Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23rd, 2015 Buzzing All Evening

September 23rd, 2015 Buzzing All Evening

Today was a very good day. This often happens on the day after a tough one, IF, I handle the difficult one in a positive way. I felt great about how yesterday was handled and this fueled a fabulous one today.

I felt driven to accomplish some things today. I made great progress at work, was able to capture a very short nap on a break and returned to work this afternoon ready to finish the workday. I ran a couple of errands after work before heading out to the lake for a jog along this weekend's Carter's Run for Autism 5K course.

I skipped ahead in the C25K program, all the way to the Free Run--where you jog as long as you want/can. After a few stretches, I started and didn't stop one time during the course. I finished back at my vehicle, looked down at the C25K app long enough to notice how far I jogged: 3.07 miles. So close! Just three tenths shy of a 5K! I've been buzzing all evening, since.

It feels great to state a goal, something I've never accomplished and quite honestly had a hard time convincing myself it was even possible, then working toward it and seeing it through. It wasn't too long ago when I was overly excited about jogging five minutes without stopping. How quickly it can progress! I'm thrilled.

I did run into an issue at the end. I didn't know how to stop the free run. There's no time limit. I hit pause--and that just stopped the music. I pressed everything else besides the "quit" button--then thought, well--I guess I should try that one. Pressed it and the app wanted to make sure I realized what I was doing. I cancelled the quit and it kept going. I just wanted my stats!!! It kept going. I was done. I hit quit again, this time confirming my intention and hoping it would then give me a report. Nope. It acted like it never happened. What??? That just happened!!!!
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I picked up some fried catfish for dinner tonight, pairing it with my favorite sweet potato veggie pan prepared medley. It was fantastic.

Hitting the pillow feeling wonderful about this day. I'm confident, come Saturday, I can get through the 5K without stopping or walking.

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  1. Oh no, the broken eggs!! They're so high right now:(. Wow, congrats on your 3 mile run! Jane

    1. Jane, thank you!! I know! The egg shortage due to bird flu is seriously affecting my budget! :) The price has effectively doubled around here. I use about 28 eggs a week... nearly 8 bucks worth at the current prices... It's like I have a 32 dollar a month "egg payment."
      The run was so important to me. I wanted to prove I could do it. Now, I'm planning a good elliptical session tonight instead of a run, then I'll be ready in the morning. Wish me luck on the official 5K tomorrow!! Excited and a little nervous, too! Thank you so much, Jane!

  2. Good luck, Sean! You'll do great!


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