day 653 The Late Post, Courtney and Her Boyfriend Rock, and Ramblings From A Deliriously Tired Sean

Day 653

The Late Post, Courtney and Her Boyfriend Rock, and Ramblings From A Deliriously Tired Sean

I thought I wouldn't have time to sit down and write the Wednesday edition of this blog. I haven't missed a day yet, and we're not starting now. This just might be the latest a day has been posted on this blog, ever. And I'm OK with that. It couldn't be helped. No, really, I'm OK...;)

I started the day with a good breakfast. That's actually saying something lately. I always eat something, fruit at the very least, but today I was back to waking up my metabolism with a veggie omelet. Here ya go metabolism, time to make the donuts...I mean, work. The day progressed and became increasingly busy. Soon, I realized that a nap wasn't possible today--unless it was maybe a half hour before play rehearsal. After work, errands, and a few things I needed to get done...I had exactly that. Thirty minutes. The only way I can have a thirty minute nap is if I have a human alarm clock. A man made alarm clock will not work. Amber and KL agreed to wake me by whatever means necessary---and I was off. As soon as I started to drift---my phone starts flipping out. This is just bad timing. I didn't have time to chat, my minutes were ticking away. But it was Courtney and I always have time for one of my daughters.

Courtney and her boyfriend dude, Brad (I call him dude because it will make Courtney laugh), have been really kicking their efforts into high gear. I'm so proud of these two young people. Not just because they're both doing so well watching the scale fall so consistently, but because they have a thorough understanding of the mental aspects needed. They have the steel curtain zone flying high all the way, and nothing--and I mean nothing can steal this away from them. Brad has lost about 20 pounds and Court--nearly a dozen at last check. They're constantly reviewing their motivating thoughts--taking inventory, adding more--and moving confidently toward their goal. It's super-delightful to witness, it really is amazing! It wasn't that long ago that Courtney lost her first 80 pounds---and now, she has a better understanding of where she is and where she wants to be...and what it takes to get there. Self-honesty, consistency, iron-clad decision, keeping it simple, motivating thoughts, steel curtain zone for when the rain pours, keeping it simple---all that plus time equals goal.

What about time? What about lyrical motivation? What about getting comfortable and content well before our ultimate goal? Here are a few excerpts from July 2009, dealing with these subjects:

As much as I say “don't worry about time,” it's a crucial part of this journey. What I mean is, don't stress about the amount of time this journey will take, just let time work for you. I've allowed time to work for me. We all progress at different speeds, and time passed makes things easier to handle, it firms new habits, it shows us amazing results, it does wonders if...and this is a big IF...It does wonders if we remain consistent, holding up our end of the deal. Otherwise time can be very cruel, it'll pass on by without any regard to our situation and wellness. Time doesn't care what we do. It's job is to keep moving. If we do our job, and time is doing its job, then amazing results follow in little time. Someone once said, “I wish I had more time,” and I wanted to say “stop spending all that time wishing for more time, and make the best use of the time you'll be surprised at what you can do in a short amount of time.” Maybe you didn't need as much time as you thought. And when you've made the best use of your time, then you're actually giving yourself more time later. Time for a new paragraph.

I wonder whatever happened to the lady that sent me the email about the Jason Mraz song? You remember?

I received an e-mail today concerning last night's blog. It seemed written with an annoyed tone, maybe it's just me, what do you think?:

“I'm yours by Jason Mraz is special to me and my husband. Explain to me how you could say it applies to your losing weight journey.”

That was it. No name, no “enjoy your blog,” no “just wondering, lol,” No “please.” Nothing but a demand for an explanation. I suspect this reader isn't a reader at all. She probably found last night's posting because it mentioned Mraz, and couldn't figure out how in the world someone could manipulate the meaning her and husband find so special. I replied with one sentence: “I'll respond on Day 291's entry.” I didn't have time to write a big long personal response explaining why I find that song special and how I've transformed it from a love song into a motivating weight loss song. This explanation is easy:

