Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st, 2015 I Made It

September 21st, 2015 I Made It

I recently shared with you my seven year anniversary post. We revisited Day 1. In that Day 1 blog post, I wrote about envisioning my own funeral and how those moments were created any time I felt a twinge of pain in my chest. Will this be the time? Will my funeral be on Thursday? Those thoughts were very serious and quite scary.

Despite the frightening thoughts, I still struggled for almost two decades near, at or above 500 pounds. When those thoughts would race through my head, I was thinking of a wife and those two little girls who might lose their father at a young age. The thoughts of how that might affect them and the idea of not seeing them grow up was devastating, but still, I couldn't seem to find my way out. 

When I look at these pictures of me dancing with my adult aged daughters, I realize. I made it. By the grace of God, I somehow made it.

 photo photo_zpsznjbsjd1.jpg
Dancing with Courtney and Amber at Amber's wedding on May 30th, 2015

Today was an exceptional day. I prepared some good food in harmony with my plan and goals, I completed my training run (week 8 day 1 C25K--5 minute walk-28 minute jog-5 minute walk), I exceeded my water goal and I was involved with one on one and group support interactions.

I made the Winning Loser Video Blog Episode 1.5, too! And that was a bunch of fun! It's currently taking forever to upload to YouTube. My hope is, it'll be done by the time I get up in the morning and I will add it to this post here:

5:20am update: It's been uploading all night and it's still at 15%! Uhg!!! I'll try doing it from desktop.

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  1. So, I watched. I didn't get a paper or pen or pencil like you suggested... I just couldn't.
    I just don't find that in myself at the moment. I will perhaps with time. But I will def. give it a thought.
    You sir are a nut! LOL Are you always a crazy kinda guy?? *Steve Martin* .... that's who you remind me of!
    Good Vblog.. blog... not sure what it is.. but nice to put a voice to the words!

    1. Rosie, thank you!! You're not the first who has told me they couldn't identify their core elements. Please don't give up trying. It's worth the effort, I promise.
      I think my sense of humor will really come out even more as this Vlog, video blog--or whatever it's called, progresses! Thank you for the wonderfully kind words!

  2. I did get pen and paper. You are so spot on. Thank you for putting into perspective in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. As you said, this can apply to so many areas of our life. I am a nurse. If I don't live up to my expectations or if someone makes a negative comment, my first thought is, I'm a failure. 35 years in the profession, it's where I put my identity because I don't like the fat me. Yet one comment and I tend to feel crushed. The difference being, I have had more success, more positives with this identity and although nursing is a major part of who I am, I am so much more than "Lori, the nurse". I need to start writing!

    1. Lori, yes-yes-yes!!! Please start writing. There are elements of you in need of nourishment!
      I'm so glad the message struck a chord with you.
      You're very welcome and thank you for watching! I'm looking forward to more!


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