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September 6th, 2015 Any Suggestions?

September 6th, 2015 Any Suggestions?

Noah is with me tonight. He does not want to go to sleep.

It's Tweets Only tonight.

I've spent over three hours trying to get an obviously tired little boy to lay down and go to sleep. I've tried everything I know how to try.

If you have any suggestions, please offer them in the comments.

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  1. Does he like to be read to? I could always get my dynamo son to sleep with a warm bath and laying in bed WITH him and read him a story. He'd barely make it half way through and he'd be out like a light!

  2. Lay with him but refuse to talk to him, tell him it's sleep time not talk or play time. Last resort put a kid movie on and lay with him and hopefully he will sleep. My best suggestion which is to late for tonight is having him run around outside for a couple of hours before bed time. If a playground is near you take him there and he can run and play with other kids.

  3. SORRY! I am the oldest of 6 and have 3 grown kids and 3 grands myself. OK no caffeine for him at all; he might have outgrown his naps- tell his daycare this also and they can adjust; have a ritual- say dinner at 6, play time, bath, snack, reading. and bedtime by 8 PM. What was he doing eating with you at 9:20 PM? I find children in general do much better with a schedule and an early bedtime. Also, I'm thinking his life must be a little mixed up now so extra TLC. No television in the evening- it will stimulate him. Hope this helps!

  4. No tips on how to get that little guy to sleep, but, in that photo you just posted of him, he looks a lot like your mom. Eileen

    1. Thinking the same thing. He sure does favor your Mom at his age now.

  5. Jan has the right idea. That's usually what I end up doing with my five year old...who still has trouble going to sleep ;-).

  6. A set routine always helped my kids. They knew they'd: get changed into pjs, brush their teeth, get a cup of water, have their favorite stuffed toy with them, and then have two books read out loud. Then I or their dad would sing a song (rockabye baby) to them. And then I'd rub their backs for 10 minutes. I think it's hard on the wee fellows when their sleeping in different places, but maybe you can set up a routine especially for when he's at Grandpa's?

    Much empathy for you.

  7. My grandson is the same age. When it's time to sleep we lay down and I put on something super boring on the tv. Nothing he would be interested in, that usually does the trick.

  8. I talked to my daughter during the day when she was little. Night time is for sleeping in your own room for you, mine for me. If you are not sleepy, you can do things like read books, look at pictures, play with dolly and the stuffed animals quietly until you are sleepy.

    It is not okay to wake Mommy up or ask questions after 8pm. Or if you wake up in the middle of the night. It is okay if there is a fire or an earthquake or if you are going to throw up or are bleeding (she had nose bleeds) to wake Mommy up, but I will come to your room.

    If she talked to me after 8pm I'd silently walk her back to her bed and point to it and walk out.

    It's all about training and not being manipulated to be their comfort. I was taught to comfort myself, kids can learn to comfort themselves, too. You can set good boundaries for yourself and that, in turn, sets healthy patterns for the kids, too.

    Your boundaries are a huge skill that is not taught early enough. My daughter did cry sometimes, but she figured out that she could indeed self sooth without TV, food, me. And she learned it was okay to call for help when help was really needed.

    I've gone to her for really bad nose bleeds, throwing up, and yes, earthquakes. But not just because she couldn't go to sleep.

  9. Oh boy ... Grampa looks tired in that pic! I hope he settled down. When I took my grands I had the problem with the five yr old first.... tucked him in..and left the room to be with his sister.. he thought of every thing to get me back with him. My husband was with him, too but it wasn't enough. We just laid the law down because he is old enough.
    My granddaughter was another story... she was with me in my bed. Mistake number 1... but i loved it.
    I ended up tucking her tight in my arm and singing to her .. close to her ear.. Twinkle Twinkle little star song over and over and over and over again....she finally relaxed enough to hear it and close her eyes..
    You may have to start the relaxing him an hour before bed. No wrestling. No sugar and so on.... low lights is a big one, too... and soft talking.
    I know the sleep over is over now.. but that may help a small bit.


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