Musical interpretation is up to each individual person. The reasons I find that song special doesn't take away from the meaning and specialness for you and your husband. That's it. I don't know your life, and you don't know mine (if you haven't read this blog), so understanding each others' interpretation of this song isn't possible. Here are a few lyrics and the interpretation as it applies to me---First verse and chorus---line by line. Lyric: Well you done done me in, you bet I felt it. Interpretation: My morbid obesity was doing me in, and you can bet, I was feeling it. Lyric: I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted. Interpretation: I never took my obesity serious enough, past attempts were made with a “chill out” excuse friendly attitude. It was such a major undertaking, that I crumbled, or “melted” under the pressure. Lyric: I fell right through the cracks, now I'm trying to get back. Interpretation: I failed so many times, but now I'm attempting again. Lyric: Before the cool done run out, I'll be given it my bestest. Interpretation: Before it's too late, I'm giving it my best, most consistent effort ever, my “bestest.” Lyric: And nothings gonna stop me but divine intervention. Interpretation: I'm doing this no matter what, unless God has other plans, meaning--none of us are guaranteed a long life just because we're determined to make positive changes now. Lyric: I reckon it's again my turn, to win some or learn some. Interpretation: We win with our victories along the way and we learn from our stumbles. Lyric: But I wont hesitate, no more, no more, it cannot wait, I'm yours. Interpretation: I'm doing it this time...I can't wait any longer...Commitment, I'm yours! I could keep going, but you get the idea.

That song is so special to me, not just because of my individual weight loss interpretation--but also of late, because of the original intended message. Now, let's breakdown REO Speedwagon's "Time For Me To Fly," What? Not tonight? Come on! It'll be fun! No? Maybe another time...

Certain words can haunt us. For me and maybe you, maybe not--I may not know you---But for me, that word is: Potential. What does it mean to me? We all have it---the ability to do whatever we decide to do. The ability to accomplish---to reach our full potential, and then realize that it's always been completely up to us. Despite whatever obstacles we've allowed to keep us back--it was and is a decision. (If you don't believe that, then how do you explain the people that run marathons on two artificial legs, or climb mountains without all of their limbs--and that one man--who is an amazing motivational speaker--who is without arms or legs) This whole time---we had the power to fly, to reach heights we've only dreamed of before. Realizing that our potential is limited only by our imaginations---our brains, and what it tells us---or what we choose to believe about ourselves---can really set us free to conquer anything. I swear I'm not drinking---I am really tired, maybe it's having the same effect...I'm delirious at the moment...but I'm smiling---I really shouldn't write when I'm this tired. Am I rambling? Oh yes---that excerpt:

There's a certain point where we feel amazing. After losing 183 pounds, I'm there. Of course I'm comparing it to being 505 pounds. So naturally I feel better than ever in my entire life. But I also know that the next 92 pounds will be even better. And the fruits of weight training will be another incredible feeling. So that's all exciting. Knowing how good I feel now, and realizing that it's really only just begun, that's a very nice thing to contemplate. I do have to watch myself and keep myself from becoming content with my success so far. I'm not done. There's still work to do. It really comes down to being the best we can be in anything. Getting comfortable and content can be applied to anything. But it's at that comfortable and content place where I must acknowledge my success and keep moving right along toward my ultimate goal. Because if I stop at comfortable and content, then I'll never realize my full potential. Don't read this and think Oh my, Sean is giving up! No way!! The opposite actually. For one, the way my mind has been transformed, there's no such thing as going back. It would be almost impossible without trying to do it on purpose. And that's not happening. But I don't want to slow down my pursuit either. Potential. There's a word I've written about before. It's a word that's taunted me my entire life. This time, I'm determined to find out exactly where this potential thing leads. I'm going all the way my friend. I sincerely appreciate you following my journey to this wonderfully mysterious place. It's mysterious because I've never been to the place called “potential.” I've been close enough to see the signs and really, it will not take long. We'll get there together!

OK--seriously, I'm going to bed now.

Play rehearsal was amazing tonight. I laid down the script and nailed about 75% of my lines. By Monday I need to be 100%, as we'll be starting dress rehearsals. Fun!

Thank you for enduring this crazy edition. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Courtney and That guy---oh yeah, uh--Bradford

Takes after her dad, I swear. ..Love that girl! I do...


  1. I would have to say that I agree that this song is quite special...I like it your way and your other way. <3

    Courtney is adorable and silly..I love it. :)

  2. Sean, after reading your last status and this blog, all I can say make a pretty good drunk! J/K:) And the lady that sent you the email needs to get over herself. Courtney is a doll! And her boyfriend looks soooo swee! They could pass as brother and sister, for real.

  3. maybe the lady thought the song was HER SONG.
    cute pics, and have a good rest.

  4. Courtney is too cute. :) I am glad she is taking the time to get fit. I wish I would have done it at her age. But it's never too late. I'm 27, down 23.4 pounds with another 130 or so to go. I will get there. I can always find motivation here, and I love you for that.

  5. You've got some beautiful girls...when's Amber coming home again? :)


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