Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th, 2015 It Was Surreal

September 11th, 2015 It Was Surreal

Today had the potential to be a disaster. I was up late last night for on-air weather coverage, after midnight as expected, getting home after 1am--then up at 5am for my radio show at 6am. Don't try this at home!!

My plan was do my show, get to the doctor for my rescheduled appointment followup on the recent procedure on my mouth (went well-pathology came back normal--everything healing nicely without infection), then get home for some midday sleep. I still had things to do back at the studio post doctor appointment--so I headed back, then finally made it home a little after 11am for sleep--then returned to the studio for a few more hours later in the afternoon.

I needed to make a few things critically important today. I resolved to manage my food/calories better, get a good workout right after leaving the studio and participate in some good support exchanges via text and phone. I'm happy to report I did all of those things.

I made my workout the elliptical this evening with plans for my next training jog set for tomorrow afternoon. I had to get this workout in early, before my evening plans--or it wasn't going to happen. It always feels good getting a solid elliptical workout. I believe the work the elliptical has done on my legs is making a tremendous difference with my jogging progress.

I had the opportunity to spend the evening with two time Cy Young Award winner and 1985 World Series MVP Brett Saberhagen. I interviewed him on my radio show via phone on Thursday, but tonight was in person. It was surreal. Had he not been the ace for the Royals, my team growing up--it wouldn't have been such a big deal. But he was one of my childhood baseball heroes. And that made tonight extra special. 
 photo Saberhagen_zpsyyomask3.jpg
We posed for a picture before sitting down for an interview in front of a live audience.
 photo Saberhagen20Interview_zpshvuhdkpn.jpg
The interview was conducted by Mike Beezley (on the right) and me. Mike asked the more complex questions. I stuck with the kind of questions a wide eyed kid would ask, like, Who was the toughest hitter you faced in your career? (Wade Boggs) and Did you have any strange superstitions? (He always wore a raccoon skin hat prior to suiting up for games he was scheduled to pitch--and he changed undershirts after every inning, every game.)

It was a fun exchange. Afterwards, I was invited to enjoy dinner with Brett, along with several others, including the owner of the Wichita Wingnuts professional baseball team. Brett and I sat right next to one another. Again--surreal!!

I stuck with one of my go-to meals for dinner out--a sirloin steak and cottage cheese, plus I ordered a small baked potato with a side of sour cream. The steak was big--10 ounces big (450 cal). After entering the steak and cottage cheese in MyFitnessPal, I realized these two things alone totaled nearly 600 calories. I opted to leave the potato and sour cream untouched. The only vegetable option was cooked carrots. I'm not a fan--so I happily enjoyed the steak and cottage cheese.

At one point, Mike asked me to show a "before and now" side by side picture and share with the table how much I once weighed. When I said over 500 pounds, the entire table reacted in disbelief. Saberhagen commented, "I would have never guessed." That felt really good.

A day like today is a nice reminder for me of all the wonderful effects in taking extraordinary care of my fundamental elements. My continued recovery and weight maintenance isn't guaranteed, ever. It is only as strong as my next choice. Choosing to stay connected in good support, choosing to keep my accountability measures in excellent standing--choosing to make these things important in my life, means I'm making me important. And I've had a long history of not doing that very well. 

I often said weight maintenance would be strikingly similar to losing mode--and it is, with some added calories. Finding my personal groove, something I can do each day, indefinitely--has been key so far. I can do this. And I can easily NOT do this. I like doing what I'm doing. I love the way I feel, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually--and not necessarily in that order.

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  1. Truly amazing, wow... So happy for you!!!

  2. That is so great that you got to meet Brett. Awesomeness.

    I find meat and vege ( I have to be dairy free) is my go to choice when dining out at nicer restaurants. Fits my food template and rarely do I get glutened or sugared.

    1. Thank you, Karen! Yeah-- the choices there didn't give me much to work with--but it worked for me, in that instance. Isn't it amazing how we can reach a point where we don't get intimidated by a restaurant--we find an order that will work--even if it's a special request-- and we're fine. And I always know--if ever I run into a place where something fitting cannot be found--I'm prepared to walk away. My boundaries are too important to simply sacrifice over a poor menu selection!

  3. Thanks for your continued inspiration and example. I've lost 60 pounds and am working on another 30 or so. It's tough, and I appreciate your daily blog to give me added information and resolve. My diagnosis a year ago with severe sleep apnea is what turned it around for me. Finally, an explanation of why I always had no energy and why I would turn to unhealthy food to give me needed energy during the day (I don't drink coffee). But I hate the machine. But I love that I feel so much better every day, and my hope is that the weight loss will help me get off the machine. I was waking up constantly at night (I just didn't know it). No wonder I felt so lousy. It's too bad it took so many years to get it figured out. I know it is a daily commitment, and I just wanted you to know that what you do is a great help to me. But what prompted me to comment today, is that your neck looks great! With the weight loss, mine is sagging a bit (well I am 61) and I don't like that. But it's a small price to pay for feeling so so so much better!!

    1. Bev, I'm so glad you got in there and became aggressive about addressing the sleep apnea issue. You described exactly what I've faced-- and in particular, what I faced early in 2014 as I struggled to get back any semblance of control and movement in the right direction.
      When we're constantly exhausted, it's nearly impossible to care enough to do anything in a positive direction--because we're so preoccupied with the exhaustion created by the apnea.
      I'm thrilled for you, Bev. Your health is improving by leaps and bounds!!! Thank you for the neck compliment.. It all depends on the position I'm holding my head, really-- tilted down and from the side, and there's some sagging, I assure you. This shot just struck me because it really shows a neck length I was certain didn't exist at my heaviest. It was there all along. I just couldn't see it.
      And really--you said the most important part-- "It's a small price to pay for feeling so much better!!" Yes, indeed!!!!!
      I'm cheering you on as you continue to successful navigate your transformation. I hope and pray your sleep will also transform as you proceed. My best, Bev

  4. Awe! I am so jealous. Brett Saberhagen was such a great SP and deserves to make it too the hall of fame one day! I remember watching him pitch in a game many years ago one of his two years winning the cy young against the twins in the Dome back in the mid 1980's. He was so dominate and one of my favorite SP back in the 80's and really enjoyed him on my fantasy baseball teams back then.

    1. Jon-- it was an awesome experience. Once in a lifetime, truly. I hope he gets in the hall. He doesn't think that will happen based on his wins total--and the decline in his ERA later in his career when he started getting hampered by injuries. At dinner, he told me by the time he played for the Rockies, he had effectively lost his curve ball because of his shoulder issues. Great guy--I wish you could have been there, too, Jon!

    2. Some days you have the best job in the world! This compares to the one time's I spotted a Black Jaguar, Mountain Lion or Black Wolf the past 10 years here on the farm.


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