Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14th, 2015 Busy Valentines Day

February 14th, 2015 Busy Valentines Day

My Facebook status update this morning:
My special Valentines today: Beverly Anderson, Courtney Anderson, Noah Riley and Amber Anderson! I'll not be stressing about what to buy in the Valentines section. Instead, I think I'll set up shop at the end of the isle and give advice to guys as they frantically grab things.

Me: "So, this is the color you're going with? How long have you been together? Yeah--two months--Look, this color of rose is all wrong. You give her these and you're done. I suggest these--and a nice card. Oh, you grabbed a card already? I didn't see you grab it. What, did you take like 20 seconds to pick it out? Let me read it. Have you read this card?? Really?? You really want to say this stuff? Two months in--and you're already here? Look, I'm trying to help you here. Understand this: There is no winning, okay. The best you can do today is a participation ribbon. You want the ribbon. Don't try to win. Just participate and be yourself."

Valentines day always starts with a reminder of what would have been my little brother's birthday. Shane would have been 38 today. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2001. Shane taught me important things. The chapter titled "Shane's Gift," in my book, describes how.
 photo ef0c70ff-1503-4abe-91c3-cd84bd87d95f_zpsrqbgv5l6.jpg
I love and miss this guy. Pictured here in his prom tuxedo with mom.

I picked up some cookies Friday. I really did. I had the cookies made special from the same bakery that did the sugar free cupcakes on my birthday. I'm waiting until tomorrow to try one. They're Valentine cookies--sugar free, of course--made with Pure Brands Organic Stevia. Even though they're sugar free, they're still calorie dense. One cookie is 120 calories. I just can't see "investing" in more than one, tomorrow. Tomorrow is when I'll make my Valentines rounds, delivering Valentine packages to my two daughters, grandson Noah and mom. Each will be getting several of the sugar free cookies in their packages! I didn't have time to make the rounds today. It was a very busy Saturday! 

Amber, her fiance K.L. and I had a blast at the Sinbad show. I'm awaiting a professional photograph taken by the casino hosting the event, before making a side by side comparison from the 1999 photo and Friday night's meeting. As soon as the photographer emails me the photo, I'll post it!
 photo cfa9938a-4195-4d34-adef-5ddd984262aa_zpsxbjysz9h.jpg
Amber and me awaiting the start of the show Friday night.

After a late night last night, it was up relatively early for a big Saturday. I did a location broadcast midday, followed by a tuxedo fitting for tonight's big show. I was the host of a live game show, The Newly-OldyWed Game!! So, a tuxedo was in order!!

The fitting was a milestone thing for me. I was able to get back into a 46 long. This was what I was wearing at my healthiest weight. Granted, I still have some to lose (not too much, but some for sure), but I'll likely not go any smaller on the tuxedo fittings. When we lose, then gain, then lose again--the weight, very often, doesn't gain in the same places or lose in the same places. If you've lost and regained--you know exactly what I'm talking about. My neck, shoulders and upper torso can't get much smaller. Legs and especially my midsection, can. The jacket size 46 Long fit very well tonight.

The only picture I have from tonight's game show and stand-up performance, has a bunch of other people in it, so I can't share it because I didn't get anyone's permission. I try to be considerate before I publish photos online with people who may not want to be.

I rushed home after the fitting, enjoyed lunch and decided a nap was a really good idea. I was really tired. It was a good call. I needed a refresher before the big show! I decided to skip my YMCA workout and instead do something at home late tonight. But I didn't. And as much as I could easily beat myself up for not making time for it today, I'm not. I was very active today. I likely burned a bunch of extra calories. I'll get my workout in at the Y tomorrow afternoon before leaving for my Valentine weekend Stillwater visit with mom.

The show tonight was a success. Although, after an hour long hilarious live game show, it was difficult to reclaim an energy conducive to a good stand-up show. I enjoyed dinner after my set. The venue prepared pork tacos, guacamole and chips. I ran the calorie counts in MyFitnessPal and it was nearly 800 calories. I shared my guac with the table and decided on only one of the pork tacos.

I went above and beyond on my water consumption. I finished today with 14 cups, six over my daily goal.

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  1. Glad you are having such a great weekend!

    1. Neca, thank you! I hope yours was very well!

  2. Congrats on staying sugar free during the Hallmark Holiday's. Many a year I woke up with a sugar hang over and a holiday that launched 100's of binge induced meals.

    Thank you for sharing your brother's photo. Gone too soon! Karen P (also waking up food sober for a 3rd year in a row! feels great!)

    1. Thank you for the congrats, Karen!
      Gone too soon, absolutely. I miss him terribly.
      I LOVE the term "Food Sober." I love it, I relate to it, and I also LOVE the way it feels to be food sober.

  3. Ahh.. Valentine's Day! I do not like it! I'm not a big romantic . I do love a gift here and there. Cards are not my thing. Of course, when you've been married once and on the second time around 15 yrs into it, a card is not all that. What is? Saying something that will knock my socks off, like.. "hey, you look beautiful today!" or "I can tell how much you've been taking care of yourself lately." Those mean a lot more than a card. And not to mention cards are crazy high in price lately! Sheesh.. I'd love to have stock in them! lol Anyway.. back to Valentine's day.. not sure what all the hype is for . A little pat on the back or hell, a pat on the ass will tell me just how much he loves me ! LOL
    I'm sorry about your brother. So sad. My heart is sad for you.
    HEY.. what a "water Palooza" you had yesterday! Woohoo..! Great intake there, Sean!
    You are a man on a mission and its showing !
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Rosie, thank you!! I'm with you on the Valentines deal... I've never been big on cards, really. Considerate gestures, kind words--out of the blue expressions of love unaccompanied by a price tag--those are the real special valentines.
      It's been 14 years since my brother's death--and still, I'm not sure I properly grieved--or enough, during the time-- because it's still a very soft spot for me-- a certain song can render me an emotional wreck over his loss and the memories--and all I wish we could have experienced together. I would have done things differently had I known our time was short.
      Thank you--Yes, the water day Saturday was over the top. Might be TMI--but my urine stream was clear!!
      I hope your weekend was very fine, Rosie. Sorry for the late reply!

  4. Sean,

    I think I speak for most of your other readers here at TDDOALW Tux pix are the best. If you get one of you rockin' the tux please post it. Nothing like a tall fit confident man in a tux.

    Do you usually make a weekly work out schedule? You know. M-Y, T-Walk, Wed-Yoga, Thur-Y, Fre-off, Sat-walk, Sun-off, etc...something like that? Do you write it down, put it in an app, mark a calendar? Thanks again for your effort in writing, it's helpful.


    1. Awe, thank you Chris! I didn't even think to specifically and deliberately take any-- and this tux was fitting so wonderfully--it felt so good!!
      I don't--or I haven't made an official workout schedule. I get done what I get done, when I can-- although after today's (Monday's) oversleeping of my Yoga class, I must start trying to get a little more scheduled...
      Thank you again, Chris!


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