Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13th, 2015 The Sinbad Show

February 13th, 2015 The Sinbad Show

Today was an exceptionally long work day. No split shift featuring a midday nap. Nope. It was straight through until nearly 5pm. I had VIP tickets waiting for me at the big Sinbad performance, including a meet and greet. I had a choice to make. Go to the show or stay home, perhaps take a short nap--then a workout.

I chose the show. I picked up my oldest daughter and her fiance to join me. I wanted to see if Sinbad remembered me from when I opened for him and Faith Hill in 1999. This photo was snapped at the after party that night. I was every bit of 500 pounds here.
 photo sinbad_zpscwry90ea.jpg
We arrived at tonight's show early to meet with Sinbad before his performance. I showed him the picture and we briefly discussed the crazy events surrounding that show in '99. The violent thunderstorm, the 26,000 people running for cover. The cancellation of the entire show 6 minutes into his set...He remembered the show well. I don't think he remembered me at all! We only worked that one show together and of course, I don't look the same. Had I known he didn't have an opener tonight, I would have lobbied the promoter for me to open. Sinbad handled it in stride, walking out after a cold intro, he proceeded to do very well for an hour and a half.

Dinner was postponed until after the show. There wasn't time to eat before. We made our way into the restaurant where the only thing I could find on the menu was a sirloin steak. I cut it down from 10oz to approximately 6oz. The server informed me that tonight, the steak would only come with a baked potato or french fries, no vegetables. As in, they were out--or they simply didn't prepare any, I don't know. I ordered some cottage cheese as an appetizer and shared the large portion brought to our table with Amber. I cut the steak down to size and did the same to the potato. I really didn't want the potato. But occasionally, I'll eat one. I cut a small portion from the potato, topped it with sour cream and a dash of pepper, and I was good.

Tomorrow night I'm hosting a live game show at UnWined, the hip wine bar a block from where I do my radio show. It's the Newly-OldyWed Game! After the game show, I'm performing stand up for a half hour, maybe 40 minutes. I'm excited! I'm really enjoying the opportunities to flex my stand-up skills. It feels very natural. It was such a relief back in December when I found those skills came back after a decade of inactivity. It was truly like riding a bike. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow night!

Today was a rest day as far as exercise goes. It wasn't the plan when I started the day, but the longer the day stretched and after I added the Sinbad plans, it was the best move for me. Fitbit gave me a 164 calorie burn based on my activity today. I'm calling it good, tonight.

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  1. You'll have to start carrying around some Brussels sprouts or asparagus when you go out to eat! (Since you like them now!)

  2. I hope you got a pic of you and Sinbad now! What a comparison opportunity!
    Sounds like a fun night and I think I would of starved with that little food ! LOL I know its plenty, just looked so tiny on the plate. :)

  3. That's ridiculous that they didn't serve a vegetable with the steak! I too would like to see a new picture of you and Sinbad. That would have been amazing if you could have opened for him again tonight. Sounds like a great day evening.

  4. Maybe someday I'll get lucky & get to see you perform.
    Wishing you loads of luck.


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