Friday, February 27, 2015

February 27th, 2015 It Was A Good Test

February 27th, 2015 It Was A Good Test

I missed my usual breakfast routine this morning! I was doing an 'after midnight' fast until after my blood lab work. The plain black coffee--uhg, yeah--no. By the time I returned to the studio post-lab, I was ready to cook some breakfast! I keep several grocery items in the studio kitchen, but it doesn't include my sugar free hazelnut creamer. I suppose it's a way for me to limit my coffee. Although, lately, I've been on an evening coffee kick, it seems.

I must wait all the way until Thursday morning March 5th for my lab work follow up appointment with my doctor. I can't wait to get the results and see how they've changed over the last 136 pounds. I've always been fairly blessed with good numbers, even at my heaviest. Good genetics, I suppose. But still, I am getting older, so who knows? 

It was decided this morning that I would ride out whatever this has been over the last week, without seeking a prescription. I've felt remarkably better today, so I'm fairly certain I'm on the positive side of this deal. I've determined my regular workout schedule will resume tomorrow at the YMCA. It'll feel good to get back into that groove. I have many options to choose from when it comes to exercise and a couple I would like to revisit are swimming and spinning class. I also plan to resume Yoga. I haven't been even remotely consistent with anything except the elliptical. It might be time for me to actually plan my workout schedule. Perfectly, imperfect...yeah, that.

I sincerely appreciate the positive feedback and encouragement last night's post generated. It was certainly something I needed to express. Thank you, very much.

Sharon, a blogger from just outside of Toronto, sent me a message about how she enjoyed the post and how it reminded her of one she had written over six years ago. I clicked the link she provided and was incredibly impressed with her ability to foresee this multifaceted issue from the very beginning of her journey.

Her simple question to family and friends reminded me of something you might see posted to Facebook, a "describe me using one word" post, BUT--Her conclusion--the determination she made after collecting the 'data,' was profound and beautiful. 

She writes, "...perhaps just the realization that my fat does not define me will make my journey to a thin person a little less bumpy."

What impresses me most about this post was her ability to dissect an incredibly complex issue before it became an even bigger one for her, down the road. That's incredible foresight, Sharon.

With Sharon's permission, here's the direct link to her blog post from January, 2009:

I'm very happy with where I find my mental/emotional state these days. Not that I would describe the demise of my last relationship as a good thing, but it was a good test for me because I didn't react the same way I did in previously similar circumstances. I remained consistent and I continued holding sacred the fundamental elements of my recovery. I'm a stronger person than I once was, clearly.

I might pick up a new pair of jeans this weekend. I think it's time for a smaller size.  

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  1. Great post yesterday Sean. Good luck with your lab results, I'm sure they all improved. Definitely can relate, this weight loss is all about getting more healthy, enjoying life more & living a longer life. I agree 100% we are the same person fat or thin, its important we do not loose that perspective. Thanks for sharing this, to keep in mind, during my own weight loss transformation.

    1. Thank you, Jon! It's critical to try our best at maintaining a good perspective. It is about health, freedom and taking extraordinary care of ourselves--physically, mentally & emotionally!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Sean. Going back and reading that post reminded me that I need to get back to blogging regularly. I do better when I write about my journey.... I look forward to reading your blog and learning from your wise words. Keep inspiring my friend!

    1. Awe, Sharon, thank you for your awesome blog! Very inspiring, Sharon. Yes yes, YES--come back to writing regularly, Sharon--it can be one of the most therapeutic things!


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