Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15th, 2015 A Valentines Weekend Date With Mom

February 15th, 2015 A Valentines Weekend Date With Mom

I made sure to get my workout in today. I arrived at the YMCA not long after they opened and proceeded to the weight machines, then hopped on the elliptical. It was a solid workout.

I made the trip to spend some Valentines weekend time with mom. We went to the movies to see American Sniper. It was mom's second time to see the film. It's a great movie. I also think mom has a crush on Bradley Cooper. I'm kidding, mom!

Instead of dining out, I picked up some groceries before picking up mom, and after the movie we returned to her place to cook a nice dinner. While we enjoyed dinner, the weather outside was turning icy. My trip home was slick. I had to drive slow, especially on the bridges.

It's late and there's a good chance I'll need to be on the air earlier than normal in the morning. It was a solid day. I decided to have one of the sugar free cookies made with stevia. At 120 calories for one, it gets a horrible grade in the calorie value department. I stuck with just one. When you manage your calories like cash, spending 120 on something that takes literally 2.5 bites to eat, isn't desirable. At least not for me. As sugar free cookies go, it was really good. The addictive side of my brain wasn't impressed because it didn't have sugar!

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  1. Hey Sean. Are the blue chips different nutritionally than the others? Just wondering why you always choose the blue ones.

    1. They're pretty. :)
      Actually, the blue corn--for some reason, has 20% more protein and a lower glycemic index over traditional yellow or white corn varieties. But I honestly didn't know that when I picked them up at the store the first time. They were organic with literally two ingredients, three if you count the salt.
      The ingredients list is where it is...the important stuff to me. I'll eat yellow, white or blue corn tortillas as long as it contains minimal ingredients--corn, some kind of oil used to cook them and salt... Anything else, and I mean anything--I put it back on the shelf.
      The truth is, I initially picked the blue corn--and I occasionally eat them---because they look pretty. Thank you for the question, Leah!


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