Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd, 2015 The Best Stuff

February 23rd, 2015 The Best Stuff

Feeling 100% well again has been the goal of the last couple days. I've rested very well. I took a sick day from the studio and instead of spending this time like yesterday, reminiscing among old relationships, I made time for reading inspiring stories about people who overcame great odds and achieved incredible success. It was good food for my brain.

Understanding the connection of what I put into my brain influences what I get out, is easier to embrace when I apply the same understanding I have with the food I put into my body--and the stuff I don't.

I sincerely appreciate the feedback and encouragement I received today after last night's blog post. Every single piece of advice was excellent.

I'm very careful when it comes to handling self-compassion. I know, from experience, if I give myself too much, it turns into something else entirely. Keeping the level of self-compassion at a healthy place instead of one ripe with rationalizations, excuses and convenient outs, is the goal.

I've struggled a little tonight with my decision to not go to the YMCA for my workout. Allowing myself some compassion and understanding, I decided it was okay to stay home, stay warm and rest. I'm looking forward to being back in form and in stride tomorrow.

And what harm is it? Physically, it's microscopic. Mentally, it could go either way--depending on my approach. I'm choosing to accept another day off as something truly needed. I love to get in there and get it done like a champ, but sometimes it's okay to not.

I'll tell you what I love about this road. I love the balance. I love the mental/emotional exploration. This road we're traveling is about much more than food and exercise. The mental and emotional side of things, born from our experience, guided by our perspective, is by far the most critical element.

After spending my adolescent years obese, then almost twenty years near, at or above five hundred pounds and then experiencing life at a healthier weight, then gaining over half of it back, and now approaching a healthier weight again--I must say, the number one thing I've learned is, the biggest transformation has little to do with the physical.

It's about discovering ourselves on unexplored levels. Who we are, at our core, doesn't transform with each weigh-in. Losing the weight and improving our physical health, increasing our confidence and feeling that boost of energy, it's all just clearing the clutter, promoting deeper discoveries of the best stuff.

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  1. Take care Sean. Reading your posts always reminds me to do the "head work". :-)

  2. I turn into a baby when sick, you handle being unwell quite gracefully. I'm glad you drew a line and said ....I'm sick, stopping now is a long term strategy to get better rather than just thinking I'll power through....

    After work I'm going to Thursday level 1 going to go on Wednesday?


    1. Chris, thank you! I try. Sometimes, though, not so much! I had to miss Yoga today because of my one day travel schedule. Glad you're going tomorrow!

  3. Glad you are in a 'better place' today, Sean.

    Oddly enough, I just finished a post about the victim mentality, vs. living from a position of power. The emotional difference between the two is SO SO powerful and underutilized in my opinion.

    I wish you continued health and recovery. The best is probably yet still to come! :)

    1. Thank you, Gwen! Living from a position of power...yes, indeed---I like that! The best is yet to come--absolutely!

  4. Happy to hear you took the measures to give your body a chance to heal! I could be wrong but I think I've heard some experts talk about exercising 3-4X a wk. Would it be cerebrally (descriptive noun) better to have less than the 7 days a week set as expectation? Just a thought ~

    1. Good thoughts, Nancy. My goal each week is 6 days of some form. 1 rest day a week, I feel is optimal. Lately it's been 4 to 5 per week--and 2 or 3 rest days.
      What makes me okay with this of late, is my perspective. Scheduling circumstances and illness has been the primary obstacles. If it was because I was just blowing it off--I wouldn't be as cool with it all. It certainly takes a healthy dose of self-honesty to know the difference, sometimes. Thank you!

  5. So happy to read you are feeling better! I on the other hand have been either gracing the recliner or the bed today as the sickness has really settled its ugly little bugs inside my body! Gross! I really wanted comfort food today, too, but alas, I did not do it. I could of easily. My lovely husband wanted me to, he was willing to go and get me anything I wanted or what he wanted me to have, but I held strong. This sick crap has to end and soon!
    Your day still looked stellar, per the norm for you. Even sick Sean, you hold it together! Amazing.

    Be well dear sir~body and mind. :)

    1. Rosie, I'm so incredibly proud of you for taking extraordinary care despite the messages your brain and your hubby were sending. The mental/emotional power of overcoming this situation, is enormous!!
      Thank you very much. It's not always easy to hold it together, but it's always worth it when it's all said and done. I have my support system to thank. I don't isolate. Not anymore. It makes a big difference!


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