Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th, 2015 Top That

September 7th, 2015 Top That

First of all, I want to express gratitude to Anonymous, Joan, Nan, Eileen, Anonymous #2, Angela, Robin, Karen and Rosie for giving me great suggestions on last night's post. Thank you all, very much. It may have been too late to help me last night, but I'll have many more ideas and strategies for future Noah visits.

It was a long night trying to get my grandson to stay in his new bed, in his new room. I stayed with him, I got down on my knees and spoke softly, telling him a story and at one point singing him a little lullaby--nope, he wasn't having any of this nonsense. He was determined to win this one.

What complicated the situation was knowing that my 80 something year old downstairs neighbor's room is right below Noah's room--and I was worried his crying would likely disturb her. I spoke with her today and she assured me she didn't hear a thing. I said, "well that's good," and she replied "Yeah, I can't hear very well these days." I quickly added--"Uh, well, I'm sorry, that's not good." She laughed--said, "It happens with age" and assured me she would let me know if she's ever disturbed and for me not to worry. I have great neighbors! 

Noah discovered that his grandpa can be a pretty determined guy, too. But finally--after several attempts, grandpa threw in the towel and declared Noah the winner...this time. Right before 3am, I took him from this new crib. He wanted down. I put him down and he ran straight to his harmonica, played a few notes then dropped it on the floor as if to say, "top that."

I scooped him up, put him in my bed while he smiled at me. Brushed my teeth and climbed in bed as he yawned and rubbed his eyes. The resistance was over. He won. It was a long, hard fought battle for this little guy--and now, he was enjoying the fruits of his relentless effort. The two of us were sound asleep within minutes...and stayed that way until 11am.

The kid loves bacon. He gets it with his mom and with Nana and you better believe we made sure to grab bacon on our little shopping trip last night. I don't typically buy bacon. Not that I'm necessarily opposed to it--I can just take it or leave it, really. Surprising, I know. I decided to prepare it and have some bacon with him today. And he didn't touch it. Not one bite. Was this not his brand or something?

We shopped for and bought him some new shoes this afternoon and enjoyed our time together before his Nana returned to take him back to her place.

If I'm up past 1am on a weekend night, I run the risk of tilting the next day. And that happened today. We slept until 11am--and that pushes my food schedule off balance. And if the food schedule gets off balance, so does my sleep schedule. It all works together. I'm allowing myself a slightly later bedtime tonight. Although it's in violation of my previously stated 10pm goal. I didn't hit that. I missed it bigger than Dallas. But, I'm still getting to bed much earlier than before I started making a point to change this element of my routine.

Despite the sleep schedule, it was a solid day. I ate very well, stayed within my calorie budget, abstained from refined sugar, had a good training jog in the park and participated in our Monday night group support conference call and had a private session with a one on one client of mine. That's a solid day in my world.

The just before 3am harmonica playing? Yeah--this is it...

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  1. A little tike can really wear you out. Had to laugh at the harmonica lol kids. A long productive day. You will sleep well tonight. How is your mouth?

  2. Awww... that video was just too cute ! What a sweetie.

  3. Well Mr. Noah is a sweetie and I can see in that video that he trumped you, Grampa! LOL What a cutie he is!
    Oh and I didn't know it was a new crib for the little guy... that is a difficult one to over come! Good luck! :)

  4. All I know about children is that they are very cute, especially yours.
    How is your "fitbit situation"? Mine decided to play hide-and-seek with the iPhone sync function. I rinsed it well to clear any soap film and I used a paperclip to press the reset button in the charger; non of that worked. It DID work to use the app to "delete this flex", then I added the SAME flex as if it was a new one. The sync woks perfectly, but I lost 20K steps I took this morning. Grrrr! At least it will sync again now.
    Best wishes... Megan.


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