Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29th, 2015 Oh Dear! Uh, No Sweetie

September 29th, 2015 Oh Dear! Uh, No Sweetie

After very little sleep last night, today was a challenge to say the least. Thank goodness I have a good friend helping me with Noah. A few adjustments made and it looks like tonight will be a much better experience for everyone.

There's plenty of things I'm wanting to write about, but I'll need to wait. The opportunity for me to get to sleep is now. I better take it. It was a really solid day.

Good food, good support interactions, including my Tuesday night support group conference call,  a wonderful workout and great Noah time. Noah and I ran errands together. To the pharmacy where he was offered a sucker. He loved the sucker--and tried to get me to try it... oh dear! Uh, no sweetie, grandpa doesn't need that. It's yours!! We made our way to the grocery store for a little shopping and then we stopped at another store for jumbo crayons and coloring books. Yay! 

Tweets can take it the rest of the way. I'm so glad Noah is cooperating with bedtime. Hitting the pillow with that solid day feeling.

Tomorrow is my bi-weekly maintenance weigh-in. It'll be okay no matter what the scale says.

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  1. Hey Sean It's Alan from foolsfitness.blogspot.com just popping in to say hello! I'm jazzed you are doing the video blogs and also I enjoyed reading about your 5k. I just did a 5k night color run and ran a good part of it... actually somehow leaving my friends in the dust!!! Can you believe it?! I'm trying to keep up the fight (down about 30 pounds this year) and it's wonderful to be able to count on you and your sharing to help keep me going on those days where a pint of ice cream just seems so much easier.

    Be well my friend! And Remember at Foolsfitness we can run uphill! (then stop and weeze real bad)

    1. Alan, longtime my friend! Congrats on the 5K color run! I've heard those are a blast!! Leaving your friends in the dust--that's fantastic! Ooooh..the hills...killer! Just lit me up from ear to ear see this comment from you. And I love your tags... "And remember..."


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