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September 5th, 2015 Don't Lose Another Pound!

September 5th, 2015 Don't Lose Another Pound!

"Okay, you're done, aren't you? You don't need to lose anymore weight." A listener walked into the store where I was on a location broadcast this morning and gave me this greeting. I smiled and assured her I wasn't trying to lose weight, and how I was simply doing my best to find a balance, post weight loss. I had an enjoyable conversation with her and her husband. They were good people.

I certainly don't mind these type of encounters because they remind me of my grandmother. As soon as my weight dipped below 300 pounds, grandma would greet me with a stern "Don't lose another pound!" Grandma's love was unconditional. Her support of anything I ever accomplished or didn't accomplish was never dependent on my size. 505 pounds or under 300, same love, same encouragement, always. I came to understand her demand as another way of saying, "you're okay just the way you are and you are loved no matter what you weigh." She repeated the same greeting until just days before her passing a few years ago. I miss her.

Today was really solid. I took care in giving myself some quiet time first thing, where I get in touch with a personal, deeper side of me--made some coffee, prepared a great breakfast and connected with members of the weight loss support groups I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri. I hit the road for my location broadcast, which turned out wildly successful--record setting for the client, in fact. It felt good to be a part of that deal. It was a "massive meat sale," and I made sure to get some super inexpensive sirloins before my broadcast was over! I returned the station vehicle, retrieved mine--made it home and prepared a good lunch followed by some support exchanges. I enjoyed a nap a little later--some more coffee, then a great training run at the Y's indoor track. I made it back home, prepared dinner and got ready for my dad/daughter date with Amber. Yeah--It was a really good day.

My recovery from the minor surgical procedure of Thursday afternoon is going well, too. I haven't had any pain or the need to take anything for pain, all day. The stitches feel like they're coming unraveled. I know this because my tongue seems to have a mind of its own and it keeps messing with them...and I must remind myself to stop! Stitches in the mouth feel weird. Lucky for me, they're not affecting my speech!

Today was a big day for me with MyFitnessPal.
 photo 473715cf-cbe8-4795-b24a-e4e8c57f22fc_zpspbdkoatq.png
This weigh-in graph shows the initial loss, the regain/relapse and the turnaround/recovery periods.

One of the key elements for me has, without a doubt, been the consistent logging of everything in my MFP food diary. Today I celebrated 500 days in a row. I was very reluctant to commit to this at first because--well, you might remember (if you followed during the initial weight loss), I never kept a food diary before this turnaround. I lost my initial 275 pounds without so much as a paper diary. I simply kept track in my head each day--and that worked then. I clearly needed more awareness and structure this time. The consistent logging has given me just that and more.
 photo d775a27f-3dde-4f6c-981d-5b8cb5a0de7a_zpsf11sso4a.png
It's made a profound difference for me. It goes without saying, I highly recommend using MyFitnessPal--and if you do, friend request me! My user name is SeanAAnderson. My diary is set to public--so anytime, if you're curious about anything I prepare and enjoy, you can go through and see specifics.

I'm looking forward to seeing my grandson tomorrow. Irene and Allen are coming over with him and we're all working together to get his room better equipped for when he stays the night.

I hope you're having a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. Congrats on 500 days, way to go. Your doing super with your running. Glad to hear your healing well but it's hard not to touch with your tongue. Isnt nice when the day consists of good things.

    1. Thank you, Joan! It's very hard to not mess with it. It's right there in the way! :) Yes-- good things, indeed!

  2. 500 days is awesome! I really need to start tracking again.

    1. Thank you, Natalie! I hope you will. It can truly be a wonderful foundation of awareness plus the consistency required to log daily encourages consistency in other important things.

  3. Data is KING!!!! Love your weight graphs. If I had kept more data and reversed trends sooner, I would not have been so effected by morbid obesity.

    It's very important that you pick your own goal weight based on both your own feeling and your blood work. So much of what can trip us up is silent, even at lower weights. I know people mean well, but I found that people get used to the new you. I just throw my doc under the bus- doctor says my current weight is okay. Nobody messes with the doc.

  4. I love myfitnesspal definitely helps me to stay on track! Congratulations on 500 days you are an inspiration

  5. I too lost a lot of weight (165 lbs) and gained it back plus 20 lbs in the last six years. I decided a few weeks ago to get back on track again. Your story will continue to inspire me on this journey.


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